How to Win at Online Casinos

How to Win at Online Casinos

The gaming industry doesn’t revolve just around excitement. The goal for many users is to win money at casinos. Which makes them search strategies that can help to get a large payout. Although the slot machines work according to complex algorithms that cannot be outwitted, the right tactics increase your chances. This article is dedicated to a simple question with a complicated answer: how to win at online casinos.

The Randomness of Winning and Distance

To beat online casinos, it is important to respect gambling rules. Players have to know how slot machines work. They rely on a random number generator. This algorithm produces unpredictable results and delivering exciting gaming experiences. Since casinos operate on RNG, they don’t have formulas that specifically adjust the numbers to increase their house edge. If after a series of unsuccessful spins, a player suddenly hits the jackpot, they start to play more, betting more and eventually, losing more.

If everyone received payouts, casinos would just lose money. Gambling websites operate like a financial pyramid: if approximately90% of users lose, 9% can receive small amounts, and only 1% might break large jackpots. This means that only a small number of visitors can win a lot of money at casinos. And even if a user receives a large payout once, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they falls into the winning 1%, and will remain lucky.

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Winnings in a casino are calculated considering the number of slots, symbols, as well as the probability that a specific combination will come up. Over the first few days, visitors often earn large sums. But the longer they play, the more likely it is for them to receive average and low results or even losses. Prize money is calculated so that in the long run, from every $100 wagered, the user receives about $95.

The RTP is important. The higher it is, the more profit the client has.

Useful Tips for Players

No one can play and constantly win money at casinos on the Internet. There is no guaranteed way to get a prize. However, it is worth considering the recommendations of experienced slot users.

Learning How the Slot Works

Making bets in a slot machine without understanding its rules is a bad idea. The more the user learns about the slot, the better. A demo mode will help with the first steps. It can be played for free and without registration, but it is still pretty decent at offering an excellent experience. Bets are not made in real money, but virtual chips. If a gambler loses, they just have to refresh the page. Demo versions help players to study the slot machine, understand which slots are more profitable, and determine the probability of combinations coming up. Then users can bet real money on online casino games.

Expected Value

New players often choose a slot machine for its design which isn’t the wisest path. Those who want to receive payouts have to evaluate the mathematical expectation and dispersion. The first is the return of the slot (RTP). It determines what percentage of the stakes can in theory be returned to the player. RTP averages from 90 to 98%.

Dispersion (volatility) indicates the size of possible deviations from the average value of winning percentages. If it’s high, the chance of receiving a payout in the slot machine is lower. With a high probability, gamblers can hit the jackpot. But it’s not recommended to rely on such chances. A low volatility slot gives small but regular winnings. It is chosen by those who aren’t ready for big risks.

Learning the Interface of Slots

The interface of slot machines doesn’t affect the success rate. To reduce losses, it’s worth studying the main buttons, the number of lines and reels, and analyzing the paytable. The possible prize money depends on the odds. Players use demo modes to study the slots and make sure that they can get an enjoyable money gaming experience in the full version.

Online slot
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Small Stakes Game

There are different tips to win at casinos for different players. Beginners are advised to start with small bets. Even if they don’t succeed, at least they won’t lose much. Gamblers have to increase the size gradually. It’s important to understand where to stop and take your winnings. After receiving a huge payout, players shouldn’t invest more than they won. It’s better to not deviate from the original scheme. Responsible gambling is very important.

Experienced visitors are advised to adhere to the rule of 10%. It doesn’t just apply to slots it’s valid for any aspect of gambling. For those who want to win it is recommended to bet up to 10% of the bankroll. After a series of successful spins, players might be tempted to increase the bet. But they have to keep in mind that playing a long shot strategy involves both ups and downs. It is better to deposit up to 10% of the initial bankroll until it doubles up or down. Then it’s recommended to invest an amount of 50% of the original bet.

Often, after a series of unsuccessful spins, users bet more and more, hoping for a large payout. But such tactics lead to the loss of the remaining bankroll. Sometimes it’s better to cut your losses or proceed with the original plan.

Criteria for Choosing a Slot Machine

To get winnings in an online casino, gamblers have to choose games from the available slots, following several criteria.

RTPThe higher the return percentage, the more profitable the slot is over a long distance.
VolatilityThe frequency and probability of winning depend on the dispersion.
JackpotIn slots with a progressive prize pool, there is a chance to get a million payout, but it’s slim.
BonusesThe slot machines have free spins, bonus rounds, etc. Additional features help increase the income.

During online gambling, players can use gifts offered on the website: welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, etc. Not everyone succeeds in fulfilling the wagering requirements. But if the bonus is provided under normal conditions, it’s worth a try.

How to Win at the Online Casino Using Strategies

For as long as the slot machines have been around, users have been trying various tactics. Some, even many of them actually work. Although tactics can’t guarantee a win, they can help reduce losses.

Doubling the Stakes

The doubling strategy is also known as the Martingale system. Originally it was intended for playing with even odds in roulette. It was later adopted for other types of gambling, including slots. The idea of the recommended strategy is doubling bets after losing. Having received the prize, the user recovers their original bet compensating for the losses.

The Martingale tactic is easy to learn and doesn’t require complicated calculations. It’s important to follow it clearly without changes. The strategy fits bets of any size. Just keep in mind that users can’t win online all the time. Sometimes their bankroll simply isn’t big enough.

There is an Anti-Martingale strategy that uses the opposite approach: the bet doubles when the user wins. The tactic helps to get the maximum profit with a successful series of spins and reduce losses during a bad luck streak.


This strategy has the player consistently increasing, and then gradually reducing their bet. The strategy resembles a pyramid scheme. But in the latter, a gambler has to reach the maximum rate, and then gradually go down. It isn’t necessary when using the umbrella. Although the effectiveness of the strategy is questionable, it helps to learn how to take risks wisely.

Zig Zag Strategy

This strategy is beloved by players who often change slot machines. Zig Zag involves a player putting minimum amounts at stake on a different number of lines. The actions have to be chaotic and the settings of the slot have to be changed constantly.

Parlay Strategy

Parlay involves a constant decrease of the bet after a loss and its increase after a successful spin. The strategy is effective if the probability of a positive outcome in the slot is around 50%. Since the number of winnings can seriously exceed the bet, in case of defeat, the user is left with their original bank. Unlike Martingale, Parlay does not have a limit. But it’s better to use the system with a large bankroll, as well as in slots with a small minimum bet.

One Bet per Day

A very simple strategy in which the player bets once a day on one slot machine with the progressive jackpot. Although the probability of disrupting is minimal, large losses are also excluded.


A popular strategy, the idea of which is to alternate small bets with large ones. It’s recommended for slots without a jackpot. Experienced users consider this tactic to be ineffective for most slot machines: there is a high risk of losing both large and small amounts invested by the client.

Smart Gambler

The participant places the minimum bet on one line. It’s recommended when a doubling round is activated during the formation of a prize combination. A player has to increase the bet until they get the maximum win. The strategy is suitable for any slots, has low risks, and is used even with a minimum bankroll.


Beating an online casino using this strategy requires solving a mathematical problem. The user has to find an equal pay slot machine. The next step is determining the number of spins between wins. Gamblers have to get prize money at least ten times. Knowing the average number of spins between wins, it’s easy to apply this strategy to a slot with a high return.

Casino roulette
Trying to predict where the ball would stop is ineffective in most cases

Roulette Betting Schemes

People can enjoy a real money gaming experience in an online casino not only in slots but also in roulette. There are strategies for this game too.

Calculation of the Trajectory of the Ball

This strategy works only in land-based casinos and requires skill. It was proposed by scientists who analyzed the movement of the ball in roulette using computer programs. The main disadvantage of this strategy is the unlikeliness of accurate prediction of the trajectory. In addition, in many casinos, bets are made before the spin starts, and aren’t allowed when the ball has almost stopped.

Martingale Method

Its idea is to raise the bet when the player loses. The strategy has different variants: simple and more complex. It’s believed that Martingale helps to recover after another loss. It’s possible to make money using this strategy, but the chances are slim. In addition, many casinos offer limits on the size of the bet, and gamblers can reach them before they win.

Common Roulette Myths

Most strategies are related to roulette. There are many myths and misconceptions about the game. The most popular of them are:

  • Using the Martingale strategy is a guarantee of winning. Fans of the system believe that it increases the chances of winning up to 50%. But roulette, like slots, works on the probability of random events. Previous bets aren’t related to future ones. It can take over 100 spins to claim a win, which makes the system too costly.
  • There are hot and cold numbers. The first are those that appear on the field more often than others, the second are those that have never came up. However, this doesn’t affect the player’s chances, because the roulette wheel isn’t able to “remember” the lucky numbers.
  • Half of the table has to be covered with bets. The 50/50 strategy is ineffective for the same reason (roulette is based on a random number generator). The player can lose money after going through the whole cycle, or receive a payout from the first spin.
  • Big prizes aren’t available in roulette. Some players believe that it’s suitable for entertainment, and not for large incomes. The gain depends on the type and size of the deposit. The one who bets on a certain number receives the largest amount. When two numbers are involved, the chances increase, but the return percentage is lower. So, everything is determined by the strategy.

It’s possible to both lose and receive a large amount in roulette. It depends on luck and the tactics used by the gambler.

Auxiliary Programs

Some users who want to win money at online casinos use additional software. It automates the process and helps to get increased profit. Gamblers can find programs designed specifically for roulette, such as Roulette Assault and Roulette Sniper.

  1. The player chooses a casino, registers, and makes a deposit.
  2. They launch the roulette wheel and make several empty spins.
  3. The program enters all the numbers that come up during the spins.
  4. The software analyzes the data and gives hints for further actions: whether to skip the spin, which sector to bet on, etc. It increases the chances of a positive outcome.

The software helps when playing roulette, but does not guarantee that the spins will always be successful. Players shouldn’t rely on it completely.

Some of these programs are not free. Before buying them, it’s important to understand whether the costs are justified.


Every player wants to know, how to win big money at casinos. Gamblers can succeed with a combination of luck and the right game tips. They shouldn’t hope that any strategies or third-party programs can guarantee the jackpot, but using them is allowed. A lot depends on proper bankroll management. It’s also important to play only in licensed casinos.


Yes. Many people get real money from slot machines. It is important to use the bank wisely and choose the right strategies.

Software developers don’t give casinos access to the mechanism codes. Casinos can’t influence the return percentage, and there are no programs for winning. If someone offers to sell such software, it is likely a scam.

Strategies work the same way on computers and mobile devices.

Yes, with the right strategy. Gamblers have to smoothly raise the balance and only then increase the bet.

Players can get prize money in any slot, but the probability depends on the technical parameters. The chance to succeed is affected by the percentage of return, dispersion, and bonuses.

This is the algorithm used by slot machines. The program determines the results of the rotations. Future spins don’t depend on the previous ones, and it is impossible to predict the outcome.

The result can only be evaluated in practice. To reduce risks, it is worth trying strategies in demo versions or at minimum rates.

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