What Is a Casino Bonus Code

What Is a Casino Bonus Code

Online casinos offer you a wide range of promotions; you can receive free spins, cash bonuses for a deposit, no deposit bonuses, cashbacks, and other bonuses. To obtain some of them, you just have to create an account at the casino or make a deposit. However, you need to enter promo codes to activate several promotions. In this article, we will tell you what is a casino bonus code, what you can receive with their help, how they work, where to find them, etc.

The Essence of a Casino Bonus Code

This is a unique combination of numbers and letters that allows you to activate one of the bonuses on the online casino website. Gambling sites use them to attract new customers and keep regular ones active.

How Bonus Codes Work

You have to use a promo code to activate free spins, receive a fixed amount or a deposit percentage. To do this, enter it in the appropriate empty field during registration or in your Personal account on the official casino website. After you complete the required actions, you receive the bonus to your account.

Promo codes are especially needed on those gambling sites where several different promotions operate at the same time for the same deposit amount. The casino does not know what kind of bonus you want to receive, therefore it gives you the opportunity to enter a unique code that corresponds to a specific offer.

What Is a Deposit Casino Bonus Code

This is a promo code that is valid only after you make a deposit of an amount equal to or greater than that specified in the rules. There is a separate field On the deposit page where you can enter it. You can obtain some bonuses without a promo code; however, you can receive higher percentages or more free spins by using it.

What Bonuses Can You Obtain By Using Codes

An abundance of promotional offers are available to you when you are an online casino customer. However, there are the most common ones that you will find on almost any gambling site. Let’s consider each bonus in more detail:

Casino bonuses with promo codes
Exclusive and no deposit bonuses with promo codes

No Deposit Bonuses

Most promotions are valid only when you make a deposit; nowadays, many gambling companies practice distributing no deposit bonuses; to receive them, you just need to create an account on the gambling site. Most often, you can receive them if you are a newbie who has just registered; however, if you are a regular customer, you can also obtain them thanks to the availability of promo codes during temporary promotions.

Before withdrawing bonus funds and winnings from them, you have to fulfill the wagering requirements first. The wagering coefficient for no deposit bonuses is usually higher than for deposit ones.

You can receive a fixed amount of money or free spins as a no deposit bonus. A birthday bonus may also not have any wagering requirements.

Welcome Bonuses

This offer is valid for you if you are a newbie who has just registered in the online casino. In most cases, it is a cash bonus for one or more first deposits. In addition to the percentage, you may receive free spins that you can use in certain slots.

Free Spins

These are free spins of the slots reels, for which the gambling site pays; you do not spend your bankroll. The disadvantage of this bonus is that the number of slot machines in which you can use it is limited. The wagering requirement is set on the amount of winnings received through free spins. For example:

  1. You receive 10 free spins for the Book of Ra slot machine with a x30 wagering requirement.
  2. You win $50 during free rounds.
  3. To withdraw this amount, you need to spin $1,500 in the slot machine.

Only after you fulfill the wagering requirements, the $50 you won will become available for withdrawal.


This is a return of a percentage of the amount you lost over a certain period of time: per day, week, or month. The conditions for providing cashback differ depending on the particular online casino rules. Somewhere, you need to go into a net loss (lose more than win) to receive it; in other casinos, you need to spend a certain amount of money. On other gambling sites, it is enough to indicate a promo code to compensate for part of the deposit, regardless of the amount you lost.

Reload Bonuses

These are the same deposit promotions, but they operate on an ongoing basis: daily, weekly, or monthly. These offers are relevant for you if you are a regular and active customer who regularly plays slots and other gambling titles on the casino website. To activate, it is enough to make a deposit of an amount not less than specified in the promotion conditions and enter the promo code.

Mobile Bonuses

These are promotions that are valid for you specifically if you are an owner of an Android or iOS device. A striking example would be a bonus provided for you if you download a mobile app. After installing it, go to your Personal account and enter the appropriate promo code.

Game Specific Bonuses

Usually, free spins which you can use in one or more slots fall into this category. In rare cases, there are casino bonus codes for USA players that you can use to receive cash bonuses that are available in a specific game category. Casinos often carry out these promotions to promote the newly released gambling game from one of the top providers.

Bonus Codes for Live Dealer Games

They are very rare; by entering this promo code, you receive free chips for betting in card and table games in the casino section with live dealers.

How to Register at the Casino & Claim Promo Codes

You can participate in the VIP bonus program and receive additional deposit bonuses, fixed amounts, and free spins, including using promo codes, only if you are a registered user. Below we have provided a detailed guide that will help you easily create a casino account and obtain a bonus by activating a special promo code.

Find a Casino & Create an Account

Be responsible when choosing a site with gambling titles. We recommend looking only for licensed online casinos, where you can be sure that the slot machines are original, payouts are guaranteed, and terms of use and bonus wagering with promo codes are fair. Our site has ratings of the best online casinos that will save you searching time.

As for the registration procedure, it is simple and similar to almost all gambling sites; to create an account, you have to:

  1. Go to the casino main page and press the Sign Up button.
  2. In the form, specify your email, phone number, first and last name, residential address, date of birth, and a strong password. You can also press on the I have a promo code link and enter it during registration.
  3. Agree to the online casino terms and conditions by checking the box.
  4. Press the Sign Up button.

After that, you will be automatically redirected to your Personal account. All gambling site functionality is at your disposal.

Get Verified

In some online casinos, it is necessary to confirm the entered data in order to gain access to all bonuses and games of chance. You can do this two ways.

Confirmation ViaWhat You Should Do
EmailOpen the email and follow the link to activate your account
SMS codeIt will be sent to the phone number you provided during registration.

Do not confuse data confirmation for account activation and for identity verification. These are different procedures.

Identity verification is not mandatory immediately after registration. Often, it is necessary to go through it only before the first withdrawal of funds, providing an ID photo.

After activating your account, you can make your first deposit; when doing it, you will be able to enter a promo code.

Make a Deposit & Enter a Code

To make a deposit, you have to:

  1. Go to the Cashier section.
  2. Open the Deposit tab.
  3. Choose a convenient payment system.
  4. Specify the deposit amount (it has to be at least equal to the minimum amount specified in the bonus conditions).
  5. Enter the promo code in the empty field.
  6. Confirm the financial transaction.

Deposits are credited instantly; after the money goes to your main account, bonus funds or free spins appear on the additional one.

Start Playing Games & Slots

Then it remains to go to the lobby and select the gambling title you prefer. After you decide to play in a specific slot machine, press the Play button displayed above its logo. First, bonus money will be withdrawn, and only after spending it, you start spending your main bankroll.

Casino Bonus Code Guide

We have written important points on how to use casino bonus codes correctly; they will help you avoid mistakes when searching for and activating them.

Use of Bonuses

You can only use some promotions after activating promo codes. To do this, you have to enter the code during registration or during deposit; it all depends on the particular promotion conditions; after entering a promo code, you receive bonuses and use them.

Where to Find Promo Codes

Gambling companies distribute unique combinations of symbols on different websites. Here are the most reliable sources where they publish actual promo codes.

Casino & Affiliate Sites

These are the official casino websites — the promo codes are available on the bonus pages or in the Coupons section of the Personal account. There are also support resources that promote the main brand. These are information sites that describe news, tips for playing, bonus rules, slot reviews, and much more.

Affiliate resources receive a percentage from referred users.

Almost any article contains blocks with buttons called “Promo code” or “Get a bonus”. Clicking on them redirects you to the online casino registration page.

Button with promo codes on a partner resource
After pressing the Get a bonus button, you will be redirected to the casino official website

Through advertising, partners also track:

  • The most popular offers that attract customers the best, encourage registration, and bring in more money.
  • Where do advertising banners and buttons work better, how many clicks on the header, sidebars, and footer there are.
  • What works best: SEO, social media, etc.

By collecting and analyzing this data, online casinos then create more effective advertising campaigns. Also, casinos can adjust their VIP bonus program based on the data.


Another method by which brands announce their bonuses. If you want to receive notifications about new promotions and current promo codes to your email, subscribe to the email newsletter; it’s absolutely free.

How to Win Real Money with Bonus Codes

You can win real money when you use promo codes just like when using regular bonuses. Place bets using free spins and cash that you received thanks to the promo codes and receive winnings to an additional account. In order to receive them on the main bankroll and withdraw them, you have to fulfill the wagering requirements; online casinos set specific conditions.

Choose & Comparison of Bonus Codes

There are several factors that you have to consider when looking for great deals. You can even compare bonus requirements of casino bonus codes for USA users.

Terms & Conditions

This is a separate section on the online casino website, where the rules of promotions are available. By reading this information, you can understand whether it is profitable to use a promo code to activate the bonus or not.

Section with the casino rules
The Terms and Conditions section is available in the website footer

Many casinos seem to provide almost the same deposit percentages or free spins; however, some casinos offer too strict the wagering requirements, while others are more loyal. The terms and conditions specify the wagering coefficient, terms, maximum win limits, etc.

Wagering Requirements & Restrictions

The main wagering indicator is the wagering coefficient; it shows how many times you need to bet the bonus and deposit amount before you can withdraw money.

The wager applies to the bonus amount or also to the deposit amount; different casinos have various conditions.

The optimal wagering requirements are x20-x30; the lower the coefficient, the less money you have to spend. If the wager is higher, for example, x60, it is more difficult to win back. There are also additional conditions and restrictions:

  • By deadlines. There are no bonuses that you can wager for an unlimited amount of time. You have to wager the required amount within a certain time period. Try to find promotions where you have 30 days to wager.
  • By games. This is especially true for free spins, which are often available in one or several slots. When you place bets in other slots that are not listed in the bonus terms, you spend money from the main bankroll. You need to play only in the specified games to meet the wagering requirements.
  • By the maximum amount of bet and winnings. For example, you can bet no more than $2 per spin; it will take longer to wager the bonus using the promo code. If you manage to win $1,000 with bonus money or free spins, and the maximum prize amount is limited to $500, the rest of the prize money will be forfeited.
  • By payment methods. These restrictions are rare, but some casinos implement them; for example, promotions may not apply to deposits that you make through the NETELLER eWallet.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions of bonuses with promo codes before activating them. This will help to evaluate the benefits of their use and avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Which Players Can Use Bonus Codes

If you are a registered user who has confirmed their email or mobile phone number, you are eligible to activate casino bonus codes. However, you have to meet a number of conditions:

  • You are registered only once and do not use other accounts from the same IP address, device, with similar or fake personal data.
  • You have no other activated and unwagered bonuses.

They are available to you whether you are a newbie or a regular customer, although you receive these offers more often if you are a newbie. The thing is that gambling sites are more focused on attracting new customers.

Actions if the Bonus Code Does Not Work

If you have entered a unique code, but did not receive money or free spins to your bonus bankroll, please contact support for help. Before that, make sure you did everything right. Check the following:

  • Promo code expiration date. Some work for a limited amount of time. Perhaps the information on the sites has not yet been updated, and the code is no longer valid.
  • Correct spelling. You have to write the code in capital letters and without spaces; see if you made a typo.

In addition, we recommend you reread the terms of the promotion. If this is a deposit bonus, you may have deposited less than what is required to activate it.

The Impact of Payment Methods on Promo Offers

Modern online casinos offer many payment systems that you can use for depositing and withdrawing funds. Some sites have restrictions on specific payment methods. For example, you can receive an additional 5% of the deposit amount if you make a deposit with ecoPayz. However, there are sites that do not provide bonuses, for example, if you make a deposit with Skrill and NETELLER eWallet; these are rare cases, but they do happen.

And some bonuses are issued only for a deposit in cryptocurrency; brands that position themselves as crypto casinos often do impose these restrictions.

Why Online Casino Sites Offer Bonus Codes

Beginners naively believe that the promotions they participate in are beneficial only to them, that casinos create them only for the sake of their customers. In fact this is an effective marketing tool that helps gambling sites attract as many new players as possible and keep regular customers so that they return to the site again and again.

Gambling companies do not give free spins and cash for free; you still have to deposit even more money into your account in order to be able to withdraw a smaller amount. Most players lose more on bonuses than they earn, so the casino has some advantages from having bonuses. But this does not mean that you should not refuse interesting offers; in any case, they provide additional funds for the game, and if you lose them, you are not required to return them back.

How to Calculate the Value of Bonuses

To understand how much it will actually cost to activate the bonus, you need to evaluate the deposit amount, the maximum win, and the wagering coefficient. You have to decide which category of games you will use to wager the bonus.

Often, 100% of bets in slots are counted towards wagering; in card and table games, only 10%, 5%, or even 2% count. In some slot machines, wagering is not available at all.

You have to evaluate the RTP and the house edge. Choose slot machines with a return of at least 95%. As for card games, it is better to play blackjack, place bets on equal chances in French and European roulette or on the Banker in baccarat; in them, the casino advantage is small.

Next, evaluate your expenses for the game, considering the bonus. For example, you received a 100% deposit up to $200 with a x20 wagering requirement using a promo code. In this case, you have the opportunity to receive up to $400 to your account; to withdraw winnings, you have to spend $4,000 or $8,000 if the wager is applied not only to the bonus amount, but also to the deposit. And this is provided that you play in a slot where 100% of the bet amount is counted towards wagering.

Top Latest Bonus Codes for Players

You can find the current promo codes on our websites, on partner websites, and on the official websites of online casinos. Some of them operate on a permanent basis as part of regular promotions, and some are available temporarily. Be sure to check the restrictions and conditions for wagering bonuses on promo codes before activation; make sure that they are profitable to use.

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150% up to $3,000 for the first deposit
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No. Thus, you violate the casino rules which state that re-registration is strictly prohibited. This attempt will be regarded as bonus hunting, for which all your accounts will be immediately blocked.

These are promotions that operate as part of the loyalty program, reloads, cashbacks, and other offers; to activate them, you need to enter a unique combination of symbols.

If this is a permanent promotion, then its action is unlimited in time. As for temporary promo codes, they depend on how long the promotion itself lasts. It can be 48 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or any other period.

Yes, but only if the conditions have changed. For example, there was a PROMO100 code, when new customers received $100 for registration. And then it can become PROMO150 when the casino starts giving away $150 for newbies.

The principle of organizing the game with live dealers is slightly different from the bets in slots with RNG. Casino has to spend money on staff salaries, studio equipment, so it is unprofitable for it to distribute bonuses to customers for playing in this mode.

It's OK. You can do this after logging in to your Personal account by going to the Promotions section or by indicating it on the Deposit page if it is a deposit bonus.

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