Advantages of Playing for Bitcoins in a Casino

Advantages of Playing for Bitcoins in a Casino

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is a convenient alternative to fiat money and a fairly promising asset that beats its value records every 2-3 years. You can invest money in it, use it to buy goods, pay for services, and also play in a casino. Due to the high transaction processing speed, anonymity, and security, cryptocurrency may seem more interesting than familiar payment systems. In this article, we will tell you about the advantages of playing for bitcoins in a casino in the USA and why it can be beneficial for you.

How to Use Bitcoins at Casinos

To start using Bitcoin in an online casino, you have to make a deposit with it. The process of making a deposit is the same regardless of the method you use. To transfer funds to your Personal account, you have to:

  • Log in to the casino website and open the Cashier.
  • Select Bitcoin from the list of available payment methods.
  • Copy the address and send the amount to it, or scan the QR code through the wallet app or the exchange where you keep the cryptocurrency.
  • Confirm the transaction and wait until the funds arrive at your bankroll.

As soon as you obtain the cryptocurrency, you can start using it for gambling without any restrictions. At the same time, the casino may display your amount not in BTC, but in other currencies, even fiat ones; this is done purely for your convenience and the funds are actually stored in Bitcoin.

Game Strategies for Gaming at Bitcoin Online Casinos

Cryptocurrency is a convenient payment method with which you can make a deposit or withdraw money from your bankroll quickly and anonymously. Casinos are interested in attracting customers that hold these assets; however, they do not give them any additional advantage that would allow them to receive payments more often.

The use of cryptocurrency for betting does not affect the operation of slots and other games; therefore, the principles of the game remain unchanged.

The Bitcoin gambling strategy is based on the same principles that are relevant for fiat currencies. Bankroll management is essential; you should distribute the money that is at your disposal for at least 70-80 spins in slots and at least a few dozen bets in table games. You should also try to choose slot machines with higher RTP, especially if you plan to play regularly.

Don’t try to use strategies that promise you guaranteed wins; this can lead to loss of money. Remember that no strategy can guarantee results.

Advantages of Playing for Bitcoins in a Casino over Traditional Sites

There are 2 groups of online casinos. The first one includes traditional gambling sites that accept deposits and withdraw money only if you use traditional payment methods, that is, bank cards and e-wallets. The second group includes crypto casinos where you can pay using cryptocurrencies. They have several important advantages that may influence your choice.


You can make deposits and withdraw money on these sites by using Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.


The list may include dozens of different cryptocurrencies; you can see which specific currencies the site supports in the Financial information section or at the Cashier; you can also clarify It in the support service.

The list of available cryptocurrencies
In addition to Bitcoin, casinos can accept a large number of other cryptocurrencies

Support for different cryptocurrencies allows you to not convert them when depositing and withdrawing funds; this means you will not lose money due to commission.

Gambling Safety & Security

All cryptocurrency transactions are carried out within the blockchain; this is a network that is protected from hacking. There is no risk of data leakage, scammers, with all their desire, simply will not be able to get hold of your payment information. And even if they have it, they will not be able to use it for their own benefit, since there is nothing that could provide them with access to your wallet.


Any information that passes through the blockchain is public, despite the high security level. That is, you can check whether the payment transaction was honestly completed, or whether the online casino transferred the full amount to the right wallet address. This eliminates the risk of fraud and provides additional transaction security.

Anonymity & Privacy for Players

When creating a cryptocurrency wallet, you do not provide any information about yourself: no first name, no last name, and no address. The only exceptions are exchanges, where identity verification is a mandatory requirement for depositing cryptocurrency to an internal wallet.

Since the cryptocurrency wallets are anonymous, there is no need to verify them.

This means that the owner of the wallet cannot be traced; all transactions are carried out without specifying personal data. At the same time, the casino may require you to verify your identity in accordance with their own rules. In this case, you need to provide the security service with photographs or scans of an ID and other documents upon request in order to play.

Fast Transactions & Minimum Fees

One of the most important advantages of playing for bitcoins in casinos for USA players is the speed of financial transactions. As is the case with fiat e-wallets, you receive a deposit to your bankroll instantly. However, the withdrawal of funds lasts several hours on average, while payouts in fiat can take up to a week. Sometimes, the transaction is processed instantly, and you receive your winnings in 5-10 minutes.

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At the same time, you do not pay any commissions, with the exception of the online casino fee, if any. Since there is no intermediary when withdrawing money, you do not need to pay for their services.

Within one or more transactions, the absence of a commission may not affect the amount greatly, and the difference will be only minimal. But if you play regularly, make regular deposits, and withdraw money often, the savings will become noticeable over time. Over the long term, this will save you a noticeable amount.

Comfort & International Usage

You can deposit and withdraw money in American and foreign casinos, even if you are not in the country where it operates. You don’t have to apply for a credit card at a local bank or create an e-wallet in the desired currency. Dozens of gambling sites in various countries accept Bitcoin without geo-referencing.

This is important in terms of the availability of certain gambling titles: a number of games have territorial restrictions and are not available in specific countries. If you play with cryptocurrencies, this prohibition may not apply to you.

At the same time, we do not recommend violating the casino rules and playing from the country that is included in the list of prohibited ones. If the security service detects this violation, your account may be blocked. You can see the list of allowed and prohibited countries in the casino’s Terms and conditions.

Best Casino Fair Games

If you play for cryptocurrency, you always have access to the widest possible range of gambling titles without any restrictions. These are slots, table games, live dealer games, instant games, and lotteries.

Cryptocurrency casinos usually offer a wider range of gambling titles than casinos with only fiat currencies available. The catalog can include over 5,000 slots from hundreds of providers.

The availability of a demo mode is an additional benefit. This is a trial version of slots available directly on the casino site, in which you use virtual chips instead of real money. If you lose them, your bankroll remains unchanged; that is, you do not risk anything, but you also cannot receive payments. You can use the demo mode to test the game, understand its mechanics, and evaluate its return-to-player percentage and volatility.

High Betting Limits

When you play slots for cryptocurrency, the maximum bet limits can be increased. This will allow you to bypass the standard limits set for fiat money bets.

Even if you have made a deposit in cryptocurrency, most casinos will still convert bets into dollars.

This advantage only matters for you if you are a high roller, because if you are not, the standard bet limits may be enough for you.

Top Latest Bonuses & Promotional Offers

With the help of cryptocurrency, you can participate in any promotion on the gambling site; on some sites, you can receive an exclusive bonus that is available only if you make a deposit in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin casino bonuses
Some casinos only offer bonuses to you if you own cryptocurrencies

Be sure to pay attention to the promotion conditions and the wagering requirements. Usually, the larger the bonus, the more difficult it is to wager. Additional restrictions may apply for cryptocurrency promotions.

If we are talking about the bonuses types, then everything is standard; there are:

  • No deposit bonuses for registration.
  • Welcome bonuses for the first deposit.
  • Reload bonuses for repeated deposits.
  • Holiday and birthday bonuses.
  • Bonuses for success in the loyalty program.

Like any other bonus, they require wagering; you have to make a certain turnover of bets before you can withdraw the funds through the Cashier.

Possible Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin Casinos

In addition to the advantages, playing for cryptocurrency also has several disadvantages, which are primarily related to the fact that this asset does not have a fixed value. Before you buy Bitcoin and make a deposit at the online casino, you should be aware of some of the drawbacks of this payment method.

Changes & Volatility

Any crypto asset, even one as stable as Bitcoin, is volatile; this means that its value can change dramatically as a result of market fluctuations at any time. Those $100 that you transferred to your casino bankroll today may turn out to be $50 in a few weeks simply due to the coin depreciation. On the other hand, if the asset value rises, your bankroll also increases.

This drawback only matters if you have specifically bought cryptocurrency to make a deposit at the online casino. If you invest in it, and gambling is just your hobby, then the exchange rate fluctuations are just part of the risk that you took on when buying an asset.

No Reversals & Untraceability

Often, you cannot receive cashback and other bonuses which include the return of part of the lost funds if you bet in Bitcoin. These promotions simply do not apply to cryptocurrency.

However, this drawback is not valid for all gambling sites. Be sure to check the terms of these promotions on a particular site if they are important to you.


Gambling sites often offer unique bonuses to cryptocurrency holders. This method of depositing an account and withdrawing funds usually has higher limits.

In this case, you will lose your money, and it will be impossible to return it. Always check the details carefully before confirming the transaction.

You should check whether the gambling site works with these exchanges. However, large exchanges are usually available at the box office. For example, you can make a deposit through Binance Pay.

This is done for your convenience. USDT is a stablecoin whose value is always $1. Thus, you can see your bankroll in a convenient currency, although you have Bitcoin in your account.

It depends on the rules of a particular gambling site. Some sites require you to verify your identity even if you make deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency.

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