Online Casino Secrets

Online Casino Secrets

Casino games are now one of the most popular types of entertainment on the Internet, and their rapid legalization leads to the emergence of hundreds of new gambling sites, each of which is able to offer something unique. However, all licensed casinos have the same sets of principles of operation and features, and if you understand them properly, you increase your chances of winning money. There are several fundamental online casino secrets in the USA that every gambler needs to know about; let’s take a closer look.

Features of Modern Online Casinos

Any legitimate online casino uses the same principles to organize gambling; they provide necessary services, financial transaction control, as well as security guarantees. Before you start playing on a particular website, you need to know a few peculiarities:

  • A casino is an intermediary between players and software developers. It almost never creates games on its own but only provides access to games of its partners with whom they collaborate.
  • Gambling sites cannot change slot criteria or affect your chances of winning. All slot machines are stored on providers’ servers, so third parties cannot interfere with the gaming process.
  • Special regulatory commissions control the activities of gambling sites. Moreover, casinos need to obtain gambling licenses to operate legally.

In fact, any online casino is a platform that hosts games from different software providers in one place where you can make bets and gamble.

Best Secrets of Online Casinos to Know

All online casino secrets for US players are pretty simple; you can understand most of them by learning gambling site principles and rules. Check them before you start playing, as they can significantly increase your chances.


The primary thing that ensures a casino’s reliability is a gambling license, but this is not the only factor you should consider. The availability of this document is an excellent reason to believe a particular website is safe, but in fact, a license does not protect customers and their data.

Online casinos implement additional measures to ensure customers’ safety and guarantee the gaming process’s fairness. First of all, it is the transparency of information about a particular game; many gambling sites use MD5 and other similar data hashing protocols that allow everyone to check whether the results of a single spin correspond to calculations made by a random number generator.

The security of personal and payment data is also important; usually, multi-level encryption and secure communication channels are responsible for it. To make sure that a specific website is secure, use a lock icon to the left of the address bar in your browser; if the lock is closed, it means the information is secure.


Any licensed casino game uses the principle of randomness, so you can never know results in advance, whether it is the reel rotation or card dealing. In games where you play against a computer opponent, a random number generator is responsible for adhering to this principle. In live dealer games, professional dealers use real decks of cards, dice, and other game attributes, but you still cannot predict results.

Special audit laboratories, such as eCOGRA and iTech Labs, verify random number generator operation; if everything is all right, a casino gets a special certificate confirming games work fairly.

You need to understand that there is no way you can influence a random number generator or calculate its algorithms. Game results do not depend on each other, and RNG counts them in a split second; moreover, if you suffer a long losing streak in one specific slot, the probability of winning does not increase and is always at the same level.

Bonuses as Casino Secrets

Any online casino wants to attract as many customers as possible and make them regular in a short time, as their profits directly depend on the number of registered gamblers who play actively. For this purpose, gambling sites offer various promotions that allow you to get extra money, free spins, and other benefits at different game stages. However, even though bonuses are part of advertising, they can be really beneficial to players; you only need to choose the proper promotion.

Welcome Rewards

This is the basic bonus offer usually offered by the vast majority of online casinos that allows you to increase the amount of your one or more first deposits. Usually, you get a 100% deposit increase, but this figure can vary greatly: from 50 to 400% or even more.

Once you have topped up your account, you get the bonus money on your main or bonus account; to withdraw it, you need to meet wagering requirements by making a specific amount of bets for a limited period of time. The exact amount of money you have to spend on bets depends on the wagering ratio. As for the bonus funds, they can be available for making bets while wagering or frozen until you meet wagering requirements.

Free Spins

Usually, when you make a spin, you lose a specific amount of money equal to the selected bet size. However, by using a free spin bonus, you can avoid such spending, as an online casino pays for a specific amount of spins. You get a limited number of bonus spins at a fixed rate and can withdraw the money obtained from them after wagering.

You can spend free spins only in slots specified in the promotion conditions; not all casino games are available.

After using free spins, you need to fulfill wagering requirements; they apply to the amount you win with the help of bonus spin, not their value itself.

Jackpot Raffles

Slots participating in jackpot draws provide massive prizes that can exceed your bet size by thousands and tens of thousands of times. A prize fund can be either fixed and vary depending on your bet size or progressive. In the second case, a prize amount constantly increases due to a small percentage taken from each bet made in a particular slot machine.

Slots’ jackpots
In some slots, there are several jackpot raffles at once

We cannot say the jackpot is an online casino secret, which allows making the game more profitable; rather, it focuses on creating additional excitement because it is really tough to hit it. If you want to have more realistic chances, choose slots with a fixed jackpot of small size; they come up more often.

Criteria for Choosing Online Casinos for Playing Games

No secrets of online casinos matter if you choose a lousy gambling site, so pay maximum attention to this issue to avoid a poor gambling experience and low-quality services. Before creating an account on a particular website, assess it according to at least five criteria listed below.

LicenseThe availability of a gaming license is the main proof a website is reliable and safe. Without it, a casino cannot legally provide gambling services, so check if a gambling venue has this document beforehand.
Game selectionCheck the total number of games available in the lobby, as well as their variety, and make sure a casino provides games you are interested in. It can be slots, table games, live dealer games, lotteries, and so on.
Payment methodsLook through the list of payment methods you can use to make deposits and withdraw funds and make sure they are suitable for you. Do not forget to check the size of commissions, payment limits, and transaction processing speed.
Available bonusesIf you want to get extra benefits while playing casino games, learn the bonus program terms and conditions carefully. Look at the number of bonuses, their type, activation, and wagering rules.
ReviewsYou can find a lot of useful information about a particular gambling venue by checking players’ feedback and thoughts on thematic resources. Find out what people think of a specific casino, its reliability, and the issues they face while gambling there.

We also recommend paying attention to customer service; this may be important if you have issues and need help or assistance. Check the number of ways to contact support agents beforehand and test them to understand response speed and usefulness of provided information.

Tips for Players Who Want to Win

If you want to spend a great leisure time and earn some money, consider a few recommendations mentioned below; they do not guarantee success but help reduce risks.

Play Trusted & Safe Casino Sites

Choose only gambling venues with confirmed reliability; if a casino does not have a license or does not provide basic protection measures, it is better to avoid registering there.

Casino license
Validator, located in the footer, confirms the license availability and validity

If there is no validator in the footer, you can ask customer support service for this information; support agents should provide a valid link.

Learn Game Rules & Features

Knowing the secrets of online casino slots for real money will not help you if you do not know the rules of a particular game. They are pretty simple in slot machines: you do not need any skills to play, but we recommend checking the help section and paytable to see how the game mechanics work.

As for table games, it is necessary to know the rules well; without them, you will not be able to make deliberate bets, so the probability of staying in the black is minimal. To begin with, choose one of the simplest games, for example, roulette, blackjack, or baccarat, and switch to more complex games only after mastering the rules of simpler ones.

Keep Calm & Control Your Emotions

Remember that gambling is entertainment, not a source of income, so do not treat casino games as a tool to earn money. Moreover, you should not risk funds you are not ready to lose; do not make a deposit and stop gambling if further spending may lead to your or your family’s financial problems.

Always try to control your emotions and their influence on your decisions; if you understand that you are driven by anger, stop the game immediately to avoid significant losses.

If you have created a withdrawal request and it can be canceled, never do so; it will most likely result in losing money.

Try to follow the responsible gaming principles: set time limits for the game, take regular breaks, do not make deliberate deposits, and do not increase the bet size to win back quickly.

Biggest Winning Chances Are for Blackjack

One of the important online casino secrets is pretty simple, but only a few think about it before gambling: choosing the right game depending on the situation. Blackjack is not only a popular table game but also a potentially lucrative one if you are good at it. You need to beat the dealer, and to do this, it is necessary to either score more points than the dealer or wait until they exceed 21 points. The game process is as follows:

  • The dealer deals two cards to each participant and themselves. Your cards are face-down, while the dealer has one face-up.
  • Participants make their turns. You can take another card, split a pair, double the bet, or stop.
  • The dealer takes cards last, and they cannot stop until they get 17 points or more. You win if your score is better, but remember that you cannot exceed 21 points.

Make sure you know a blackjack strategy before you bet; it is necessary to understand when to draw another card, double your bet, or stop. Each decision needs to be justified mathematically; in this case, you can profit in the long run.

Learn Values of Important Parameters

One of the crucial secrets of online casino real money slots is to choose the right game; it may greatly affect your results, especially in the long run. Before making bets, make sure you have paid attention to several criteria.

Probability & Odds

Every game has its own odds and winning probability; for example, in slots, RTP reflects this parameter: the theoretical percentage of return-to-player amount. It displays how much money from the total amount invested by all players, the slot machine will return in the form of winnings in the long run.

RTP is calculated for hundreds of thousands of spins, so a difference of even a few percent is unnoticeable within one or several gaming sessions.

If you wish to play regularly, try to choose slots with high RTP; anyway, they provide more winnings.

House Edge

In slots, RTP determines casino income, but in table games, the house edge provides it; this is a small mathematical advantage set by the rules. In roulette, one or two zeros guarantee a casino profit; if zero comes up, you lose any bet, including bets on equal chances, except for a direct bet on zero. In blackjack, the main rule provides the house edge: if you score more points than 21, you lose, regardless of the dealer’s hand. There are such subtleties in every casino game because casinos need to make a profit; otherwise, they would not be able to exist.

Standard Deviation

In any game, the standard deviation criterion is reflected in volatility (also called dispersion). In the long run, the results of all your bets will be close to the mathematical expectation, so the more you play, the more noticeable the house edge will be. However, the dispersion may be more or less significant depending on how volatile the game you have selected is.

For example, in high-volatile slots, losing or winning streaks are usually longer, and the frequency and size scatter are larger. If volatility is low, a slot machine gives prizes often, but their average size is pretty much lower.

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Secrets of Online Casino Slots for Real Money

The primary decision you have to make before playing slots is how much risk you are willing to take. If you are only interested in big winnings and come to the casino for the thrill, choose high-volatile games, as they have a higher maximum payout potential. However, remember that the higher the volatility, the greater the risk of losing your deposit quickly.

As you play, watch how the slot behaves; each of them has periods when they give winnings more often. After getting a huge payout, you can do a few dozen more spins and change a slot if they are unsuccessful. It makes no sense to play a particular slot if you suffer a long losing streak; keep in mind that previous losses do not bring you any closer to winning.

Slot Machines With Higher Denomination

Before playing, open the slot’s help section and check the payout odds provided for various symbols. There are games in which the minimum payout amount does not even cover your bet size, so it is safer and more profitable for your bankroll to play slots where the smallest payouts are x1 or more.

There are a large number of strategies designed mainly for table games. The most popular among them is the Martingale system, according to which you should double the bet after each loss and return to its initial size after the first win. You can apply this strategy to roulette, baccarat, and other games where bets with equal chances are available.

No strategy can give you a 100% guarantee you will win; no matter what betting system you use, you risk losing your money anyway.

There are no strategies for playing slots; rather, they exist but do not show effectiveness since spins results are always random. Therefore, it is better to stick to the bankroll management rules, choose games with high RTP, and change slots if they do not bring prizes for a long time.

How to Choose Bet Size

Remember that you can change the bet size in slots; usually, you can find all controls under the playing field. Use arrows to increase or decrease bet size or choose a ready option from the table. In table and live games, you can change the bet size by adding chips of a specific value.

Bet size in slots
In some slots, you can lower and raise the bet size by changing the number and coins value, as well as the number of lines

It is important to understand that changing the bet size does not affect the game results. It only changes the amount of potential prizes and losses.


No. There are no such secrets, so remember that any bet is risky and can result in losing money.

This ratio shows how much money you need to spend on bets before you can withdraw a bonus. For example, if you received $100, and the wagering ratio is x25, you need to spend at least $2,500 to cash out bonus funds.

In most states, the minimum age to play at online casinos is 18, but exceptions exist. For example, in New York State, only customers over the age of 21 are allowed to play.

You can find all slot machine criteria, including RTP, in their description on official providers’ websites.

No. You can only have one account on one site, but you can play in several gambling venues simultaneously.

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