Best Casino Game Odds To Win Money

Best Casino Game Odds To Win Money

Gambling sites offer thousands of games divided into several main categories. They differ in rules and chances of winning. For example, in cards and roulettes, you can receive a payment quickly, but in slots and lotteries, this is a complicated task. Let’s look at the best casino game odds, their technical parameters, basic rules, and features.

Understanding Casino Game Odds

When visiting gambling sites, customers want to have fun and receive real money. However, relying on luck is not enough. Gamblers have to know what casino games have the best odds and choose them for making real money bets. This allows them to receive the maximum profit.

An odd is a probability of receiving payments. If the odds are high, you are more likely to increase your bankroll and even leave the casino with a big jackpot. Therefore, experienced gamblers always pay attention to this parameter. You can find it in the game characteristics. It is reflected opposite the RTP indicator and is always less than 100%. This means that the chances of customers and casinos are not equal. Casinos always gain profit.

What Casino Games Have The Best Odds

You can always increase your chances of receiving real money. To do this, you have to choose games where the house edge is minimal. Their list and main features are listed below.


This is a card game with the best odds in a casino. For each $1 bet, a gambler loses 0.5-1%. The parameter depends on the version and the selected table. Thus, the chances of winning are about 49% against 51% of a casino. You can raise them with the help of skills and strategies.

There are special charts with tips on moves for beginners in blackjack. Recommended actions are mathematically justified and allow you to receive profit in the long run.

An additional plus is the simplicity of the rules. Blackjack is the easiest card game. A casino customer has to collect more points than the dealer, but not more than 21. To do this, they can take more cards, split, etc.

BlackJack VIP
Red Rake
BlackJack VIP

Standard payout ratios are applied at the blackjack tables. In case of success, a winner receives a payout of 1 to 1. When receiving a blackjack combination, the prize is 3 to 2.


This dice game is not very popular in online casinos due to its complicated rules. However, mastering them can be of use, as the odds of winning for some types of bets are close to 50%. We are talking about those placed on the Don’t Pass, Come, and Don’t Come sectors. They are paid at 1 to 1 odds. In craps, you can receive higher payouts for other types of bets, but they have lower chances of winning.

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This is another card game with simple rules. There are different versions at casinos: Mini, Baccarat Banque, Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, etc.

A gambler has to guess the result of the distribution. It can be a tie, a dealer’s success, or a player’s victory. There are boxes on the table for each of these outcomes with appropriate names.

A traditional version of the game
Classic baccarat

The odds of winning depend on the bet type you choose.

BoxHouse edgePayout ratio

It is most profitable to bet on dealer’s success. But if you win, a casino withholds a commission of 5% from the payout amount.


Poker is included in the list of casino games with the best odds. There are many versions of this popular game. Because of this, an RTP indicator isn’t fixed and varies from 97 to 99.7%. This means that the house edge can be as low as 0.3%. Players can raise their chances of winning using skills and various tactics.

The list of the most profitable types of poker includes the following versions.

NameFeaturesHouse edge
Oasis Poker PROYou can exchange any number of cards or buy a round.99.70%
Texas Hold'emYou can only bet on one box. The initial bet is non-refundable. It is possible to raise and fold.98.75%
Trey PokerThere is a field for a voluntary bet. Three cards are dealt. Only one box is played.97.90%
Casino Hold’emThe dealer plays with a hand higher than two fours. There is a field for a bonus bet. Flop is dealt.97.84%

The amount of winnings in poker depends on the version and the combinations received. Therefore, before placing bets, it is recommended to check the paytable and learn the odds.

Sic Bo

This is another dice game that uses three dice. They are thrown by the dealer after players have placed their bets. Gamblers have 7 sectors on the gaming table. Each provides its house edge percentage — from 2.78 to 47.2%. The riskiest bets are paid at the highest odds — 180:1. These include Specific Triple, Any Triple, and bets on a specific number. However, a customer is more likely to win when they bet on Big and Small. This is the most profitable bet, but it is paid at the standard odds — 1:1.


This is the oldest casino table game. The playing field includes more than 10 sectors for placing bets. The house edge depends on a version. For European roulette, it looks like this.

Bet typeHouse edgePayout ratio
One number2.70%35:1
Line of a six16.22%5:1
Columns or dozens32.43%2:1
Over or under48.65%1:1
Red or black48.65%1:1
Even or odd48.65%1:1

In French roulette, the house edge is reduced to 1.35% when betting on equal chances. This is the lowest rate for all roulette versions. It is achieved thanks to two special rules:

  • La Partage. When Zero comes up, a player receives half of the bet amount placed on equal chances.
  • En Prison. If the ball stops in the Zero sector, bets on equal chances are held till the next round.
The wheel and the game table
French roulette

In American roulette, the house edge is 5.26%. This is because the wheel includes 38 sectors, and two of them are Zero and Double Zero. They reduce customers’ chances of winning. Therefore, this roulette version can’t be recommended for betting on money.

It’s better to use mathematical strategies to increase your chances. These include Martingale, Parlay, D’Alembert, Biarritz, and Cuban.

Casino Games with the Worst Odds

There are several more categories. They include games with the worst chances of receiving payouts. However, this does not mean you can’t hit a big jackpot playing them. In these games, it all depends on luck.

Slot Machines

Slots are popular, even though they are not included in the list of the best games to win money at the casino. This is because of simple rules, the availability of various plots, prize options, and bonus rounds. To receive payouts, you have to collect combinations of the same symbols.

The payout percentage of slot machines varies from 90 to 99%. The average parameter is 95-96%. Thus, when playing slots, the approximate house edge is 4-5%, which is quite a lot compared to other casino games. However, high payout ratios can compensate for this disadvantage. Multipliers can reach x10,000. Due to this, you can hit a big jackpot even with small bets.

Some slots offer progressive jackpots. They can reach seven-figure amounts, which allows you to receive a multi-million U.S. Dollar prize in just one successful spin.

It is essential to study slot technical parameters. Choose slot machines with an RTP of at least 96%, but in this case, the higher, the better. These include:

Mega Joker99%NetEnt
Blood Suckers98.00%NetEnt
Golden Tour97.71%Playtech
Big Bad Wolf97.35%Quickspin

Wheel Games

This is a separate category of casino games. A player has to spin the Wheel of Fortune with sectors. They provide specific payout multipliers or fixed amounts, for example, from $1 to $100. Chances of winning vary from 24 to 39%.

Live casino
The Wheel of Fortune in an online casino with a live dealer


This game is a type of lottery. Players have to guess which numbers come up in the next draw. Playing more matches may bring larger payouts.

However, it is complicated to guess right. Because of this, the house edge in keno is very high. It is about 16% in offline venues, and it reaches 30% in online casinos.


Blackjack, roulette, and classic slot machines with a 97% RTP.

You have to carefully study all nuances and play in demo mode.

No. They only reduce the house edge but don’t provide a guarantee of receiving payments.

You have to open the section with the game description or go to the developer's website.

Yes, with a no deposit bonus. You can receive it at casinos from our rating.

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