Best Online Casino Strategies

Best Online Casino Strategies

The success of playing in an online casino largely depends on luck. This is especially true for slots with random spin results that nobody can influence. Although there are tricks here too, allowing you to stay in the game longer and wait for a prize combination with a large payout. Card games, where you have to know the combinations, how to act correctly in a particular situation, and when it is better to raise the bet or leave the game, work the other way. In this article, we have listed the best online casino strategy and tactics that will help you manage your bankroll wisely and increase your chances of winning.

Best Online Casino Strategies & Tactics for Players

The probability of winning depends on a complex of factors: luck, strategy, responsible gaming, and choice of online casino and slot machine. Having better understood the rules and mechanics of the slot, you will increase the number of successful bets. You also need to know which tactics are more effective for a particular game. In general, success depends on a combination of factors.

Please note that no strategy guarantees a 100% win. But with their help, you will be able to correctly allocate money for playing slots, understand when to lower or raise the bet, fold cards in a specific gaming situation, and so on.

Play at the Best Casinos

There is a huge online casino network on the Internet with hundreds of gambling sites; however, you cannot trust all of them. Among honest brands, there are phishing sites created by scammers to deceive you and gain access to your personal and payment data. These websites publish scripted software with low or zero RTP, where it is impossible to win. And if you manage to receive prize money, you won’t be able to withdraw it, the casino will find the reasons for blocking the payment.

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You should approach the selection of an online casino responsibly. Choose licensed companies, gambling commissions regulate their activities, so your rights are protected.

You can check the validity of the license information by finding the validator in the footer of the page. By pressing it, you will be redirected to the official website of the company that issued the license.

The lobby of an online casino with a license contains original slot machines from official providers, they work on RNG and have a high return. Honest companies are generous with bonuses and set loyal wagering conditions for them. They value their reputation, protect your interests, and guarantee to pay out your winnings.

Regulator validator in the website footer
The gaming commission logo has to be clickable to verify the authenticity of the license

Choose Games with a Low House Edge

Each game includes the advantage of an online casino. If the RTP is 95%, then the guaranteed income of the gambling site is the remaining 5%. Moreover, the return percentage works over a long distance, it is indicated not for one session, but for millions of rounds.

The higher the RTP, the lower the advantage of the gambling site, and you have more winning chances. The probability of a successful bet varies depending on the slot, the game type, and what you bet on.

House EdgeGames Category

In slots, you do not influence the gameplay at all, but you can use the Internet casino system and online tactics associated with changing the bet size, the number of non-fixed lines, and changing games. The dropout of prize combinations on the reels is random. In card games, success depends more on your skill; in table games like roulette, it depends on the chosen betting option.

Don’t Chase Losses

With a series of losses, do not lose your head and do not try to recoup and return the lost amount back. There are times when the slot machines do not bring winnings, this is normal. Consider gambling as entertainment, and not as a way to earn money. There is a high risk of making rash bets; take a break for a few days after several losses, calm down mentally, and return to the casino in a good mood.

Activate Bonuses

Online casinos attract the attention of new customers and encourage regular visitors to actively place bets with various bonuses. Thanks to them, gamblers have more money at lower costs which allows them to play slots longer.

List of online casino bonuses
The welcome package, bonuses for deposits in cryptocurrency, and other regular deposit bonuses

The bonus programs vary in different casinos. Below are the most popular offers:

  • Welcome package. It applies to the first or several first deposits if you are a newbie. Often, this is a percentage of the deposit amount; sometimes, the casino may provide free spins in addition to the cash bonus.
  • No deposit bonus. You will receive a fixed amount or free spins without a deposit. You can receive a no deposit bonus for registration or as a birthday gift, as a reward for reaching a new level in the VIP loyalty program, after entering a promo code, or for inviting a friend within the referral program.
  • Reload. You receive this deposit bonus if you are a regular customer. It is available on a regular basis — daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Cashback. This is the percentage of return on the amount lost by you in the last week or month.

Before activation, study the rules for the use and wagering of bonuses. You can find them in the description of the promotions and in the “Terms and Conditions” section — you will find the link in the footer of any page.

The wagering coefficient is the main wagering criterion of the bonus. It shows how much bets you need to make in the slot machines before withdrawing it. The optimal ratio is up to x20-30, but timing and limits on the maximum bet per spin and winnings are also important.

Play According to Your Abilities

Choose the games you are good at. If you have little experience, start with the classic versions. For example, if you are in the slots category, choose games with 3-5 reels, 1-10 paylines, and a minimum number of additional options, for example, sticky symbols, avalanches, respins, cascading reels, and others. So you will focus on the main gameplay, understand how winning combinations are formed and winnings are paid out on them. Once you get used to the basic gameplay, you can then diversify the game and choose more complex mechanics.

If you want to play roulette, start with European or French. These are the most common options and there is no double zero, so the house edge is lower. It is better to switch to roulette versions with several wheels or two balls on one wheel, a fast spin function, and higher limits when you gain experience. And this applies to all categories of gambling titles.

Don’t risk big money while you are getting familiar with a new game. Start with small bets — this is how you save your bankroll, stay in the game longer, and understand the mechanics and rules.

Use Online Casino Game Strategies

If you play not only for fun, but also for making money, use the online casino game strategy for US users that work in a specific game. Many of them are freely available on the Internet, and we recommend you to test them in demo mode first. Effective tactics allow you to:

  • Increase your chances of winning.
  • Decide on the algorithm of actions during betting.
  • Use your bankroll wisely.

There are no universal methods. Each type of software has its own, depending on their rules.

The lack of a game strategy combined with high stakes often leads to huge losses.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

When you’re drunk your concentration is lost and your decision making leaves much to be desired, this may lead to errors and rash bets. Do not even think about drinking alcohol if you are going to play in an online casino.

Choose Reliable Banking Methods

You receive winnings to your casino account; you have to withdraw them to your bank card, e-wallet, or crypto wallet. Check the available payment systems before registering on the gambling site, there should be services that are convenient for you so that there are no problems with transactions.

In America, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Interac, PayPal, Skrill, NETELLER, as well as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies are popular. They provide fast and secure transactions.

Stop Playing When You Win

After receiving a good win, excitement wakes up, there is a great temptation to increase it. If winning online casino strategies have borne fruit, we recommend you to immediately withdraw the prize money, and leave a small percentage of the amount you received for bets. So you will avoid unnecessary expenses or a complete loss of your winnings.

Play Free Games

Almost all online casinos have demo versions of slot machines. Bets here are made with virtual chips. You receive them for free and unlimited, after losing the entire amount, reload the page with the slot and the balance will refill. There are no financial risks here, but you cannot win anything.

Demo mode is great for you if you’re a newbie who is not familiar with the mechanics and is not ready to invest real money. If you are an experienced gambler, you can test new slot machines in demo mode.

Practice button to launch the free version of the slot
How to make free bets in the slot

Manage Your Bankroll

Manage your bankroll wisely so that you do not have problems with money because of the casino. Follow some helpful tips:

  • Allocate an amount for betting and keep it separate from other funds.
  • Do not try to win back after a series of losses, do not give in to emotions, take a break.
  • Large investments do not guarantee payouts — this way you will spend money faster. It is better to distribute the amount over a large number of bets in order to stay longer in the game.
  • Do not play on credit and do not borrow money from friends, play only with your money that you allocated to gambling.

Look for online casinos that support the currency you use; this allows you to avoid fees during transactions.

Check Fees

Some gambling companies do not charge interest on deposits and withdrawals of winnings. But there are also casinos with more complex conditions that take commissions:

  • For the withdrawal of large amounts.
  • When you want to withdraw money immediately after the deposit, without betting it in slots.

In most cases, commissions are provided by payment systems. They are charged when you withdraw money.

Study Games Conditions

Before registering on the gambling site, we recommend you to study the “Terms and Conditions” section. It contains age restrictions, a list of prohibited jurisdictions, minimum and maximum limits for deposits and withdrawals, conditions for using and wagering bonuses, commissions, and more. You can evaluate the rules of a particular online casino, its honesty, and the security system.

Consider Market Competition

Hundreds of companies work in gambling industry, and all of them focus on different criteria. Some casinos offer a wide range of slot machines in the lobby; the others have a few slots, but they are from the best providers; there are also websites with generous bonuses and low wagering requirements, the ability to use cryptocurrencies for betting, etc. Choose the casino according to your preferences.

Gamble Responsibly

Gambling and testing an online casino system for US players is addictive and sometimes takes longer than planned. It is good that in recent years, honest companies have followed the principles of responsible gambling and offer you to independently set limits on the time and bet size.

The option is available in your Personal account. If it is not there, then you can contact the support service and ask the manager to set limits or even self-exclude.

However, you can play responsibly even without forced restrictions. Just follow these guidelines:

  • Bet only the amount you are not afraid to lose.
  • Spend less to play longer.
  • Fix all your winnings and losses to count the net loss or profit.
  • Do not play while intoxicated or emotional.

If you are a newbie, we recommend you to start with small bets. Even with small investments, you can receive a combination with a large multiplier and significantly increase your bankroll.

Main Online Casino Systems

There are two types of casino game strategies. They are:

  • Progressive. You have to increase bets, considering the results of the previous round.
  • Non-progressive. Place fixed bets that do not depend on previous events. They have more influence on the process of the game, and not on the increase or decrease in bets.

All of them are selected individually, based on the characteristics of the game. Here are some examples of effective strategies for popular categories of gambling titles.

Game TypeStrategyDescription
SlotsZig ZagStart with the minimum bet and change the slot after 5-10 losing spins. Strategy helps you to try out different slots and find the most generous ones.
One lineBet 1 credit per 1 line. If you lose, increase the amount; after winning, return to the initial one. The bottom line is to compensate for the costs due to the winning spin.
d'AlembertDecide how much you will increase the cost of the spin if you lose. After receiving a winning combination, gradually reduce the bet.
RouletteMartingaleDouble the amount when you lose and return to the original amount after winning. There are less aggressive versions of the technique and the opposite Anti-Martingale strategy.
ParlayAfter winning, add its amount to the bet.

Online gambling strategies and systems for poker are selected according to the starting stack — short, medium or long. In blackjack, a basic technique is often used, where the table shows the actions depending on the cards in hand.

Online Gambling Legitimacy

Gambling entertainment in the USA is notable because laws vary a little in each state. However, only those sites that have received a license from authorized commissions that regulate the gambling business are considered legal everywhere. Information about the document number, the owner, and the company that issued it should be freely available on the official website of the casino. In addition to the text, there should be a clickable validator to confirm the authenticity of the license. When you press it, you go to the page of the regulator.


With experience you will choose your strategy. When testing tactics, make minimum bets or play in a demo mode so as not to lose a lot of money.

No. They only increase the likelihood of a successful bet, allowing you to adhere to a specific algorithm of actions.

Choose slot machines with high RTP and bonus features.

You can find the RTP in the help section of the game itself. It is available in new developments; before, providers rarely reported RTP. You can also find it in reviews.

No. The random number generator determines the results of spins. Nobody can influence the outcome.

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