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Author: Michael Swan

Position: Developer

Education: Higher

Age: 32

Experience: 7 years

Short biography: Passionate about extreme rafting. On weekends he goes rafting on the Madison River with friends and his experienced instructor. The hobby allows Michael to improve his stamina and stay healthy.

Author: Andrew Mason

Position: PM

Education: Secondary special

Age: 28

Experience: 5 years

Short biography: Andrew likes to go out of town to shoot targets with his best friend. Such a hobby is a great way for Andrew to be outdoors and get away from everyday life.

Author: Tom Lafon

Position: Designer

Education: Bachelor

Age: 33

Experience: 7 years

Short biography: Tom enjoys a relaxed rest, so he is a big fan of fishing. He regularly goes out to the lake in a small group and enjoys the local scenery with his daughter sitting with him.

Author: John Smith

Position: Editor-in-chief

Education: Master

Age: 35

Experience: 8 years

Short biography: John is a big fan of golf. It wasn’t easy for him to learn this technically challenging game. But today he masters it like a professional and enjoys going out to the course to hit balls into the holes every week.

Author: John Peternson

Position: Video editor

Education: Secondary special

Age: 21

Experience: 4 years

Short biography: John’s main hobby is bowling. He is always ready to spend hours rolling the ball towards pins. It’s a great way for him to stay fit and concentrate while relaxing with his close friends.

Author: Ashton Stewart

Position: Author of articles

Education: Higher professional

Age: 31 years old

Experience: More than 6 years

Short biography: Ashton started gambling during his studies at the University of California. Since then, he has dedicated his career to them. Today. he writes quality online casino reviews.

Author: Seth Jones

Position: Author of reviews

Education: Higher professional

Age: 26 years old

Experience: More than 3 years

Short biography: Seth is an author who has a light style and great expertise. For 3 years of work, he has written more than 100 informational articles dedicated to gambling, land-based, and online casinos.

Author: Donald Peterson

Position: Author of articles about casino

Education: Higher (Edmonton)

Age: 31

Experience: About 4 years

Short biography: Donald is a professional gambler and author of articles about gambling. For more than 10 years, he has closely followed the industry and informs readers about any important changes.

Author: Marcus Steel

Position: Author of news

Education: Higher

Age: 33

Experience: About 7 years

Short biography: Marcus has been working in the gambling industry for more than 7 years and covers all the most important events in his news. It specializes in both online casinos and land-based casinos in the USA.

Author: Michael Shackleford

Position: Expert

Education: Higher professional

Age: 47

Experience: More than 20 years

Short biography: Michael is a recognized gambling expert, PhD mathematician, and author of numerous books on casinos, slot machines, and table games.

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