How to Play Slot Machines

How to Play Slot Machines

The most extensive category in almost all online casinos is slot machines; dozens of gambling studios produce slots with exciting bonus rounds, free spins, and various unique features. Nowadays, many newbies wonder how to play slots in the USA, and to answer this question, you need to learn much about betting strategies, bankroll management, types of slots, and other factors that affect the gaming process.

Rules for Playing Slots

To play slots, you need to choose a safe casino and register there; next, it is necessary to determine what slots you want to play.

Casino slot games
Casino slots with various options available

Each slot machine has a number of unique criteria and features, as well as the rules of making bets; you can get acquainted with them by using the Info section available in most slots.

Gambling Etiquette

To enjoy playing slots and not cloud your gambling experience, it is necessary to consider the gaming etiquette rules. You should adhere to them if you want to avoid disputes and make your playing slot machines more comfortable. They are rather simple: deal with casino customers and staff the way you would like them to communicate with you. You will earn a good reputation by showing respect to other gamblers and casino employees.

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Watch Your Emotions

While gambling, it is crucial to control yourself, as emotions often tend to get out of control. It is pretty common when you hit a large prize and lose control, forgetting about caution and the strategy you adhere to.

It is necessary to take a break from time to time to stay calm and rational and think soberly.

When you play slots, remember that the winning streak can end at any moment; it is essential to keep your finger on the pulse and quit in time to save your winnings.

Have Fun

If you treat gambling with a high degree of responsibility, you can get the most out of regular playing slots: first, remember this is not a source of income. Gambling is just a hobby, which can bring large sums if you are lucky enough; with this approach, it is possible to avoid tilt and rapid bankroll loss, so just try to relax and have fun.

How to Play Slot Machines Using Bankroll Management

The most rational strategy when betting on slot machines is bankroll management; its essence is rather simple. Each player can spend a certain amount on bets, and spending it in one evening is a bad idea; a wise solution is to divide your bankroll amount into several parts. For example, after making a deposit, you can divide it into 10-20 parts at once and use only one piece per day for making bets. Your daily limit will depend on how often you make a deposit and what size it usually has.

Bankroll management allows you to play slots for a long time and keep the winning chance, but it is essential to learn to stop in time and not exceed your daily betting limit. If you win a significant sum, do not change your bet size and spin value to keep your winnings.

How to Play Free Slots to Win Real Money

You need to practice as much as possible to have success while playing slots, and a demo mode is a perfect option for this purpose. Most reputable gambling studios, for example, NetEnt, Betsoft, Playtech, Woohoo, Spinomenal, Yggdrasil Gaming, and many others, produce slot machines with demo versions.

The demo version
A demo mode of the slot to practice

Many experienced gamblers use demo versions to test slot machines and improve their gaming skills, as demo mode eliminates risks and allows you to enjoy your time by playing for free. Demo mode also helps to find slot machines with the best features; you can try them in a demo, and if you think they are profitable, you can start playing for real money.

Common Slot Features

Each slot machine has several features that make it exciting and attract specific customers. One of the most important things to consider while choosing a title is the availability of special symbols and bonus rounds, as with their help, you can significantly increase your winning chances.

All symbols on the reels can be divided into special and standard; the first provides additional opportunities during the game, and the second just pays out winnings if you collect an appropriate combination.

You can use paytable to learn what symbols are available in the slot machine and what payouts are provided for different combinations.


You can find Wild symbols in many modern slot machines: they allow you to continue the combination to make it win. It can also replace any other image on the reels, except for other special symbols, for example, scatter. For this reason, we recommend choosing slot machines with wilds to increase your chances of winning.


Another common special symbol is scatter; it can perform various functions:

  • Increase a winning amount.
  • Launch a bonus round.
  • Bring free spins, and so on.

Usually, a scatter works no matter which lines it falls; the more scatters you collect on the reels, the more bonuses you can get after activating them.

Bonus Rounds

In modern slot machines, there are various bonus rounds, and usually, to activate them, you need to collect a certain number of special symbols. In this case, you get access to a bonus thematic game, and if you win, you will get a solid sum. However, this happens pretty rarely, so how to play slot machines and win more often? There is no guarantee because most modern slots use a random number generator to operate; it is responsible for outcomes that are absolutely random. We recommend getting familiar with the slot features in demo mode and choosing for real money bets only those that offer bonus rounds and special symbols.

Sticky Symbols

The advantage of sticky symbols is that they remain on the reels for the next spin. For this reason, it is enough to complete a payable combination using symbols that have not changed their position on the reels. Sticky symbols usually fall on edge reels, which allows you to keep a real chance of making a winning combination.


Multipliers allow you to increase the winning amount by several times; for example, the x2 multiplier doubles your winnings, and so on. If you play slots in the USA with multipliers, you can always increase even the smallest winnings.

Stacked Symbols

Slot machines with this option resemble games with sticky symbols; however, stacked symbols can simultaneously occupy several places on the reels.

Slot Strategies

All reliable slots use RNG to operate, so no strategies can guarantee winnings and stable income. However, you can stick to certain rules when playing specific titles; by using them, you can reduce risks and increase your winning chances.

For Progressive Slots

When you play slots with progressive jackpots, you need to remember about the loss allocation. The total prize pool is formed from all gamblers’ bets, so if the jackpot size is enormous, it means that many gamblers have already lost their funds there.

Jackpot slots
Casino lobby with progressive jackpot slots

You have two tactics to use when playing these titles: ignoring the jackpot or waiting for the moment when it is close to its maximum value. Any jackpot will be hit sooner or later, and if you know the last jackpot size, you can theoretically predict the next draw.

Playing a slot machine with a progressive jackpot is the same as making bets in a standard slot. The only difference is the amount of money you can obtain.

It is impossible to guess the exact moment when the slot machine will give out the jackpot combination; all you can do is make regular bets hoping you will be the lucky winner.

For Buy-a-Pay Slots

The possibility to activate more lines is available in many titles, and if you decide to play slot machines with this option, it is better to unlock all available lines immediately. This will give you a better chance that the next spin will bring you a win; remember, each slot pays only if the combination comes up on the active line. The only exceptions are special symbols, for example scatters, which work anywhere on the playing field, as well as slots with cluster payouts.

Multiplier Strategy

Availability of multipliers increases the possible winning amount significantly, depending on the multiplier’s value. The maximum available multiplier may vary from x5 to x1,000; check this criterion beforehand. Multipliers are available only in several slot machines, so your first goal is to find the right slots; learn descriptions carefully, and use demo mode to test the slot characteristics.

Slot Odds & Payouts

When choosing a game for real money bets, it is important to consider the house edge; as for slot machines, this is called RTP. A high percentage of return allows you to return more money spent on bets in the long run. Most classic slots have an average RTP of 96%; modern slot machines often have a 99% value. The most profitable titles in this regard are listed in the table below, but remember that payouts are not guaranteed.

ProviderSlot NameRTP
NetEntMega Joker99%
Thunderkick1429 Uncharted Seas98.5%
Relax GamingMarching Legions98.1%
NetEntBlood Suckers98%

For example, the Blood Suckers slot with the RTP of 98% returns to all players $98 of $100 spent in it; $2 is the house edge.

You can find information about RTP and other slot criteria in its description or Info section; you can also use the provider’s official website to check it.

You can calculate RTP using the simple formula RTP = (NB / NW) x 100%. NB is the number of bets you have made during the gaming session, and the NW is the winning amount you have received during this period.

Slot volatility also affects your chances of winning; low volatility means you can count on frequent but small winnings; high volatility means that payouts are rare, but their size is significant.

Pros & Cons of Slot Machines

On this website, you can find and play the slots from leading and promising providers available in demo mode. Editors constantly expand the slots catalog, so you can test any game before playing for real money.

Enormous number of plotsThe house always wins
Opportunity to buy bonuses
Demo versions are available
Most modern slots are mobile-friendly

Each slot has its characteristics; it is essential to learn them beforehand and keep in mind while playing.


Usually, classic, fruit, 3D, and progressive jackpot slot machines are available at all online casinos.

The progressive jackpot constantly increases due to each new bet, part of which goes into the prize pool, while the fixed jackpot does not change depending on the number of bets. After someone hits the fixed jackpot, it restores to the initial amount.

It is better to give preference to slot machines with the highest RTP.

Strategies are almost useless while playing licensed slot machines because they use RNG, so it is impossible to predict the following outcome. However, you can reduce risks by adhering to bankroll management principles.

Yes, because demo versions allow you to test slots, check their characteristics, and do not risk your funds.

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