Money Management for Casino Gambling

Money Management for Casino Gambling

You can’t always win at slot machines; gambling sites remain in the black in the long run. However, this does not mean you always lose all of your bankroll. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced gambler, you can use gambling money management for a casino in the USA to receive more profit. Financial strategies allow you to minimize the risks of large losses. In this article, you will read about proper bankroll management and correct bets calculation.

What Is Money Management & Why It Is Important

You may receive adrenaline and gambling sensations from large bets; however, this playing style will quickly drain your bankroll if you don’t have a plan. The results in slot machines depend on luck due to the random number generator. The only thing you can influence is the reasonable betting using a bankroll management.

You have to decide on the amount that you are willing to spend on gambling during a certain time period. Treat spending money in slot machines the same way you treat household expenses like groceries, utilities, and other needs. Make a bankroll considering expenses and set maximum loss limits.

If you have, for example, $500 for gambling, it is foolish to spend the entire amount at once in one day, or even worse, in one game. It is necessary to bet only the amount that you are ready to lose; it should not hit your pocket.

Tips for Casino Money Management

The bankroll management rules are simple and understandable in theory, but few people apply them in practice. If you spend money on gambling randomly, you will not be able to control your expenses and profits. To prevent this, follow the tips below.

Have a Bankroll & Know Your Limits

Never take money from the general bankroll; form a separate one and stick to its amount. Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose; in gambling, most sessions are losing, so you can’t bet all the money.

Set betting limits per day, week, and month. Spend no more than 5-10% of the total amount, and allocate a bankroll that is enough for 80-100 spins in slots.

The size of the bankroll should be enough for a downswing; this will allow you to wait for the winning session and offset some of the costs. And if you make a successful bet and receive a win with a high coefficient, then you will not only cover your losses, but also bring you some profit.

Track Results

Gambling is addictive, so much that you can lose count of losses. Write down all your bets and their results on paper, in Excel, or in a special app; the main thing for you is to keep track. You will clearly see when it is time to take a break and, if necessary, change the strategy for casino money management. It will also help you evaluate which games are the most profitable for you and which ones are unsuccessful.

Fixing the history of bets shows how much you have lost and won during a specific time period. The advice is simple, but few people actually record the results. For your convenience, some online casinos provide a tab with the history of transactions and bets in your Personal account so that you can track your expenses.

History of money transactions by dates on the online casino site
To view deposits and withdrawals, go to your Personal account and press the Transactions button

Avoid Wager

If you have a series of defeats, it is better to take a break. In any case do not try to win back your losses, otherwise it may lead to even greater expenses. Strictly follow your maximum loss limit; after reaching it, you have to exit the online casino.

If you are an inexperienced player, you may have borrowed money and try to quickly compensate for the losses after draining the entire bankroll. It would be wiser to stop, relax mentally, and move away from negative emotions. Return to betting only after you accumulate a bankroll with your own money, not borrowed funds.

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Keep Calm

Do not give in to emotions, because you may make false decisions and rash bets under them. Stay calm, enjoy the process, follow your financial strategy, and think rationally.

Withdraw Winnings

The key success of playing in an online casino is the ability to leave on time, especially when a win comes. If you received prize money, we recommend withdrawing most of the amount immediately and not trying to increase it. This is especially true when your winnings have increased your initial bankroll. You can leave a small percentage on the game account for further bets.

How to Calculate Bets

We recommend investing units, not dollars, when you place bets in slots and other gambling titles. This is how you do it:

  • Divide your gaming bankroll by 100.
  • For $1,000, one unit is $10.
  • Next, place bets in units.

Professionals recommend investing exactly one unit of the total bankroll for each bet. You will understand how much you need to pay, based on your bankroll size. This recommendation is especially useful for you if you are a newbie; it allows you to stretch your game for 100 bets. During this time, you can learn the rules of card and table games and the slots mechanics.

The advantage of this technique is that it allows you to calculate profit and loss in units. This way, you can compare your progress with different bankrolls.

You can make $1,000; sounds like a lot, but if your initial bankroll was $20,000, it’s not that big of a profit. The $100 prize pool may look modest; however, if your initial bankroll was $500, the income is much higher in units.

Casino Gambling Strategies for Money Management

If you are a newbie, you may not have a plan when visiting gambling sites. Money management gambling strategies at casinos play one of the key roles, as they help to save your bankroll for a long game.

Choose games with a low house edgeSlot machines are popular because there is no need to learn the rules; however, it’s not easy to win in them either; you can’t influence the results in any way. The slots disadvantage is that the house edge is 5-10%, while the game is fast; you can make about 600 spins per hour. There is a risk of quickly draining your bankroll.

It is better to choose table games, where the winning probability depends on your decisions to some extent. In blackjack, the house edge does not exceed 1%. You can also play baccarat and bet on the Banker; in this case, the house edge is about 1.04%. And you don’t have to spend large sums to play them; the minimum limit is only $5 at many tables.

Play at a comfortable paceDon’t rush to play. Gambling is just entertainment that you pay for. Enjoy the process, do not rush things, wanting to increase your bankroll as quickly as possible. In slots, we recommend spinning the reels on your own, without using the Auto function.

Table games give you less time to think. It is unlikely that you can ask the dealer to deal cards more slowly, but there is a way out; choose tables with a large number of participants. You will have enough time to think about your actions.

Divide your bankroll into small unitsIf gambling is new for you, your main goal is to stay in the game for as long as possible. Start with small bets, break up the total amount by day or even hourly.
Set limitsThis applies to losses and to winnings. The limits will not let you stay in the game for too long. Limits on losses should correspond to the amount that you do not mind losing. And the winning size should be comfortable for you, but not sky-high.

Tricks For Huge Low-Risk Wins

Every game with a dealer has a house edge; you will not be able to level it, but you can reduce the risks of losing funds and receive a solid win. These games allow you to make beneficial actions and use your bankroll wisely:

  • Zigzag. You play in one slot and change the game after 10 losses. You will quickly find “hot” slot machines with good returns.
  • Umbrella. Determine the betting schedule and strictly adhere to it; for example, it can be 1-1-2-2-3-2-2-1-1. The strategy is to gradually increase the amount and then decrease it again. Adjust the schedule depending on your play style.
  • d’Alembert method. This is relevant for roulette and slot machines. Determine the bet amount and increase it on every spin until you win. After a winning spin, gradually decrease the bet size.
  • One line play. Bet money on one active line. If you lose, increase the amount; after a winning combination, return it to the initial size. This method allows you to offset the costs.

Competent casino money management for USA players will allow them not to go into the red in the long run. With it, they can track their results and adjust further bets.


You can do it in slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, baccarat, and craps.

You may get lucky one or more times, but it will not give the desired effect in the long run; you will drain your bankroll.

Finish the game if you have reached your limit, and rest at least 1-2 days; do not try to win back immediately.

In blackjack, it is only 0.5% when you use the basic strategy. It is also beneficial to bet on a Banker in baccarat or on equal chances in European and French roulette versions.

It is better to choose slots with an RTP of 96% or higher.

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