How to Beat a Roulette Table

How to Beat a Roulette Table

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games that attract players with its simple rules and the theoretical possibility of applying different strategies to increase the chances of winning. The theory of probability is the basis for this game, and since the wheel is divided into several tens of sectors, each number has a certain chance of coming up at the moment. Therefore, this means that you can calculate the probability of winning almost any bet.

There is no exact answer to how to beat a roulette table, but let’s take a look at some features of this game and popular strategies.

Detailed Guide on How to Beat a Casino Roulette Table

To apply any strategies and count on increasing your winning chances, you need to understand the game rules in detail. Even if you think you know them, it’s a good idea to look through them again before playing, as many providers change the basic roulette rules, add new outcomes, adjust payout odds, and introduce additional mechanics, for example, random multipliers. Since most strategies are designed precisely for the classic game versions, it is better to avoid modified roulette versions.

Any extra rule changes the underlying probabilities and theoretical payoff percentage, which can make the strategy perform much worse.

You should also consider how the game is played; it is either a slot or a live version with a live dealer. The experience of many players shows that strategies work better in the second case; although in slot machines, a random number generator determines results, we cannot call them completely random since RTP influences outcomes. As for live mode, a live dealer spins the wheel, and everything depends only on the mathematical rules.

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How to Choose a Roulette Wheel to Win

Since the emergence of this game of luck, many versions have appeared, but when people talk about classic versions, they usually mean European, French, and American roulettes. They differ slightly from each other, but this difference greatly impacts game results in the long run.

Roulette VersionNumber of SectorsHouse EdgeFeatures
European372.7%This game version appeared first; it has a playing field with 37 numbers: one zero and numbers from 1 to 36. In addition to the usual bets, there are call bets, thanks to which you can bet on unique combinations of numbers.
French371.35-2.7%This version is analogous to European roulette, with the additional La Partage and En Prison rules. If you bet on equal odds, and zero comes up, these rules allow you to return half of the bet or save it for the next round, respectively.
American385.24%To make it harder to beat a roulette table in the USA, the developers of this version added a second Zero sector called Double Zero to the wheel. It allows you to make several unique bets available only in the American version of the game, but the house edge almost doubles.

The most common for online casinos are American and European game versions; French roulette is often missing, as it brings gambling sites less profit.

American roulette
There are two Zero sectors in American roulette, so the house edge is relatively high

In simple terms, you have more chances to get a payout in European roulette; within a few bets the difference between a 2.7 and 5.24% house edge may be unnoticeable, but in the long run, it is palpable. That’s why the in-house editors recommend choosing European roulette, and the French version will be even better if available.

Roulette Betting Tactics & Best Strategies

Any strategy to beat a roulette table is based on changing the bet size; by reducing or increasing the number of chips and combining different outcomes, you can achieve the optimal ratio of risk and potential benefits. All these systems can be divided into progressive and non-progressive, depending on the conditions of changing bet amounts.

Progressive Betting

These strategies are riskier since they involve a sharp increase in the bet size if specific conditions are met. Considering the dispersion, you need a large bankroll if you want to use these strategies. Among the popular systems are the following:

  • Martingale. You bet on equal odds; if you lose, you double the initial bet size until you get the payout.
  • Reverse Martingale. A similar strategy, but you double your bet in the case of winning, and if you lose, you need to return to the initial amount.
  • d’Alamber. Before joining the table, you determine the step of increasing or decreasing the bet, for example, $1. If you lose, you need to increase your bet by one piece; if you win, you should decrease it.
  • Laboucher. First, you need to determine how much you want to win after your gaming session is over: for example, it is $20. Divide it into several parts, for example, 2-3-3-2-5-3-1-1. Then make a bet on the sum of the two edge numbers: 2 + 1 = 3; if it wins, remove these numbers, and the chain takes the form of 3-3-2-5-3-1. If it loses, add the bet size (3) to the right side (2-3-3-2-5-3-1-1-3); continue the game until you remove all numbers from the chain.

Progressive strategies allow you to quickly get relatively large winnings, but their common disadvantage is high risk.

Non-Progressive Roulette Betting

These strategies do not consider the results of previous wheel rotations, and it is not necessary to sharply decrease or increase the bet size, so they are perfect for long gaming sessions.

Non-progressive roulette strategies are suitable for those who dislike taking risks or have a small bankroll.

For example, one of the most popular betting systems is the James Bond strategy. Many gamblers claim James Bond himself created it; others say it was the writer Ian Fleming. Anyway, the strategy holds the name of a famous spy, and its essence is rather simple: you need to bet on most of the available numbers. For example, $1 on zero, $5 on a line of 13 to 18, and another $14 on a dozen from 19 to 36. That way, most of the time, you will win, but you need to understand that it will take several wins in a row to win back after only one unsuccessful bet.

Criteria to Assess When Choosing a Roulette Strategy

The existence of a large number of strategies opens up a wide range of choices for players, but you need to consider several important factors before you put one of them into practice.

Bet Size Limits

These are restrictions set on the maximum bet size of the strategy or in terms of a specific game; this criterion is especially important when applying progressive methods. You can reach this limit before you get the desired result, and at some point, it will be impossible to double the bet to compensate for the previous losses.

Roulette bets
Any roulette table has betting size limits

Limits are also important in terms of bankroll management; if you have little money, you should use a less risky and aggressive strategy.

Roulette Version

Give preference to betting systems designed for the European or French game versions, as in American roulette, the house edge is much higher, and it is more difficult to achieve a profitable result in the long run.

Choice of Available Bets

Check specific outcomes you can choose beforehand; the safest are equal odds bets, as they allow you to win about 50% of cases; moreover, strategies based on them are the easiest to learn.

Can Strategies Help to Beat Roulette

Many newbies who are just getting acquainted with the gambling world want to know how to beat the casino roulette table anywhere and are looking for perfect strategies. However, keep in mind that no existing betting methods can guarantee a successful outcome.

The primary purpose of strategies is to increase the chances of success in the short or long run.

Any casino bet is risky, so the editors do not recommend playing with money, the loss of which could get you into trouble.

Stories of Those Who Have Found How to Beat Roulette

Joseph Jagger is one of the most famous names when it comes to professional roulette players. He was an English businessman who came to an obvious but fundamental conclusion while spending time at his textile factory. Joseph noticed that all the spinning wheels in his workshops had a slight deviation and suggested that it might be in the roulette wheel as well. Within a month, he tested this theory at the Monte Carlo casino; Jagger visited this venue every day and identified the numbers that came up most often.

Joseph Jagger
Jagger suggested that the roulette wheel could not be in a perfect balance

Using his findings, Jagger won more than 2 million francs in a few days; it was a fortune at the time. Later, casinos began installing movable partitions on the tables to prevent this method.


Yes. Their use is not mandatory, and it is possible to win even with random bets.

The maximum payout in the classic roulette versions is 35 to 1; you can get it for a correct guess of one number.

No. None of the betting techniques described in the article are banned in land-based or online casinos.

This is an outcome that gives a winning probability of about 50%: red or black, even or odd, and more or less.

There are no restrictions on the number of simultaneous bets; theoretically, you can choose all the outcomes at once.

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