Top 10 Big Slot Machine Jackpot Winners

Top 10 Big Slot Machine Jackpot Winners

For many players slots aren’t just a fun hobby but a source of income. There’s plenty of examples of players getting huge casino winnings and becoming millionaires. Everyone has this chance when playing slot machines. Here is a list of the big slot machines winners.

How the Prize Pool Is Formed

Prize pools form and accumulate at one casino or on several websites. The pool is emptied when someone wins the prize money.

Jackpot hitters often don’t get the full amount at once. It often comes in portions.

The prize pool belongs to the developers. They pay out the winnings from a special jackpot account. It’s calculated after deductions from online casinos.

Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot is a prize pools that forms from a percentage of placed bets. Its size grows with each new player bet,. This continues until a lucky player breaks the bank.

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Casino players make deposits when gambling at online casinos. The more often they play slots and bet, the bigger the jackpot prize pool. There are several types of progressive jackpots.

HomeThe prize pool grows at one online casino. It increases thanks to bets from several slots.
AutonomousApplies to one online slot. There are few prize combinations, so winning is rare.
GlobalIt forms at several casinos around the world.

There is also a fixed jackpot. Winning it depends on meeting certain conditions. For example, you need to get three special symbols. The prize amount is small and often doesn’t cover the player’s bets in the long run. Meanwhile, wagering of progressive jackpot happens when gamblers play slots.

What Casinos Are Famous for Big Wins

There’s plenty of both online and offline casinos with a wide selection of games. Any casino running in Las Vegas can be described as the most well-known for big wins. They offer big payouts, hold expensive promos and tournaments, and provide bonuses.

The Return to Player percentage depends not only on the casino but also on the software provider. Licensed slots from leading providers often offer big prizes. These slot machines have a high RTP, bonuses, and a progressive jackpot. So, the chances of getting the biggest wins at an online casino are high.

RTP shows how much of the total amount of money invested in the slot will be returned to users.

On average this parameter ranges from 94 to 98% for licensed slot machines.

Jackpot slot
Mega Moolah

Top 10 Biggest Casino Wins

Sometimes it may seem like winning a jackpot is impossible. However, there are many examples of a small bet changing a person’s life:

  1. $24 million in Mega Fortune. A resident of Finland won it in 2013. It was the biggest win on a slot machine ever. The lucky guy was so touched that he started crying.
  2. $17.2 million in Mega Moolah. This jackpot was hit by John Heywood. The man thought it was a mistake, but the employees of the casino called him and confirmed that he was the winner.
  3. €11.7 million in Mega Fortune. One Norwegian decided to play slots to pass the night. A spin of 25 cents turned out to be extremely lucky and brought him more than 11 million euros.
  4. $9.57 million in Mega Fortune. This jackpot was won by a 30-year-old Swedish player. He spent the money on paying off his loans, buying a car, and going on vacation.
  5. $8.82 million in Mega Moolah. An anonymous player decided to take part in a promo organized by a mobile casino. He had to make a deposit of $1 to have a chance to receive a million. Surprisingly, he won. The jackpot slot winner later admitted that this was the most profitable investment in his life.
  6. $8.73 million in Hall of Gods. This prize was received by an anonymous player in 2015.
  7. $8.6 million in Mega Moolah. The winner here was a man named Georgios from Greece. He could never even imagine that the slot would bring him millions. His advice to the other players was to believe in luck.
  8. $7.86 million in Dark Knight. In 2016, an Australian player hit this jackpot.
  9. €7.6 million in Hall of Goods. The woman made bets of $50 and won a really big prize. She spent the money on paying off her bank loans, buying a car, and traveling.
  10. $7.41 million in Mega Moolah. Rawiri Pou often spent time at Casinoland in 2016. There, one spin brought him a multi-million dollar win.

Despite these success stories, players shouldn’t make hitting the jackpot their sole goal. It’s worth playing slots for fun too. When playing for fun. even a small win can bring joy, and losing won’t be a complete disappointment.

Criteria for Choosing a Generous Brand

It is easy to stumble upon scam casino sites online. Breaking the jackpot there is practically impossible. So, it’s best to be careful when making your choice.

To find a reliable site, you should consider several criteria.

LicenseOnline casinos that operate under a license can be trusted. It guarantees the safety of the gaming process.
WebsiteGood online casinos have a user-friendly interface. They also provide information about their brand.
Bonus PolicyIt’s much more profitable to play with bonuses. They are used instead of money and help with bankroll management. There are also loyalty programs often available. To level up, you usually need to play slots for money.
Withdrawal methodsOnline casinos offer different payment methods. The most popular are bank cards and electronic wallets.
Gaming softwareThe slots have to be supplied by reputable providers. It’s almost impossible to get jackpot wins on slot machines that are illegitimate. Those cannot pass the random number generator test and they do not offer fair play.
SupportDuring the game, players may encounter difficulties. The support team has to be available 24/7. Players should be able to get in touch with them via email, phone, or online chat.
Mobile AppMany players place bets via smartphone. There should be a mobile app that is simple and convenient.

If you don’t want to look for an online casino yourself, you can study the ratings from our experts. Generous and reliable websites are on the first lines. The online casinos at the bottom of the list aren’t worth playing at.

User Reviews

Players can learn how to get big payouts at an online casino from other players. They share their experiences on forums and social networks. Their reviews help understand which sites can be trusted, which slots are profitable, and which strategies work best.


This big prize first appeared in poker. According to the rules of the game, if no one had two jacks in their hand, then the number of bets would grow. This raised the overall pot.

Yes, there are many such cases. The largest prize was $24 million in the Mega Fortune slot.

Bonuses are used instead of money. So, with the help of free spins, you can also hit the jackpot. However, the money received has to be wagered according to the terms.

Promo codes that guarantee additional bonuses can be found on special websites. Sometimes they are sent by email by the casino itself — you need to subscribed to their newsletter.

No strategy can guarantee hitting the jackpot. The main objective of these strategies is saving your bankroll.

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