World Game Protection Conference Outlines New Challenges for Casino Security Teams

World Game Protection Conference Outlines New Challenges for Casino Security Teams

A 3-day World Game Protection Conference, which took place at the Tropicana Las Vegas, brought together 600 people from gambling industry who are interested in improving security at casinos and protecting against scams and cyber fraud. It was confirmed that new sets of challenges would continue to mount in land-based casinos after a pandemic calm.

Willy Allison, the founder of the World Game Protection Conference spoke about a correlation between the casino revenue increase and the level of cheating detected and conducted on gambling floors. It should be mentioned that the Conference is focused on on-site cheating attempts.

According to Allison, “dice sliding” was one of the biggest scandals caught in 2022. Speaking basically, sliding a dice is a practice when a gambler doesn’t roll the dice, but leaves them with the face value pointing up so that they can get the necessary outcome. Despite the fact that casino security and staff have been trained on how to spot these players, the dealers were often fooled by scammers.

Interestingly, many cheaters are casino ex-employes like a former dealer from one prominent case, who used his skeleton key for electronic table games to bet and then reset any loss. This case shows that EGTs, despite being considered sound and safe of design, are also one of the targets for scammers.

Meanwhile, as scams are going on, casinos are losing money that could have otherwise bolstered their bottom lines and gone into the staff and betterment of operations. Allison said that scammers who wanted to fiddle or put USB ports in and mess with the electronics were left to their own devices.

Many scams certainly go undetected, industry insiders say, and casinos even employ experienced “cheats” (for example, card counters) to receive help in countering numerous popular forms of cheating. However, new challenges arise, as casino floors return to work after the pandemic.

In other news, Caesars Entertainment’s credit rating was upgraded by S&P Global Ratings as digital losses decreased.

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