Red & Black Roulette Strategies

Red & Black Roulette Strategies

No doubt, playing casino games is all about chance, and roulette is not left out. No clear-cut strategy can change the house edge or increase the winning odds. Nonetheless, some strategies can help you make wiser decisions when betting on the roulette wheel. In this guide, we’ll take you through the famed black and red roulette strategy and some tips from our experts.

Red & Black Roulette Strategies for Players

There are various strategies for red and black bets, including the Martingale strategy, the Paroli Betting System, and the Labouchere Roulette strategy. In this guide, we will stick with the Martingale because of its simplicity.

According to this strategy, a player must start with a low base bet and then double that bet when they lose. However, they must bet the same amount again if they win. So, if you start betting with $1 and you lose, you will have to bet $2. However, if you start betting with a dollar and win, you bet again with a dollar.

But what happens when you lose the first, second, third, and fourth bets, and so on? The answer is simple. You keep doubling your stake until you win. And once you win, you return to the base bet you started with (in this case, $1).

Typical Player Mistakes

It is essential to always remember that winning at the roulette table is based more on luck than any strategy or skill that any gambler may possess. While it is great to make use of strategies to improve your betting choices, there are certain mistakes you must avoid.

  • Not getting familiar with the roulette table and your betting options.

A mistake many new roulette players make is not getting familiar with the roulette table before playing for real money. You may not be able to alter the house advantage or odds, but getting familiar with the types of roulette available and understanding the different bets you can place makes a lot of difference.

Get familiar with the roulette table
Practice Roulette for free

Studying the different types of roulette and roulette bets and then practicing with free or demo games is one way to avoid this mistake.

  • Spending too much on a single bet.

This may not necessarily be a mistake, assuming you have an unlimited bankroll, which is very uncommon. When you wager large amounts at once, your chances of burning out more quickly are higher than when you place smaller bets. The way out of this is to manage your bankroll wisely.

Set a budget with limits and stick to it. Place a limit on the total amount you want to wager and stop playing when this is exhausted.

You may also set a win or loss limit. For instance, you can stop playing when you lose or win a certain amount.

  • Chasing your losses.

No one likes to make losses, but these often happen at the roulette table. Avoid the mistake of chasing your losses to avoid bankruptcy. A similar mistake is to keep betting because you’re on a winning streak. Every bet is different; you can never be sure which one you’ll win or lose. That you won once or twice consecutively does not guarantee that you will continue winning. Stop playing once you reach your betting limit. Even when you’re winning, you should leave the table immediately after you reach your betting limit.

Roulette Odds for Red & Black Strategy

Roulette odds with red and black strategy represent your chances of winning a bet. Besides becoming familiar with the types of roulette and bets you can place, knowing the different odds for each bet is important. Each bet type in roulette has different winning odds. The red and black bet is a simple bet with odds of 48.65% in European Roulette and 47.37% in American Roulette.

How to Increase Odds While Playing Roulette

There is no quick-cut way to increase your odds while playing roulette, but you can make informed decisions based on the different kinds of bets and their odds.

Betting Guide

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the different roulette bet types, their payouts, and odds.

This will help you decide where to place your chips when playing.

How to Calculate Bet Payouts

Calculating bet payouts in roulette can be a bit challenging for players. Here is a simple breakdown of the process:

  • Step #1. Count the number of squares your bet covers. For example, if you’re betting two numbers, then your bet will cover two squares.
  • Step #2. Divide the number 36 by your square number 36 / 2 = 18.
  • Step #3. Subtract 1 from your answer in Step 2 to get your payout rate. 18 – 1 = 17.

Your payout for the two-number bet is 17:1. This means that if your bet was $10, then your payout, if you win, will be $170.

Roulette Bet TypePayout
Single number35:1
Two numbers17:1
Three numbers11:1
Four numbers8:1
Five numbers6:1
Six numbers5:1
Column / Dozen2:1
Even bets1:1

Odds for Outside & Inside Bets

Just like payouts, the odds are significant to note too. Here is a table showing the odds for outside and inside bets in European and American roulette.

Roulette bet TypesAmerican Roulette OddsEuropean Roulette Odds
Outside BetsRed or Black47.37%48.65%
Odd or even47.37%48.65%
High or Low47.37%48.65%
Inside BetsStraight bet2.6%2.7%
Split bet5.3%5.4%
Street Bet7.9%8.1%
Corner bet10.5%10.8%
Basket bet13.2%N/A
Double street bet15.8%16.2%

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Yes. While no strategy guarantees a win, it is still possible to win using these tactics.

You need a computer or handheld device with a web browser and an internet connection. You can also play online roulette on your mobile device by downloading mobile roulette casino apps on your device.

The Martingale Strategy is the most commonly used in roulette.

Due to the high house edge in American Roulette, it is better to choose European Roulette.

Odds in roulette are the chances of winning a bet at the roulette table.

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