Map of Jackpots Won in the USA

On this page, you can use an interactive map to see how popular gambling is in different US states. The map is clickable: choose a particular region and press it to see its ranking in terms of the total winning amount. There is also interesting information about the amount of prize money per person, state population, and the number of people who play at casinos. Choose a state you are interested in from the drop-down list in the map’s upper-right corner and get detailed information. We update the data regularly to keep the map up-to-date.

  • Amount of won money
  • Ranking
  • The state's population
  • Number of players
  • Money per person

Which States Have More Winners?

Discover which US regions are home to the luckiest casino players. Below is a chart of the top 10 states whose residents have won the most casino prizes of all time. The statistics include both regular winnings and jackpots; moreover, all games are considered.

The leading positions are predictably occupied by states with the largest populations, where more people visit casinos yearly, but the luck criterion also matters.

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