Play European Roulette Online for Free

Play European Roulette Online for Free

Among the existing versions of roulette, European is the most popular. The reason is its dynamic gameplay, small house edge, and high payout ratios. But don’t rush to launch the European roulette wheel. First, you have to learn the rules, features, and existing strategies.

The History of European Roulette

It appeared in the 17th century in France. According to one version, it was invented by a French mathematician Blaise Pascal, who wanted to create a perpetual motion machine and built a special wheel for it with cells and a spinning ball inside. One of Pascal’s friends noticed the device and assumed that it was ideal for the game. But the created roulette had to be improved. The numbers were put down and an additional sector with zero was added.

For a long time, the game remained an entertainment of aristocrats and was not popularized outside of Europe. Only in the 19th century, it became available in land-based casinos in the United States. But it was soon modified and presented with a double zero.

How to Play European Roulette Online for Free

This game is available in almost all online casinos. Customers don’t have to use their money to place bets. Gamblers can play European roulette online for free without any risks. But first, you have to learn the rules and available types of bets. This allows you to avoid mistakes during the game.

A wheel and a table
Online version of European Roulette

Basic Rules

The game is always played against the casino, even at the tables with live dealers. The goal is to correctly guess the cell of the roulette wheel in which the ball stops. But since this is quite difficult to do, players can simplify their task by betting on several numbers at the same time, a dozen, black or red, etc.

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European Roulette Wheel

The wheel includes 37 cells. Each of them is assigned a number from 0 to 36. The numbers are located on the wheel randomly, not in a partucular order, which makes the game more exciting and difficult to predict the outcome of the rounds.

The cells on the roulette wheel are black and red. Only zero is green. When the ball falls on it, all bets go in favor of the casino, regardless of the sectors chosen by a player.

The dealer is responsible for spinning the roulette wheel in land-based casinos. But in an online casino, the rotation starts only after a player presses the Spin button. You do not have to stop the wheel manually. A special program is responsible for this.

Betting Rules

The European roulette table has the shape of a rectangle and duplicates the numbering from the wheel. It also includes additional sectors. This expands the betting options available and makes the game more diverse.

A field with sectors
European roulette table

Another advantage is the option to place chips on different sectors of the playing field in one round. Each bet is calculated separately here. Thanks to this, a player can get several prize payouts for one successful spin.

When placing bets, it is important to consider the applicable minimum and maximum limits. Each table has a different range.

Inside Bet

The roulette field includes a grid with numbers from 0 to 36. That’s where the inside bets are placed. You can place chips both on one number and on the sequence of two, three, four, or six numbers.

Inside bets in roulette are the riskiest. But it is offset by high rates in their calculation. They range from x5 to x35.

Outside Bet

The grid with numbers on the roulette table is surrounded by additional sectors. These are the outside bets. Players can place chips on black or red, high or low numbers, odd or even numbers, a column, etc.

The main advantage of outside bets is the high chances of winning — up to 48.65%. But they are paid at low rates. Because of this, you can get a large payout only if a large amount is bet per spin.

European Roulette Table of Bet Odds

At tables with such a game, standard payout ratios apply. Inside bets are paid according to the following table.

NameRatioProbability of winning
Any number35:12.70%
Two numbers17:15.41%
A row with three numbers11:18.11%
Four numbers8:110.81%
Two transverse rows — include three numbers each5:116.22%

When calculating bets on the outer sectors of the roulette playing field, the following rates apply.

NameRatioProbability of winning
Column or dozen2:132.43%
Half of the numbers — from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 361:148.65%
Sector color — black or red1:148.65%
Even or odd numbers1:148.65%

European Roulette Betting Strategies

When playing roulette, the advantage is always on the side of the online casino. But it can be reduced through the use of strategies:

  • Martingale. After each unsuccessful round, you have to double the bet. Upon receiving payments gamblers return to the original amount.
  • Stop-loss. An effective strategy to limit losses. The bankroll is divided into 10 parts. Each of them is for one session.
  • d’Alembert. The initial amount per round is 1. Then gamblers reduce the bet by 1 when losing and raise by 1 when receiving a payout.
  • Fibonacci. The strategy is based on a number series: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc. Each subsequent digit in it is the sum of the two previous ones. You have to start with one, and then go up the row with each loss. When receiving a payment, take two steps back.
  • Biarritz. The essence of the strategy is to place a bet on one number until you receive a payout, but no more than 36 times.

The Cuban strategy is also very popular. It is based on the uneven distribution of colored sectors on the field. To gain an advantage, a player has to make two identical bets according to one of the following schemes:

  • On the first column and black.
  • On the second column and red.

It’s important to test all the listed strategies in the free European roulette game. Only after fully understanding their mechanics and making sure of their effectiveness, you can move on to betting on real money.


It is 2.7% for all tables.

Immediately after the wheel stops, the results of the round are summed up. For the bets that played, funds are paid according to the table of rates.

It is available in all online casinos from our rating.

No. You can spin the roulette wheel as much as you like and choose any type of bet.

To do this, use a no deposit bonus. New customers get it after registering at an online casino.

No. They only minimize the risks but do not guarantee a 100% win.

No. Live dealer games are only available for real money.

Yes. Providers create mobile versions of this game. They are available on any Android and iOS devices.

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