Who Are the High Rollers & Super High Rollers

Who Are the High Rollers & Super High Rollers

The so-called whales are players who place large bets in online casinos. Another name for them — high roller — is mostly used in poker. Online casinos are trying to attract these players, offering them special bonus programs, improving their withdrawing conditions, and increasing their withdrawal limits.

Signs of a High Roller at a Casino

Their financial status and age don’t matter. It’s the size of their bets and experience that differ high rollers from casual players. Because of their bets, high rollers manage to hit the jackpot more often than others, but this also means that they have to be prepared for bigger losses. If the high rollers are like celebrities, then the super high rollers that are royalty. In online casinos and at poker tables, these players place bets that are big even by whales’ standards.

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How They Think

A high roller doesn’t spin the reels to earn money. In fact, they don’t take their possible financial losses into account.

For a whale, the main purpose of gambling is simply pleasure.

A super high roller receives privileges from the company and uses them in full. These people are the real gamblers in the purest sense of the word. Their goals are getting that special winner status, the achievement, and a sweet spot in the hall of fame.

A small part of the whale community consists of professional gamblers. These are experienced gamblers for whom the increased rates are a way to earn money.

How Do Casinos Treat Them?

The income that a high roller brings in a couple of days is comparable to the profit a casino can earn from all the other players put together. So, high rollers are the main target audience of many promo campaigns and offers.

Casino loyalty program
Upper levels of the loyalty program

Casinos have to keep the existing whales interested and attract new ones. Loyalty programs provide special rewards for players who reach the highest levels.

Types of High Rollers

High rollers are divided into amateurs and professionals. Among the former, there’s usually many businessmen. They spin the reels of slot machines for the sake of excitement, visiting an online casino or a land-based institution from time to time.

Professionals are distinguished by their experience and desire to earn money using their knowledge. They are often poker players, but some are specifically fans of slot machines. Unlike amateurs, they play at high levels.

Privileges and Bonuses

Casinos always pay extra attention to whales. Offline casinos provide comfortable leisure both during the game and outside of it. Meanwhile, websites attract players with bonuses.


Often VIP players are entitled to the following privileges:

Increased withdrawal limitsIncrease for simple limits on daily or monthly withdrawals. Approval of withdrawal requests is faster.
Increased deposit rewardsVIP players receive 100-500% deposit bonuses.
Personal managerVIP players receive unique offers, promo codes, and information about new promos. They can contact their personal manager around the clock.
Additional bonusesPlayers receive no deposit bonuses and an increased cashback (percentage of the return of lost money).

Players’ privileges are also included in this list. VIP clients receive priority access to the exclusive development of slots and other types of gambling entertainment available at casinos.

Promotions for high rollers
Bonuses for high rollers


Personal charter for from home to a casino and back after games is one of the exotic perks of high rollers. Also, a casino can provide:

  • Service in the best restaurants.
  • Reservation and payment for accommodation in luxury hotel rooms.
  • Executive class car for driving around the city.
  • VIP seats at significant events.

Whales also have the option to play on casino credit. This service is quite rare, but in an attempt to attract a high roller, the casino may offer this priveledge.

Notable characters in the world of casino high rollers are well-known among fans of gambling entertainment. Among the most famous are:

  • Kerry Packer. A businessman who himself owned a chain of land-based gambling houses. He once lost $20 million in Las Vegas in just three days.
  • Archie Karas. An amateur who became a professional super high roller. In 6 months in 1996, Karas turned $16 into $17,000,000.
  • Phil Ivey. A poker genius. In his youth, he was nicknamed Homeless Jerome due to his poverty. Today, Ivey owns a fortune of $21,000,000.
  • Akio Kashiwagi. This Japanese player is a master of baccarat. There were games where Kashiwagi would bet $250,000 per hand. Akio’s skills and temperament inspired Martin Scorsese to base a character in the movie “Casino” on him.
  • Fouad al-Zayat. This Syrian player was nicknamed Fat but not because of his body size. Over 12 years of playing in London venues, Fuad has spent over £90m on bets. Of these, he lost £23 million.

High rollers are masters of gambling entertainment. For them, being on the radar in the industry means more than just making big money.

How to Become a VIP Player

The main condition is having enough money for higher bets. If you are one of the lucky few, then you need to:

  • Choose an online casino with a loyalty program.
  • Familiarize yourself with the conditions of the casino, and limits on deposit and withdrawal.
  • Read the rules for earning the points that increase your level.
  • Find out how many you need to reach the top level (VIP) of the loyalty program.
  • Estimate how much money you would need for that.

It is best to start playing big only if you have experience. In that case, can calculate their strengths while enjoying the game and not getting into a debt hole.

Top Casinos and Games

It is important to choose a platform on independent websites with reviews because it can be difficult to check all promo offers on your own. The main criteria for their selection are:

  • Bonus system designed for VIP players.
  • Increased betting limits.
  • Option to deposit and withdraw large amounts.
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