How to Make Money Gambling

How to Make Money Gambling

Gambling is attractive for American users not only for its titles potential, but also for the prospect of winnings. That is why an increasing number of people want to know how to make money in gambling in the USA. In this article, we will look at how realistic it is to increase your bankroll by placing real money bets at casinos, and also give you important tips for more successful gambling.

Is it Possible to Make Money Gambling

Gambling activities can theoretically bring you profit. However, despite popular belief, this is not easy money, and even more so there are no guarantees that you will be lucky.

The factors that influence making money in gambling titles are:

  • Luck. It depends on it in a global sense whether you win or not. Even in games like poker, where you have to use experience and skill, luck is too important; after a string of victories, a losing streak can happen at any time, and vice versa.
  • Experience and skills. Experienced gamblers are more successful in the long run, because they have already studied the odds and return rates of different games, how to manage their bankroll properly, which bonuses to use, and so on.
  • Emotions. By continuing to play, you can end up losing both the money won and your original bankroll. The psycho-emotional state, known as tilt, negatively affects the decisions and actions of gamblers; they continue to uncontrollably spend money on games.

That is why we cannot give you any guarantees when answering the question “Is it possible to make money on gambling in the USA?”.

Tips on How to Make Money in Casino Games

And yet, there are ways you can increase the winning chances in gambling. A lot depends on your preferred games, as well as following the basic tips.


In any slot, regardless of its genre, mechanics and number of options, the potential winnings depend on luck, since the calculations are carried out by a random number generator. However, there are two characteristics that you should consider when choosing a title.

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RTP is a criterion that determines what percentage of returns a particular slot machine has over a long distance. It is believed that the closer the indicator is to 100%, the more profitable it is for you; however, remember that this is only a theoretical value, relevant given the huge number of sessions in a particular slot and considering the bets of all players. For example, if the RTP of the slot is 98.5%, this means that you can return $98.5 from every $100 spent. However, you can also win big or lose your bankroll after only a few spins.

There is also the term “house edge”, which characterizes the mathematical advantage of the casino over the player in a particular game. To determine it, it is enough to subtract the return percentage (RTP) from 100%. The higher the percentage received, the less profitable the game is for you.

The second criterion is volatility, which can be low, medium, or high and indicates how risky the game is in a particular slot. High volatility slots allow you to win larger amounts, but rarely. Slots with low volatility bring you more frequent and smaller wins, so they are often used to wager bonus funds, and are also popular among players that have a small bankroll.

Table Games

Unlike slots, table games require you to know their rules. This is the foundation without which you will not be successful. However, a lot depends on the game you choose; for example, in roulette, everything is decided by luck, and in blackjack, it is important to learn the rules of playing different hands.

Versions of Blackjack at the Wild Casino
There are 14 types of blackjack at the Wild Casino


We offer you some tips on how to earn money more likely in different games:

  • Roulette. First, remember that different types of roulette have a different number of zero sectors. In the European version, there is only one zero; in the American version, there are two, which is less beneficial for you. Secondly, it is best to bet on red/black; the winning chances of these bets are higher.
  • Black Jack. First of all, learn basic hand strategy. Secondly, it is worth keeping track of the cards played, which will simplify the adoption of further gaming decisions.
  • Baccarat. When choosing between a bet on a player and a bet on a banker, give preference to the second one: in case of a win, it will bring more funds, and the house edge is lower.
  • Craps. We recommend you to bet on more likely outcomes in craps; these are the main bets like “pass line/don’t pass line”.

Playing at any table, remember about composure and bankroll management.

Jackpot Titles

Some players believe that jackpot slots are the best and fastest way to make money and win at gambling. In fact, these slots differ from other titles only in the availability of an additional jackpot option, which gives you a chance to get a raise if luck is on your side.

Jackpots are fixed and progressive. In the first case, the amount is clearly defined; in the second, it grows with each new game until one of the players hits the jackpot.

When you play jackpot slots, there are two things you have to keep in mind. Firstly, the amount of the bet has to match the one that allows you to claim the jackpot. Secondly, the longer you play, the higher the chances of receiving an additional prize.

Using Bonuses

Gambling sites always offer bonuses; it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a regular player. Casinos want to increase the degree of loyalty to the platform and attract newbies. We suggest considering the features of popular bonuses in terms of potential profit:

Bonus TypeBenefitsDrawbacks
WelcomeAllows you to receive an impressive increase from the starting bankroll and / or free spinsYou have to wager it; often, the wagering requirements are too complicated and the allotted time is not enough
DepositAdditional money and / or free spins to a deposit, not necessarily a large oneWagering requirements can be difficult, restrictions apply
No DepositYou receive a small bankroll boost and/or free spins without investmentRare, often subject to wagering requirements to qualify for a withdrawal
ReferralYou receive rewards for referring friendsUsually you get a bonus only if the referral user performs certain actions

With the right approach to choosing and wagering bonuses, you can receive more from gambling.

Card Counting

We have already mentioned that card counting is used in blackjack to simplify decisions during the round. We add that, despite the opinion of many players, this is completely legal and really works with due care. However, card counting only makes sense in the offline version of the game or in live blackjack. In standard online blackjack, the RNG is constantly shuffling the deck, negating all card counting efforts.

Video & Real Poker

Video poker and live poker are two completely different categories of games in terms of mechanics, and both use standard poker combinations that can bring winnings.

Video poker is essentially a solo game. Neither the dealer nor other players take part, while the RTP of these slot machines is as high as possible. Your task is to collect one of the winning combinations. It seems that in this case, gambling is a good way to make money for American players; however, they have to consider a couple of details. To get started, look at the payout tables for different slot machines and choose the type of game (Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, etc.). You also need to learn when and which cards to keep at the beginning of the game in order to receive a good hand in the long run.

Video Poker at the Slots of Vegas casino
Video poker demo mode available at the Slots of Vegas casino

When it comes to live poker, it’s about playing against the dealer. If there are no other players at the table, the game will be more dynamic and betting options will be limited to folding and calling. You should learn which cards are worth playing and which are better to fold in order to lose less money.


Some crypto casinos offer you to exchange one currency for another within the platform. Players are waiting for a favorable rate and make an exchange to receive a small profit without having to open a gaming section.

Sports Betting

Like gambling, sports betting is unpredictable, because even events whose outcome seems obvious on paper can actually surprise you. Here are some tips on how to become a more successful bettor:

  • Avoid multibets. The lure of higher odds is great, but one event can ruin an entire parley.
  • Margin matters. Different platforms give different odds for the same outcomes.
  • Try Live Casino. By observing the course of an event, it will be easier for you to analyze the situation for successful forecasting.

You should also consider the statistics before the start of the event.

Easy Money Gambling Strategies

You may wonder: can you make money from gambling with easy money strategy? Yes, there are many strategies (D’Alembert, Fibonacci, Martingale and others) that are, in fact, mathematical algorithms. If you follow them steadily, you can at least minimize the risks or even increase the chances of success. However, these strategies do not give you guarantees, so it is necessary to keep emotions under control in case of failure.

Risk Management in Gambling Games

Even using the easy money strategy, you need to be aware of the risks and be able to deal with them. Here are some basic risk management tips:

  • Learn how to properly manage your bankroll. Your bankroll is the amount you have set aside for gambling. Decide what amount you are willing to allocate to the game and stick to it without succumbing to emotions.
  • Set limits on losing. Knowing how much money you are willing to lose during the day / week / month, you can stop in time in case of an unsuccessful series so as not to lose even more.
  • Determine what gambling is for you. We do not recommend positioning gambling as the main or only source of income.

Risk management allows not only to avoid unnecessary losses, but also more serious consequences, among which is gambling addiction.


You can win at a casino; however, we do not recommend relying on gambling as your sole or main source of income.

Look for titles with an RTP of 95% or more.

No. Any game of chance depends on luck to one degree or another.

You have to read the information about the license and the availability of certificates from independent auditors of gaming software. Also make sure the website has a good reputation.

Yes. You have to use no deposit bonuses. However, you are unlikely to achieve large winnings in this way; sooner or later, you will have to make a deposit.

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