Movies About Online Gambling to Watch

Movies About Online Gambling to Watch

There are many movies devoted to gambling: some of them are rather famous, and some are known only to avid movie buffs. Most of these films are entertaining: they show all the delights of risk and consequences of excessive gambling, and you can get a lot of enlightening information from some of them. However, does an ordinary person know many online gambling movies in the USA? Hardly, but Internet gambling is gaining popularity on the world market and is being covered more and more in mass media, books, and, in particular, movies. Let’s list the best of them that are known to date.

Best Movies About Online Gambling to Watch

Films about Internet casinos show the joy of winning while playing gambling games and the dangers of overindulging in them. In this article, we have listed movies that are exclusively dedicated to online gambling or include scenes and episodes concerning making bets on online gaming websites.

Runner Runner (2013)

The film tells the story of a Princeton University student named Richie, who loses his job at a major company because of the 2008 economic crisis. To pay for his studies, he decides to play poker at an online casino, but one day he goes broke after losing all his money to a professional player. The thing is that in the poker room the odds of his opponent’s wins were severely undervalued. So Richie decided to go to Costa Rica to find a casino owner named Ivan Block to get his money back.

Runner Runner
Poster for the Runner Runner movie telling about online gambling

When they managed to meet, Ivan explained that the site had been hacked, but returned the total amount and offered Richie a job with the company. After a while, the protagonist is kidnapped by Agent Shavers, who forces him to work for himself to reveal Block’s criminal schemes.

The film premiered in the United States on October 4, 2013; it was filmed in Princeton and Puerto Rico.

The main features of the film:

  • Country: the USA
  • Director: Brad Furman
  • Budget: $30,000,000
  • US box office: $19,316,646

This is one of the top films about playing online casino games. A great cast and gripping plot, built around gambling, will surely please fans of poker and other casino games.

Casino Life (2001-2002)

This is a documentary film series about playing casino games. The whole process is described in detail, so you can learn how to play various games, make bets, which bets are available, how to spend money properly in today’s online casinos, and much other helpful information.

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PVT CHAT (2020)

This is a relatively new movie about online gambling released in 2020. It narrates about a young guy named Jack, who spends a lot of time gambling on various casino sites. At the same time, he communicates with a girl from San Francisco named Scarlet. She makes her living as a webcam model and is willing to do a lot for money.

Private Chat
A still from the Private Chat movie where Jack is communicating with Scarlet

The protagonist becomes attached to his virtual friend and feels obsessed with her, as she begins to appear to him on the city streets. However, one day he does not imagine things, as he really sees Scarlet and decides to follow her to find out who she really is.

Doctor. Episode: My Secret Identity (2002)

The series is not about online gambling, but one of the episodes deals with this topic. In this episode, Raul and his friend Justin try their luck at online gambling, as they want to earn some easy money.

Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back. Episode: Sara Pascoe, Foka Wolf and the Gambling Industry (2021)

This is another episode of the popular series that touches on gambling. Sara Pascoe, along with Joe, begins to study the Internet gambling industry and its effect on Mark’s brain.

Top Online Gambling TV Shows

Although the popularity of virtual gambling games grows constantly, there are not many popular movies about them yet. Basically, these are short episodes of popular TV series or movies where online casinos are only part of the plot, but there are a lot more TV shows devoted to gambling.

ABC News Nightline: Betting Without Borders1998-nowWith online gambling growing in popularity, ABC News correspondent Jonah Smith explores how casinos operate online and adjust to the US laws.
Smart Live Casino2017TV reality show; in each episode participants play a different game of chance.
Breaking Vegas2004This is the US TV show where people try to make a quick buck at a casino. You’ll find out some casino secrets, which allow you to get an advantage over gambling venues.
Casino2004This fascinating TV show tells the story of two millionaires who sold their company for a lot of money. Now they’re trying to make a fortune at a Las Vegas casino.
Poker After Dark2007This is a perfect TV show for fans of this card game. Each episode features interesting poker games with professional commentaries. Some draws are so intense that they are more interesting than many sports events.
High Stakes Poker2006This is an informative reality show for poker players. Each episode tells the story and habits of the professionals and stars of this famous card game.
World Poker Tour2002This show broadcasts not all international poker matches but only the most interesting; most often, these are finals. Each episode presents exciting draws with unexpected outcomes.

So, if you want to watch online gambling movies for USA players, you can choose from a considerable number of them on offer.

Usually, drama, crime, comedy, action, and documentary movies feature something about online gambling.


You can use the list on our website; the movie sites also have search filters by subject.

The 21 film tells the story of how a professor assembled a team of talented students and taught them how to count cards and win big at casinos. However, this is a movie about offline gambling, not online.

Unlimited Texas Hold'em.

Molly's Game. This is a terrific story based on true events.

There are no major and popular series devoted solely to online gambling yet, but there are individual episodes about online gambling, such as Joe Lycett's Got Your Back. Episode: Sara Pascoe, Foka Wolf, and the Gambling Industry.

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