How to Make Money from Online Casino Bonuses

How to Make Money from Online Casino Bonuses

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a regular customer; online casinos offer you various bonuses and promotions to attract you or to maintain your interest. These bonuses can help you receive larger payouts and stay in the black as a result; at the same time, it is important to understand exactly how a particular bonus works, what its terms and conditions are, and how you can and cannot use the benefits you received on a gambling site. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to make money from online casino bonuses in the USA.

What Are Casino Bonuses

Bonus is a special offer of a gambling site which usually is a part of the marketing program; the main goal of these promotions is to attract you and give you motivation for active gambling. The online casino can offer you funds, free spins in slot machines, return of the part of the money you lost on bets, and other benefits; however, there are also several restrictions on the use of these bonuses so that you do not abuse them.

Each bonus offer has its own activation and use conditions, as well as wagering requirements.

For an online casino, a bonus is an effective way to increase the number of its customers. For you, this is an opportunity to reduce your risks, minimize your investments, or receive more winnings. However, you can only reap these benefits if you pick a really good bonus offer.

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How Do Online Bonuses Work

The principle of bonus operation is as simple as possible, although the details may differ in two separate cases. However, the general algorithms remain the same:

  • You choose one of the promotions available on a particular gambling site and fulfill its activation conditions.
  • The casino credits you with money, free spins, or other benefits in accordance with the bonus description.
  • You fulfill the wagering requirements within a certain period, after which you can use the received money for further betting or withdraw it to your bank card or e-wallet.

Wagering requires active gambling — this is how the casino expects to turn you from a newbie to an active regular customer. If you fail to meet the wagering requirements, the casino removes all money from your bonus bankroll.

Detailed Explanation of How to Make Money From Online Casino Bonuses

You have a long way to go and a lot of actions to do to win money thanks to the bonus offers. Below, we’ll take a closer look at more than a dozen actions; some of them are mandatory, while others are just recommended.

Register at a Casino

The first thing you will need to do at the online casino is create an account. This is a mandatory requirement; without it, you will not be able to activate the bonus and launch any game for real money. In most states, you must be at least 18 years old to register at an online casino; however, in some states (for example, New York), the age limit is 21.

Registration with a casino bonus
The Sign Up button is almost always available in the upper right corner of the casino official website

Before creating an account, make sure that the bonus you are interested in does not require entering a promo code during registration. If needed, enter a promo code in the appropriate field.

Make a Deposit

Most promotional offers require you to make a deposit in order to activate them; the only exception is a no deposit bonus which you can receive for registration; to obtain it, it is enough to create an account, fill out a profile, and pass the verification procedure.

Most bonuses have a minimum deposit requirement.

To make a deposit, you have to go to the Cashier; log in, go to this section, select a payment system, specify the deposit amount and payment details, and confirm the transaction.

Bets & Risks

After you make a deposit and activate the bonus, you can start fulfilling the wagering requirements. If the promotion rules allow you to choose slot machines in which you can bet, give preference to less risky ones. This way, you can keep the bankroll at the same level longer and make a larger turnover of bets as a result.

Volatility is responsible for the risk level in slot machines; it determines how large the spread in the payouts frequency and size will be; the lower the volatility, the more often you will receive prize money on average.

Earnings on Cashback

Many experienced gamblers manage to make money from online casino bonuses thanks to the regular cashback; this promotion allows you to return part of the funds you lost on bets back to your bankroll following one of the 2 schemes:

  • Compensation for a certain percentage of losses; if you lost more than you won during the previous day, week, or month, the casino returns part of this amount to you.
  • Percentage calculation of the total turnover of bets; in this case, you do not have to lose to receive cashback, as it is calculated based on the total amount of your investments over a certain period of time.

Often, you do not have to wager cashback; that is, you can spend it on bets or withdraw it immediately. However, sometimes there is a wagering requirement, as with other bonuses. The first option is, of course, more attractive.

Learn the Conditions

Every bonus has its individual conditions that you definitely have to study before you participate in a particular promotion. You should clearly understand what requirements are placed on you and what you need to do to withdraw the money you received; we can divide all these conditions into three categories.

Activation requirementsThese are the actions you need to do to activate the bonus: registration, verification, indication of a promo code, deposit, making a certain turnover of bets, and progress through the levels of the VIP loyalty program.
Wagering requirementsThese are the actions you need to do to unlock the possibility of the bonus funds withdrawal through the Cashier section. Usually, you need to make a certain turnover of bets in accordance with the wagering coefficient within the allotted time.
Withdrawal conditionsThese are the possibility to withdraw money, the available payment systems, and what amount you can cash out; often, there is a withdrawal limit.

If you make a mistake that leads to the bonus cancellation due to ignorance of the rules, for example, if you request a withdrawal of funds before wagering, then the casino removes the money from your bankroll.

Use Strategies

Some strategies can help you meet wagering requirements faster, but don’t count on guaranteed success. None of the strategies can give you the desired result with a 100% probability. The use of strategies is a factor that makes the game more interesting and creates additional excitement, but it cannot affect the results significantly.

Play Games & Have Fun

Do not forget that gambling is primarily entertainment, and you should enjoy it; do not risk money that you are not ready to lose, and stop playing if you feel an influx of negative emotions.

If necessary, the support team can apply tighter deposit limits to your account so that you do not lose more money than you can afford.

Adhere to the principles of responsible gambling and do not try to turn casino betting into a source of income. Even the most profitable bonuses will not be able to turn gambling into a stable way to generate income.

Check the Expected Bonus Value

Each bonus has two characteristics that show its size. The first is the percentage; it reflects what part of the deposit you receive additionally. The second is the minimum and maximum amount. Find out both of these criteria and compare them with the planned deposit to determine the total bonus size.

Discover Casino Advantages

Thanks to the active gambling development, dozens of legal online casinos are available to you, and each of them offers you unique conditions. In some casinos, there are more payment systems available; another gambling site has larger bonuses, while others can offer you an extensive catalog of slot machines. To make money from casino bonuses, you need to understand what are the benefits of a particular gambling site; then you can use bonuses to increase your profits.

Return of Damages

If possible, choose an online casino with a cashback so that you have the opportunity to compensate for part of the lost funds. This bonus may seem insignificant in the short term; however, it allows you to return quite large amounts if you regularly play at the casino.

Explore RTP & House Edge

In order for the casino to make a profit regardless of the individual customer results, all gambling games provide for its small mathematical advantage:

  • RTP. This is the theoretical return of funds in slot machines, which shows how much money (as a percentage of the total investment) players receive in the form of payouts in the long run, as a result of millions of spins.
  • House Edge. This is the casino mathematical advantage in table games, which is realized due to the rules of a particular game. For example, the zero sector provides the house edge in roulette.

You should try to choose slot machines with the highest RTP and other games with a small house edge; this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Withdrawals of Winnings

You can withdraw winnings and wagered bonus money through the Cashier section. To do this, go to this section, select the Withdrawal tab, specify the payment system, amount, and details, and then confirm the transaction.

You cannot withdraw money before wagering the bonus; this will invalidate the bonus.

The transaction processing will take some time; on average, it lasts from several hours to several days. If possible, withdraw money through payment systems that do not charge commission.

Where to Find & Claim the Best Casino Bonus Offers

Now that you know what bonuses are and how they work, it’s time to find the right offer. This can be even more difficult than dealing with the particular bonus terms. To save time and not evaluate promotions on each site separately, you can use the ratings compiled by editors. Through the site menu, you can select the bonus section and the appropriate category.

Tips on How to Use & Profit from Casino Bonuses

Activating a bonus does not yet guarantee that you will be able to benefit from it. Even after you wager the bonus, there may not be any funds left or few of them. A lot depends on luck; however, you can also influence the final result if you follow a few recommendations.

Bonus Offer Percentage

This is the case when more does not always mean better, since the higher the bonus percentage and the larger the amount you receive, the more difficult it will be to fulfill the wagering requirements.

The best option is 100%; you should choose larger bonuses only if you can afford to make a few more re-deposits to meet the wagering requirement.

Game Contribution

Wagering progress is counted differently in various gambling categories; for example, slot machines always consider 100% of the bet turnover; however, progress can be slow or completely absent in table games, lotteries, and live dealer games. Therefore, the bets that you make in them will not be able to bring you significantly closer to fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Game Is Not Only for Bonuses

Try to enjoy the game, because it will be very difficult for you to make money from casino bonuses in the USA, if you do not like the gameplay itself. Find the game that excites you.

Low Variance Slots

The lower the volatility of the slot machine, the better, since games with a low risk level allow you to receive regular payouts. Protracted series of failures rarely happen in them, so you can keep the bankroll at the same level for a long time and increase the turnover of bets without losing a lot of money. The logic here is simple: you play longer, make more bets, and fulfill the wagering requirements faster.

Do Not Abuse Bonus Features

Although the bonus features of the slot machine have the greatest payout potential, it may take more than one hundred spins to activate these mechanics. Therefore, if you fail to collect the required number of scatter symbols for a long time and the slot rarely gives you winnings, it is better to quit it.

Slots with bonuses
You can buy a series of free spins in some slots, but it is too risky if you have a small bankroll

Do not count only on bonus features; you absolutely can meet the wagering requirements only in regular spins.

Best Bonus Types to Make Money

There are dozens of bonus types, and each of them has its own unique features and differences from other promotions. A casino can offer you one bonus offer or a lot of them, so it is important to understand what each individual promotion type is. Below we will list the most popular bonus types.

Welcome Rewards

These are promotions available to you if you have recently registered and have not yet made a deposit. If the deposit you make at the casino is the first one, you can receive extra money and free spins when you activate this bonus.

The welcome bonus is for you if you are a newbie; you can only activate it once; at the same time, it can apply to the first or several first deposits.

A welcome bonus is the main promotional offer of any gambling site, and it usually offers the most favorable and generous conditions.

Free Spins

As a rule, when you spin the slot reels, the amount of money which is equal to the bet size is deducted from your bankroll. However, if you receive free spins, you can place a certain number of bets for free. The online casino pays for the cost of the spins, so even if you lose, you do not lose your own funds.

After using the bonus, you have to wager the received amount of winnings according to the promotional terms.

Deposit Offers

These are regular bonus offers that can be extended to the second, third, fifth, and other deposits. They are no different from the welcome bonus, but their size is usually smaller. There are also no requirements for the first deposit, but additional conditions may include a deposit through a certain payment system or a promo code activation.

No Deposit Bonuses

This is the most attractive bonus type, because the bonus activation does not require spending any money. You receive additional funds for registration, verification, downloading a mobile app, or progressing through levels in the VIP loyalty program, but you do not need to make a deposit.


These bonuses occupy an important place in the instructions on how profit from casino bonuses, since they usually have no restrictions on the number of activations. You can take part in the promotion many times, and all that you have to do is to make a deposit; this deposit can be tied to a specific day of the week or a date.

Crypto Offers

Cryptocurrencies are becoming a more and more popular payment method every year, as they allow you to transfer money quickly and without commissions. Casinos offer bonuses that apply only to cryptocurrencies to attract you if you are an owner of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.

Cryptocurrency bonuses at online casinos
Some bonuses require you to make a deposit in cryptocurrency to obtain them

Some gambling sites are completely dedicated to cryptocurrencies, and absolutely all their bonuses are calculated in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc.

Daily Prizes

You can also receive bonuses for regular activity on the gambling site: for logging in, making a certain turnover of bets, making a deposit, receiving payments in certain slot machines, and other actions. The list of tasks changes every day, which allows you to receive additional benefits and to try a large number of games of chance.


To make money from casino bonuses, you have to activate them one by one. Simultaneous participation in promotions is usually not possible, unless otherwise stated in the bonus terms.

There are several options: you have to enter it when registering an account, at the Cashier before making a deposit, or in the Personal account settings.

If you see that you cannot meet the wagering requirement or you do not need a bonus, you can cancel it in your Personal account settings or through the support.

No. You have to meet all wagering requirements before you can use the bonus money; after this, you can then withdraw any amount.

The bonus program conditions for portable devices are the same as for desktop ones. Additionally, you may even be rewarded for downloading and installing a separate mobile app.

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