How to Play Roulette at a Casino

How to Play Roulette at a Casino

Roulette attracts players with its dynamic gameplay, large returns, and high chances of winning. After learning the specifics of various versions and studying the most common features of bets, you can start getting frequent payouts.

The editors at have compiled a detailed and accessible guide that lets you learn how to play roulette at a casino. This article describes the mathematics of the game, the features of roulette’s different types, and additional game conditions. You will also see the differences between a video roulette and a land-based version explained. This guide on how to play roulette will be useful for both roulette table regulars and beginners.

How to Play a Roulette Game

Players place the chips so that the selected sections of a roulette table coincide with the numbers. It can be a specific number or its properties (color, an even or an odd number) belonging to a certain group.

At first glance, the game seems fairly simple. Roulette takes place at a table with a spinning wheel. The game starts with players making their bets. This is done with casino chips. A spin of the wheel determines the winning number. The winning bets are paid out and the game starts again.

How well do you know roulette?

This principle applies to all versions. Still, the versions can differ by:

  • Payout rate and limits.
  • Types of rates.
  • Value of the chips.
  • Additional rules.
  • The level of return and the advantage of the casino.
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Roulette Math

If you want to know how to play roulette, you need to understand the main mathematical concepts of the game. The more numbers the bet covers, the higher the chances of winning, but that consequently lowers the payout rate. It’s very important to consider the index of probability. The classic playing field has the shape of a rectangle, the numbers and inscriptions are written in English or French. Some versions also include an additional oval track. Initially, it was used only in the French version, but gradually began to appear in the European one as well. Using this track, players can make verbal bets on different groups of numbers.

French roulette online
Playing field and control panel of French roulette online

Equal Chances

Equal odds bets are those in which the probability of winning is about 50%; more precisely, it varies from 47.3 to 48.6%. This category includes the following varieties:

  • Even or odd.
  • Red or black.
  • More or less.

Each type covers 18 sectors. There are also many game strategies and additional rules for when and if zero comes up.

More or less covers the numbers from 19 to 36 and 1 to 18 respectively. The ratio is 1 to 1. Even or odd is paid in the same way. In the first case, the player bets on all even numbers, and in the second, on all odd numbers.


Red or black is the most common type of bets. It underlies many strategies, and promises high chances of winning. All the player needs to do is place chips on either the Red or the Black field. Both can be installed at the same time. If the selected color matches the one that the ball lands on, the player receives a payout with a ratio of 1 to 1.

Risky Bets

Players who have successfully guessed a single number can count on the maximum payouts. The payout rate in this case is 35 to 1, but the chances are slim — from 2.6 to 2.73%. Bets on a single number or groups from 2 to 6 are called inside bets. The rest are called external. They are placed into areas located along the perimeter of the playing field.

Split Bet

A pair or a split is two adjacent numbers on the playing field. If you wish to make a split bet, your chip has to be placed on the line that separates them. The ratio is 17 to 1, and its probability is from 5.2 to 5.5% depending on the version.

Street Bet

Three numbers or a row is a triple of numbers adjacent vertically. These bets pay out at 11 to 1 rate. The odds of winning are 7.89% in the American roulette and 9.3% in the European roulette. Another name for this bet is a street.

Corner Bet

A corner or a square is made of four adjacent numbers. If the player wins, they receive payouts with a rate of 8 to 1. Chances are from 10.5 to 10.8%.

6 Numbers

The bet is placed on two adjacent rows of 3 numbers. In case of winning, the payout ratio is 5 to 1, and its probability is from 15.7 to 16.2%.

12 Numbers

Chips are placed on a rectangle, which consists of 12 adjacent numbers. The payout rate here is calculated as 2 to 1. The chance of winning, in this case, is from 31.5 to 32.4%.


The bet covers 12 numbers arranged in a row. The payout rate here is 2 to 1, and the odds are from 31.5 to 32.4%.

How Do You Determine The Winner?

The wheel is something of a universal casino symbol. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when a casino is brought up. In its upper part, there is a turret. It has a top with a recess for an additional ball.

In the central part of the roulette wheel there is a movable disk with sectors, each of which contains one number. The numbered pockets are painted red and black with Zero being the exception: it is painted green. In land-based casinos, the croupier launches the ball in the direction opposite to the rotation. After the ball stops on one of the sectors, it will show the winning number. In an online casino, this process is simulated using animation, and a random number generator determines the winning number.

Payout table
Online roulette payout table

After the winning number has been determined, all winning bets are paid out. Each has its own ratio. The lower the chance of winning, the higher the payout rate. Then the new round begins. In the online version of the game, players can repeat the round with similar bets. By pressing a special button on the control panel, they can place their chips on all the same sections of the playing field.

How to Place a Bet

In order to place a bet, players use roulette chips of different values in the casino currency. In land-based versions, they need to purchase the chips at the cashier, and then return to the cash desk to withdraw their winnings.

In online versions, this is done through a special menu. On casino games sites, it’s displayed in a user-friendly way after the application is approved. Players can receive money if the amount is within the limits set by the casino. If bonuses were used for the game, withdrawal is possible only after wagering.

When playing the online version, players see the betting field in front of them. As a rule, there is a pop-up window that appears with a description of the payout rates. In some cases, players need to study the payout table separately. In land-based casinos, chips can be placed independently or transferred to the croupier.

Before playing for real money, it is important to clarify a few features:

  • Table limits. They determine the minimum bet and the amount of winnings a player can receive. In online casinos, you can find it in the information section.
  • Chip value. The wider the range of available amounts, the more convenient the game. Thus, using different strategies can be more effective.
  • RTP. The rate depends on the version of the game, the additional rules, and the number of pockets on the wheel.

Special Rules

In some online and land-based casinos, there are additional conditions for Zero.

These regulate the situations when players bet on equal chances, and give insurance for major losses in case of zero sector wins. In the classic version, there are two varieties. Players need to consider each of them.

En Prison

If the ball lands on zero, all bets on red or black, even or odd, over or under are “locked” on the playing field. Chips remain on it until the end of the next round. If any of them bring a win, it’s paid out to the players.

La Partage

This additional rule originated in France, but is often present in the European roulette as well. It’s simple and beneficial. When the ball lands in the Zero Sector, players get back half of the chips they placed on equal chances.

The creators of the American version relied on the traditions established in the European and French versions. Thus, they have the Surrender option. It follows the same principle. If a zero comes up while playing the American version, half of the amount wagered on the odds is returned to the player. This feature is optional but can be found in many titles.

Features of Different Versions of Roulette

The wheels are similar in both the European and the French versions. The main difference is the layout of the playing field. In the latter, they use the French names. The track is also a feature of the French version but is often found in the European one as well.

A double zero sector is the feature of the American version. It makes the game more interesting and opens up additional options on which players can bet chips. This increases the advantage of the casino. If in the European version it is 2.7%, then in the American version it increases to 5.2%. They also use a modified form of the racetrack is used. Bets are limited to neighbors of zero and the player can choose their number.

Roulette variationCasino Advantage

Etiquette When Playing Live

As it’s already been noted, the rules of playing online roulette are almost identical to those in a land-based casino. But in live casino games, there are additional rules of etiquette. Players can only place chips on the playing field after the dealer’s announcement. If a player can’t reach the desired area on the table, the croupier helps them. Chips placed after the last call aren’t taken into account when calculating the winnings. They are returned to the player after the winning number has been determined. If there is a field for call bets, they can be placed after the spin of the wheel. These have to be announced verbally. The croupier will accept the chips and place them on the selected segments of the track.

When playing in live casinos, it’s important to pay attention to the load of the table. With a large number of bets, the dealer might not have enough time to place all of them.

This concerns verbal bets. Amounts below the set limit, made with chips for another table aren’t accepted. During the game, players have to behave appropriately towards the croupier and the rest of the party participants. If a player overreacts emotionally, the security service has the right to ask them to leave the table.


All information about the limits is indicated in the information section in the game interface.

This is a bet with the probability of winning between 47.3 and 48.6%. For example, red or black and even or odd.

Return percentage can be determined by different parameters, such as: game type (American, European, or French), additional rules, and the number of sectors in the wheel.

The game has a sector with a double zero.

In European and French, the advantage varies from 1.35 to 2.7%.

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