How to Be Good at Gambling

How to Be Good at Gambling

Professional gamblers differ from amateurs in many ways: they can make smart decisions, change their strategy depending on the situation, manage their bankroll, and avoid unreasonable risks. It is time to check the basic recommendations on how to be good at gambling and win more often.

How to Get Better at Gambling Games

Gambling tips can increase your winnings while playing online casino games, but they do not guarantee profit. Remember that casino games are all about luck, and usually, results depend only on the random number generator work. In this case, the main thing is to bet wisely, but there are also card games where your decisions can affect your game; several methods can help you grab some profit.

Game Skill Improvement

The more often you play, the more experience and skills you gain, but keep in mind that this is possible only if you follow certain tactics. If you are a newbie and your bankroll is not very big, you can practice in demo mode, so you do not have to spend your money; there are several more recommendations to improve your skills.

Focus on one gameDo not spread yourself between different games; choose one and learn all its aspects and rules. This way can help you concentrate all your attention.
Develop your betting systemAfter selecting a game suitable for you, you can experiment with various strategies. This can be making small bets, choosing bets with equal odds, stopping playing after winning or losing a certain amount, and so on. For games such as baccarat, roulette, and blackjack, you have to rely on the theory of probability, while in Texas Hold’em, you can bluff, thus gaining an advantage.
Fix bet resultsFix all victories and defeats to identify gambling trends, keep track of progress, and see what strategies work or do not. You will also be able to see your expenses and income.
Play oftenOnly regular gambling provides you with constant practice; remember that you can play in demo mode to exclude financial risks and focus on the gameplay.

Learning Money Management

It is essential to know how to manage your bankroll to be good at gambling; there are several recommendations:

  • Get a solid bankroll you would not be sorry to lose. If you have enough money, you do not worry about every lost cent and can make informed decisions without fear of losing funds.
  • Create a separate account to divide your funds into at least two parts: money for everyday and necessary expenses and funds for making bets at slots and other casino games. For example, you can claim a separate bank card to spend only a specific amount and not exceed it.
  • Determine the target amount of winnings; it needs to be realistic so that you can stop the game after reaching it. For example, a $1,000 win is a significant amount for a $100 bankroll but absolutely low for a $100,000 bankroll, so rely on the sum you have.
  • Set loss limits. These can be daily limits, per draw, per gaming session, and so on; in this way, you will not lose more than you can afford.
  • Invest small amounts of money. If you are a newbie, spend no more than 5% of your total bankroll to keep it for a long time. Thanks to this, you will have enough money for many bets and more opportunities to win.

If you lose your bankroll, resume play only after accumulating a new solid amount; do not borrow money under any circumstances.

Winning Habits for Players

Stay focused and do not be distracted by other things; set aside all household and work problems for later, and turn off notifications on your phone and other devices.

If you are in a land-based venue, ignore the noise around you. When betting at an online casino, isolate yourself from others if possible and ensure stable Internet access.

Don’t forget to take breaks to rest and stay focused; moreover, if you want to be good at gambling, you always have to stop the game on time while you are in the black. This is a critical success factor because all casino games provide casinos with the house edge; this means gambling venues always have profit, while long-run customers lose.

We encourage you to play it safe, but there is always room for risk while gambling. For example, you can raise the bet in roulette or play a weak hand in poker when the pot is rather big. The best time to take a risk is when you will not lose much but have a chance to hit the jackpot; just do not forget to weigh all details and conditions beforehand.

Treat losses as necessary and inevitable; most casino sessions do not bring profit, and if you realize this, your confidence will not suffer after losses.

Play for Small Jackpots

If a cash prize is small, your chances of winning are better, and a slot machine more often brings winnings. Remember that jackpots are accumulated from customers’ bets, and to accumulate a large sum, providers often decrease RTP and increase volatility, so winnings are rare. If you want to fight for the main prize, choose slot machines with a fixed prize amount; it is less than progressive jackpot pots, but there are more chances to win.

In some slots, you can win several prizes at once; for example, Mega Moolah has a Wheel of Fortune with 4 jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega.

In this case, chances of winning differ greatly; it is almost impossible to hit a $1 million jackpot, while $10,000 prize pools are hit almost regularly.

Wheel of Fortune in the Mega Moolah slot
A slot machine with a bonus round with a draw of four jackpots

Use Short Odds

For sure, it is not easy to be good at gambling if you win $10 instead of $100 or more, but by betting on outcomes with small odds, you win more often. In such cases, prizes are limited, but you get winnings more often, so you receive more rewards in the long run.

For example, in roulette, instead of a single number bet with a payout ratio of 35:1, it is better to choose an Even/Odd bet with a ratio of only 1:1. Guessing one particular number out of 37 roulette wheel sectors is very difficult, and you may spend several hours or even days and do not wait for this outcome. At the same time, equal odds bets have an almost 50:50 probability, so you can get a nice payout in the long run.

Choose Outside Bets for Playing Roulette

Each game has a different house edge that varies depending on the number of possible bets and outcomes; for example, in European and French roulette, there are 37 sectors:

  • 18 red numbers
  • 18 black numbers
  • 1 green sector called zero

In these games, the casino house edge is 2.7%, while in American roulette, there are 38 sectors, as there is also a Double Zero sector; this increases the house edge to 5.26%. There are also inside and outside bets in this table game, and we recommend choosing a second option.

Roulette outside bets
The European roulette playing field with a standard layout

These are equal odds bets: Even/Odd, Red/Black, Big/Small numbers; each covers 18 of the 37 numbers, so the winning odds are almost 50%.

Don’t Bet on the House Edge

Casinos make money due to the house edge laid in each game of chance, so it is better to avoid games and bets providing a significant house edge to gambling venues. However, keep in mind that if you play blackjack and the house edge is 0.5%, it does not mean you will keep 99.5% of your bankroll, as game results are hard to predict; otherwise, they would not be gambling.

If you wish to be good at gambling, significantly reduce risks of loss, and increase the chances of winning, you should choose casino games with a low house edge; the most popular games and their house edge values are listed below.

GameHouse Edge

When choosing slot machines, check an RTP; this criterion displays which part of funds invested in a specific slot machine gamblers will receive as prizes in the long run.

You can check the RTP value in the Rules or Help section; press the “i” button to open it.

Remember that RTP works only in the long run and applies to all customers, not a specific player. Play only reliable slots that have certificates from special audit laboratories; they check RTP operation during tens of millions of spins.

Read the Terms

To be good at gambling in the USA, always learn the game’s rules for different slot machines to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes while gambling. For example, you get the most valuable combination that should bring a jackpot, but the multiplier is standard, and the payout you get is small. The reason is simple: in some slot machines, you should play with a maximum bet size to get a chance to win the jackpot; if you read the rules in advance, you will know about this rule.

Before launching any game, get acquainted with the payout table, possible combinations, and other conditions. Keep in mind that you need to understand the rules to be able to bet effectively.


Book of Ra paytable
Payout odds for all possible combinations

Practice on Free Games

Demo mode is perfect for newbies who do not have much experience and are not ready to spend money, but regular players also often run free versions to test strategies and get acquainted with mechanics. You use virtual chips to make bets in demo mode, which eliminates financial risks, and this is a great option to prepare for playing for real money.

Don’t Pass in Craps

The Don’t Pass bet in Craps significantly reduces the casino house edge; this line wins when 2 or 3 comes up and loses with 7 or 11. The remaining numbers become special points and trigger the second round; to win, you need to get 7 before any point comes up. Craps, as well as roulette, provides a huge choice of bets, but this particular option is one of the most profitable, as it reduces the house edge to 1.36%, bringing a 1:1 payout.

Get Ready to Split in Blackjack

You can split when you receive a pair of cards of the same value. Having already two hands, we increase the chances of winning at least one of them by splitting; however, in this case, you have to make the same bet on the second hand. Pay attention to your hand and the dealer’s face-up card to decide whether to split. We also recommend learning basic blackjack strategy, which can tell you what to do depending on the cards in your hand.

Choose Cheap Fun Games

If you want to play just for fun and don’t aim to be good at gambling, look for slots with low betting limits. In some slot machines, such as Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe, Book of Ra Deluxe, The Myth, Fortune Cash, Book of Demi Gods II, and many others, the minimum bet size is only $0.01. In this case, you get the excitement of playing for real money, and at the same time, do not risk large sums.

Skill Stop Slot Game

This feature stops reels by pressing the Stop button, so you can find out the spin result faster and even influence it in some cases. In modern slots, such an option is usually available in bonus rounds, but remember to read the game rules carefully before launching it.

Some slot machines offer this option, but it does not affect spin results. Anyway, the game rules should clearly state in which cases and how exactly these mechanics apply.

In some slots, you can slow down spins; we recommend testing this option in demo mode or with low stakes.

Choose Good Betting Options

Almost in all slot machines and table games, you can change the bet amount and the number of active lines. Change these values according to your bankroll and the outcome you bet at; begin with small amounts to play longer and get used to the rules and gameplay.

Work Out a Strategy

You can use various strategies in many casino games; for example, in blackjack, craps, baccarat, and poker, it makes sense to apply tactics because you influence the game course in one way or another. There are incredibly many options for poker and blackjack, while in baccarat, it all comes down to tips for betting on the Banker because, in this case, the house edge is the lowest.

However, nothing at all depends on you in lotteries, slots, and roulette; it only makes sense to use bankroll management principles to keep your bankroll longer. You can also analyze your results and progress, but remember that all outcomes are random.

Bet Only on What You Know

Without understanding the rules, combinations, and payouts, you will likely lose money, so check the RTP and winning conditions beforehand. As for new and unfamiliar games, test them in demo mode if it is possible.

Techniques on How to Be Good at Gambling

The goals of playing at online casinos differ for everyone; some are satisfied with the excitement without significant losses, while others want to earn money regularly. Regardless of these goals, we recommend checking out the following points, which can tell you how to get better at gambling.

Right Thinking

To get the most out of gambling, set yourself up for the game and learn to think intelligently. To develop these skills, we advise you to make your own gambling plan and follow it; here is an example:

  1. Choose only games with a low house edge.
  2. Focus on one or two games.
  3. Study the rules and gameplay features properly.
  4. Choose your bankroll amount based on your financial capabilities.
  5. Start with small stakes.
  6. Fix results and adjust your strategy to improve them.

All these points can help you cultivate your responsibility and discipline; the right mindset balances the risks of mindless gambling and losing your bankroll.

Basic Knowledge

It is not necessary to learn higher mathematics to play successfully, but you need to get acquainted with the basic skills associated with casino games.

House Edge & Payback Percentage

It is essential to understand that all games provide casinos with a house edge; you can even calculate the average cost while gambling depending on the game category you choose. Let’s say you play baccarat and always bet $20 on the banker. In 1 hour, 100 draws have passed, and when you bet on the banker, the house edge is 1.06%. So use the formula:

$20 x 100 x 0.0106 = $21.2. That is how much you lose in an average hour.

Keep in mind that these figures are theoretical and can be applied in the long run; in fact, results are always different. You may be lucky and stay in the black during this time, or, on the contrary, you may lose everything.

Remember that you will not always be lucky in the long run and will likely lose more than you win. To be good at gambling, estimate the return-to-player percentage associated directly with the house edge; RTP shows what percentage of bets made in a slot machine returns to casino customers.

For example, the RTP of the Jacks or Better video poker game is 99.54%, so the house edge is only 0.46%. From the $100 invested, the game will return $99.54, but it is applied to all customers, not only to you. Moreover, the game can bring several thousands of US dollars one day and does not bring money at all the next day, so luck still weighs much.

Odds, Value & Vig

Odds show the percentage probability of what will happen; you can effectively assess them in card and table games.

For example, by choosing a single number bet in European roulette, your odds of winning are 37:1, but you only get a 35:1 payout if you guess the result. This difference creates the casino house edge.

Also, there is such a thing as a vig (also called margin); this is the amount charged by casinos for bets acceptance and processing. Let’s take the simplest game of heads or tails as an example. The odds of both outcomes are 50:50, but a casino gives you a x1.9 payout if you win; this means the margin is 10%. There is also the above-mentioned roulette example: you bet 37:1 but receive only 35:1; this is how gambling venues earn.

Analytic Skills

One of the important points of correct gambling thinking is to choose one or more games to focus on. You should analyze their rules and features and choose strategies based on the house edge, while in games of skill, such as poker, it is necessary to study your opponents, their reactions, and their actions. Moreover, to develop your analytical skills, you need to practice constantly, face different situations, and look for the best options.

Observations & Good Memory

Observation is crucial in poker to keep an eye on your opponents and analyze what cards they may hold, what mistakes they make when they fold, raise their bets, and so on.

If you want to be good at gambling in table games against live dealers, observe their actions. You are lucky if you have an inexperienced dealer who occasionally shows cards, so there is a chance to see something you must not see and draw some conclusions. Do not forget to check payouts and whether you get the correct amount; the human factor still exists.

In blackjack, if you get a 21 at the beginning, the payout ratio differs from the standard one, and this is a situation where a dealer can make a mistake.

To play poker or blackjack successfully, you need to know strategies, and to learn them thoroughly, you need to have a good memory. If you are a newbie, write them down and use them as a cheat sheet. Then, memorize all combinations and rules in your head, so you can concentrate on what’s happening at a table.

Keep Calm

Keep a cool head, and don’t let your emotions get the best of you; this is the only way to make informed decisions and avoid making rash bets, which usually lead to long losing streaks and bankroll losses.

Do Not Drink Alcohol While Playing

Under the alcohol influence, people are prone to impulsive and rash decisions; drinking also reduces concentration, so you will not be able to make effective bets and stay in the black.

Gambling Career Tips

If you are just starting your way as a player, you may think that becoming a professional is impossible. However, the industry is developing, and there are more valuable tips, strategies, and recommendations. If you are really interested in how to be good at gambling in the USA, you already differ from a lot of irresponsible players who do not want to develop their skills. Let’s take a look at several gambling advice pieces:

  • Set a clear goal to become a great player but do not expect a steady income and be prepared for losing streaks. It will be challenging, and you will definitely want to give up, but it is essential to continue if you really want to become a professional.
  • Get to know the different gambling categories. First, try all games that interest you; only then you will understand what suits you and what to focus on in the future.
  • Do not expect instant success. Some lucky people won the jackpot with their first bet, but those are relatively rare. It usually takes many weeks, months, or even years to master a particular game and start making solid money.
  • Constantly study new. There are dozens of strategies today, and each has its own characteristics, so studying, testing, and checking them to develop yourself is crucial.
  • Manage your bankroll. Professional players are careful with their money and don’t spend them easily; they use different techniques, such as raising or lowering bets, alternating bets, and so on.

Always practice to avoid losing your skills; remember that even if you do not have money, you can play for virtual chips in demo mode.

If you are new to a specific game, we advise making small bets, keeping track of outcomes, and analyzing your actions until you find an effective style of play that brings results.

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The longer you play, the more likely you are to hit the jackpot, but keep in mind that with each bet, you lose money, and in the long run, you can stay in the red because of the house edge.

No. You play with virtual chips that have no monetary value.

No, if you play only for fun. However, gambling is much more enjoyable when you know the rules and secrets of reducing the house edge.

Yes, if you play on a licensed gambling site. Use ratings of reliable gambling venues to choose a perfect variant.

Blackjack (if you know the basic strategy), video poker, and baccarat.

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