How to Win on Slots at Online Casino

How to Win on Slots at Online Casino

With online gambling in licensed slots, the result is determined by the random number generator. The casino doesn’t affect the outcome in any way. Therefore, players can potentially win a lot at online slot machines in a casino. Strategies and recommendations from experts will help increase these chances.

Is It Possible to Win at Slots

The basis of any slot machine is RNG. When you play, it gives out random numbers with every spin. It determines what symbols get on the playing field.

The chances of winning at slot machines depend on several factors:

  • Balance. If the previous player has spent a large sum in the slot, then your chances of winning increase.
  • Recoil. RTP (Return To Player) determines what percentage of the wagered money will be returned to players in the long term.
  • Deposit amount. The more investments you make, the larger the potential prize.

Though the odds of winning may vary, a lot of times players win at the casino at least once. It should be noted that the slots operate according to a predetermined scheme and have unique settings. They firstly give the advantage to the casino — it won’t be in the red.

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Gambling Tips for Slots

Gamblers can learn how to beat casino slot machines without violating the internal rules. You need to follow the practical recommendations that will help to improve your results. You can also learn some tricks to win at slot machines.

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RTP Slot Selection

The fundamental criterion for choosing casino games is the RTP rate. The higher the return coefficient, the more profitable the slot machine. Modern licensed slots are equipped with RTP of 95%. From $100, players will get $95 back. This rule only works in the long run, so winning in slot machines largely depends on the client’s luck.

Slot Selection by Dispersion

Dispersion (volatility) determines the risks. You need to know the difference if you want to understand how to win jackpots in slot machines. Slots are divided into several categories.

Low volatilityThe frequency of getting winnings is high, but the amount of money reward is small. There is no risk of losing large sums here.
High volatilityThe odds of winnings here are small. However, when it happens, the prize money goes up to the maximum. To play these slots, you need to have a big bankroll.
Medium volatilityWell-balanced between frequent winnings and payout percentages.

Setting the Number of Naked Pulls

Naked Pulls are spins that hadn’t brought profit. You need to set the number of allowed losing spins for yourself, taking into account the size of your bankroll. Upon reaching that number, you should switch to another slot.

Win Lines and Payouts

Prize combinations in slot machines come up on active lines. Their number can vary significantly. Classic slots have from 3 to 25 lines. In modern slots, players can find up to 1,024 winning directions. In the best slot machines with many lines, the chances of forming a prize combination is higher but every spin is more expensive. These features are important to know for those who want to know how to win at casino slots.

Jackpot Rejection

Online casinos offer progressive jackpot slots. The size of the jackpot is not fixed, so it increases with each new player’s bet and can reach tens of millions.

Winning at slots with progressive jackpots is much more difficult. They have a low return rate. It is better to stay on regular slots where you have the best odds.

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Studying the Work of Different Slots

Before playing for money, gamblers should test slots in demo mode. In this mode, bets are placed using virtual chips provided by the casino at no cost. It helps to understand how to win at slot machines.

In demo mode, players can study the interface of the slot, understand its rules and mechanisms, and check the return and effectiveness of different strategies to win. All this happens without the threat of losing your bankroll, which often scares new players.

Limit on the Number and Size of Bets

Playing for money always has to do with financial risks. So, in order not to lose your money, it is necessary to adhere to the principles of bankroll management.

The main rule is keeping continuous control over your bankroll.

First, you need to set a limit. It has to be the amount you can afford lose. As soon as the size of losses or profit reaches the planned mark, you need to stop.

If it is difficult to stop betting, you need to remember not to push your luck. Every next spin can lead to a big loss.

Bonuses, Free Spins, and Respins

It’s much more profitable to play online slot games with bonuses that replace real money. The casino gives them for registering on their site, making the first deposit (welcome bonuses), participating in different offers, and using promo codes.

The most common bonuses are free spins that can be used in slots. If the bet wins, money gets credited to the balance. If not, the client doesn’t lose anything, and their bankroll remains unchanged. Free spins are most often provided in sets and have a certain denomination, for example, $1.

The probability of winning increases with the option of respins. A respin is used if one symbol isn’t enough to form the necessary combination. Then you can spin a separate reel again. If you’re lucky, the missing symbol will come up.

It’s important not to bet randomly, but to stick to strategies and gambling tips for slots. There are sets of mathematically justified actions that lead you to winning in the long run.

One Game

This system is simple and clear. You choose an interesting slot and make your maximum bet on the first spin. If it wins, then you divide the prize amount into several parts and use them for future spins. If the credits run out while spinning the reels, you need to change the slot.

If the maximum bet was unsuccessful, it cannot be repeated. You need to launch another slot immediately.

Multiply or Divide by 2

Before playing, you need to determine the size of your minimum bet, taking into account your bankroll. Next, you spin the reels. If the spin is unsuccessful, your next deposit has to be doubled. Then, if the new spin brings a prize, you multiply that amount by 2, and in case of loss, you divide the amount by 2.

Plus or Minus

This strategy is suitable for new players. You need to place a minimum bet. If the bet wins, you double it. But if the bet loses, you need to return to the initial bet size.


This play style is based on a gradual increase and decrease of the bet. There are no strict rules in its use. So, you can adjust the scheme for yourself, taking into consideration a number of factors:

  • Pot size
  • Game time
  • Game pattern (conservative, moderate, aggressive)

Before starting, you need to think of your rates. It’s best to start with the minimum. Then the amount grows and decreases without sudden jumps. The size of the bet changes smoothly, but the step is always different.

Here’s an example of a working model of the Umbrella strategy: 1-1-1-2-2-4-4-4-5-5-3-3-2-2-1-1.

The planned number of coins can’t exceed the size of your bankroll. It has to be limited to prevent large financial losses.

Up the Steps

At the start, you determine your minimum and maximum bets . Next, you need to launch the slot. If the spin doesn’t bring the reward, the deposit amount remains the same. But if the bet wins, it has to be doubled. You need to follow this strategy until you reach your established maximum.


With this tactic, you begin your game with the lowest possible bet in a particular slot. Then it has to be evenly increased. When you reache your maximum, you gradually return to the initial bet size.

Number of Naked Pulls

To play using this strategy, you need to select one slot. Next, you set the allowed number of naked pulls (losing bets), taking into consideration the size of your bankroll. When you reach the limit, you need to stop playing at that slot. If you reach the number of planned naked pulls, but you’re in the green, there is no need to stop the game.


It is available to all users without login or deposit. To launch it, you need to visit the casino website, select a video slot, and click the Demo button.

You can bet using bonuses. However, the reward received from them has to be wagered according to the requirements.

They aren’t launched from the provider's server. The casino can change its settings in its favor. Then you will “feed” the slots with deposits, but won’t receive your winnings.

No. Strategies can’t guarantee profit. They help you focus on maintaining your bankroll. There is no simple answer to how to play slots and win constantly.

You need to stop the game and change the slot.

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