Types of Online Casino Games

Types of Online Casino Games

For many people, gambling is an excellent way to spend leisure time with the opportunity to make some profit. Some customers prefer to spin reels of slots or watch the ball in the roulette wheel, while others like blackjack, poker, and baccarat tables.

Many players do not like to visit land-based venues; in this case, online casinos are a great alternative. By the way, now, the choice of types of online casino games in the USA is wider than in famous gambling clubs, and quick registration and 24/7 access right from home make these venues highly popular among gamblers.

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Casino Guide

The large selection of online games has both pros and cons. Although most modern gambling venues offer a similar range of options, they still differ from each other greatly. Newbies often find it difficult to choose a suitable online casino, and the team of in-house experts has created a unique online casino guide to help them. It tells what games online gambling venues offer and how they differ from each other; moreover, you can get acquainted with bonus types and discover their activation rules.

Safety of Online Casino Games

When you play on any online casino website, you pass your personal or banking information, so it is necessary to be sure that third parties or fraudsters cannot access your data.

To protect customers’ information, reliable online casinos use modern SSL encryption technology and store all data on separate servers. Only a limited number of employees have access to the information, and they regularly complete special checks and training on how to work with personal data.

RTP & Volatility

Casinos always stay in the black in the long run, but any game still has its own RTP and volatility; pay attention to these characteristics while choosing a game to play.

RTP displays how much money from all investments made by all customers will return to them in the form of payouts; there are three return-to-player percentage levels:

  • Low (90-93%)
  • Medium (94-96%)
  • High (97-99%)

In most online casinos, you can discover RTP that is placed over the slot logo. Gambling providers set games’ RTPs, so that third parties cannot affect their value.

The variance or volatility indicates the slot’s risk level; if you know this criterion value, you can determine how often winning combinations usually come up and what payouts you can count on.

We can also distinguish three volatility levels:

  • Low. These types of online casino gambling games bring frequent but relatively small winnings.
  • Medium. In these slot machines, winning frequency and size are balanced.
  • High. In high-volatile slots, you can count on large but pretty rare payouts.

If you know a specific slot’s volatility, you can effectively manage your bankroll. Remember that if you have a small amount on your balance, it is better to choose slot machines with low volatility; if you prefer high-volatile slots, there is a risk of losing all your money quickly.

You can determine the volatility level manually by checking the maximum payout ratio. It is different for every slot machine, but there is a specific range you can use to draw conclusions.

LowLower than х5,000
Highх10,000 or more

Usually, you can find the volatility level in a slot’s description; if there is no such information, you can study the payout statistics, which is freely available, or launch a game in demo mode. Analyze the frequency and average winning amounts to draw certain conclusions.

For Free & for Real Money

Online gamblers can play their favorite games in two modes: a standard one and demo version. In demo mode, you have to use virtual chips to make bets, and they have no monetary value; usually, you do not even need to create an account and make a deposit to play demo versions.

In demo mode, you can get acquainted with a particular slot machine, learn its characteristics, test features, and try some strategies without financial risks.

However, in demo mode, you cannot receive real payouts and cash them out. To get this opportunity, participate in tournaments, and become a loyalty program member, you have to play with your own money; for this purpose, it is necessary to sign up and top up your balance.

Top Types of Online Gambling

The large selection of types of gambling entertainment is often confusing, and most newbies look for online games with simple and clear rules. In turn, experienced gamblers pay attention to volatility, house edge, and other crucial factors inherent to online games.

Most modern gambling venues generally offer three big gambling categories: sports betting, poker, and casinos. In some games, you can rely only on luck; in others, it is necessary to learn strategies and rules; and in others, you have to check a lot of additional information to succeed in gambling.

Sports Betting

Sports betting has become extremely popular in recent years; these are deals made between sportsbooks and bettors. You try to guess the result of a particular event and place a specific amount of money, and a sportsbook accepts it. If you manage to guess the result, your bet succeeds, and you get a profit depending on the bet ratio. If you are wrong, you lose your money, while a sportsbook stays in the black.

Each bet has a specific ratio: this is a number displaying the probability of one or another outcome; in fact, it determines how much money you get if your bet succeeds. The European type of odds is mainly used, displayed as a decimal fraction: 1.5, 2.57, etc. Ratios may change affected by the quantity and bet size made, decrease or increase in its probability, and so on. To calculate your potential winnings, it is enough to multiply the bet amount by specified odds.

Online Poker

Poker is a famous card game in which results also depend on all participants’ skills and actions; your main goal is to collect the highest possible combination of 5 cards. Several people can participate, and a standard deck of 52 cards is used; an ace is the highest card, while a deuce is the lowest one.

Pai Gow is one of the world-known poker types
In Pai Gow poker, unlike in other versions, you get 7 cards right from the start, and your main goal is to beat the dealer

There are many game versions; they differ from each other by name, number of hands and rounds, payout amounts, prize combinations, jokers’ availability, and other features. However, basic rules and conditions are very similar.

The game begins with participants receiving two or more cards each; then the following scheme is used:

  1. Two players sitting to the dealer’s left place mandatory bets before the game begins. They are made regardless of players’ wishes and are called big and small blinds.
  2. Then, the first betting stage begins. There are six actions available to you: bet, raise, call, skip, fold, and all-in (you place all your chips at stake).
  3. After the first betting round, three shared cards are placed on the table, called the flop, if more than one participant remains in the draw. Everyone can use them to make combinations.
  4. Then, the dealer opens the fourth card (turn), and another betting round takes place.
  5. River: the dealer opens the fifth card, and there is the last betting round.

There is a showdown if two players pretend to grab the pot after the last round. According to poker rules, you have to collect combinations using both face-down and face-up cards, and if you manage to collect the strongest combination, you take the pot.

The game does not necessarily proceed until all cards are opened; it can end at any moment if all participants except one fold.

Online Casino

This section is usually the most visited on online gambling sites; it offers a large number of different types of online casino games. Among them, there are slots, cards, table games, arcade games, and so on. Some gambling websites provide games with live dealers, offering a great immersive experience.


These are games of chance playing in which you can count only on luck; you get a payout if a random number generator chooses the numbers you have selected in your ticket.

These draws attract customers with the opportunity to get large sums of money; sometimes, jackpots may reach six or even seven figures.

Types of Online Casinos

Today, there are many gambling websites where you can spend your free time and try your luck. To place bets, you can visit a land-based casino, find a particular online venue using a PC browser or download special software on your device.


These online casinos offer an instant play option, so there is no need to install additional software to place bets.

To play games, it is enough:

  1. Find a particular casino using a search bar in your device’s browser.
  2. Sign up or log in; use the necessary button located on the homepage.

If you have done all the steps correctly, you get access to your personal account on a gambling platform. There you can make deposits, check available types of online gambling games, make bets, activate bonuses, track your loyalty program progress, and so on.

In fact, web-based casinos are digital versions of traditional gambling venues where you can play for money without leaving home.

Live Dealer Casinos

To try your luck playing against live dealers, you may visit a land-based casino. By the way, modern brick-and-mortar casinos with live dealers provide casino games and a dozen other opportunities. You can rent a hotel room, relax in a restaurant, take a couple of drinks, or attend shows regularly held in such venues.


Most gambling venues working today offer to download their software to play your favorite types of online gambling games on the go. By the way, you can also install casino apps on your PC; they are usually more convenient and user-friendly than web versions. Most downloadable apps take little space in your device’s memory and are not demanding at all; standard technical requirements are listed below.

Operating systemWindows, Linux, Mac, Android, or iOS
Available storage required100 MB

Usually, you can install casino software even on a device with lower specifications, but keep in mind that in this case lags and freezes are possible.

Different Types of Online Casino Gambling Games

A wide range of gambling games is now available at almost any online casino; for customers’ convenience, they are always divided into categories. You can also sort all types of gambling games at online casinos by providers, specific bonus features, popularity, and other criteria; let’s take a look at the most popular of them.


Initially, these were standard slot machines from land-based casinos with an opportunity to place bets online. Even their mechanics were similar: in brick-and-mortar casinos, you need to pull the lever, and as for online slots, it is enough to press the button. However, today many slots look astonishing and are superior to slot machines in gambling halls in many ways.

From a technical point of view, slots are a fairly simple kind of casino game. The essence of playing slot machines is simple: you place a bet you like, and a random number generator determines the results.

Slot machines may differ in the number of reels and active lines, a set of bonus features, possible combinations, and so on; however, they all have similar gameplay mechanics.

Number of reelsFrom 3 to 7In some slot machines, the playing field is non-standard; it has a form of a circle, rhombus, polyhedron, etc.
Number of active linesFrom 1 to several thousandThere may be non-standard types of forming combinations: clusters, stacked symbols, and so on
Bonus featuresFree spins, extra multipliers, special symbols, and so onThere are slots that provide risk games, extra bonus rounds, etc.

All reliable slot machines work on an RNG basis, so all spin results are determined by complex mathematical algorithms. You can be sure that licensed online casinos guarantee gameplay fairness.

Slot machines with jackpots are especially popular among gamblers; in them, jackpots are formed from all customers’ bets.

Roulette Games

This is one of the most popular and ancient gambling games; the main idea of playing roulette is to guess the sector where the ball stops after the wheel rotation.

Roulette table with one zero
European and French roulette versions have only one zero

Today, online casinos offer many roulette versions; the most famous of them are:

  • European roulette. This is the simplest version, with 37 numbers on the wheel (from 0 to 36). The house edge in European roulette is 2.7%.
  • American roulette. This game version features two zeros: single zero and double zero. This option increases the house edge up to 5.26%.
  • French roulette. It is believed that its rules formed the basis for the other variations, and this is one of the most popular versions nowadays. French roulette is perfect for customers who prefer playing on equal odds, as due to additional rules, you can get back 50% of your bet if zero comes up.
  • Multi-wheel roulette. European roulette fans usually prefer this version; it allows you to play with several wheels simultaneously.
  • No zero roulette. In this game, the casino house edge is the lowest, especially when you bet on equal odds. However, you have to pay a fixed commission for a zero sector absence.

In addition to classic roulette games, you can find more exotic versions, like roulette with several balls. Rules and conditions of these games may vary significantly depending on a particular provider.

There is an interesting fact that people sometimes call roulette the devil’s game because the sum of all the numbers on the standard wheel equals 666.

There is also a mini roulette that is three times smaller than the European version; its wheel features only 12 numbers. However, the house edge in this version reaches 7.96%, which is not very profitable for players.

Card Games

In addition to roulette games and slots, there are many other online casino game types for USA players and card games which are in very high demand. These days, you can find them at all gambling sites; let’s take a closer look at the most trendy games.


Game rules are elementary; first, participants place their bets, then the dealer gives each player two cards. Your goal is to beat the dealer and other participants and take the pot; to do this, you need to score as many points as possible but not exceed 21 points.

There are many blackjack versions
All blackjack types feature the same table layout and game essence: you need to collect more points than the dealer without exceeding 21 points

When you get 21 points, you win regardless of the dealer’s hand; if you collect more points, you lose, and your bet goes to a casino.

The strongest combination consists of an ace and any other 10-point card (tens, jacks, queens, or kings) and is called blackjack; this pair beats all other combinations.


The rules of this game are similar to blackjack; first, the dealer gives two cards to everyone at the table. To win, you need to collect a combination of 9 or a sum of points close to that number; remember that you can take a third card if you score less than five points using the first two cards.

You can bet on a draw, a player’s win, or a dealer’s win; there are no other variants.

You do not directly participate in the game, as your task is to make a prediction on one of the three outcomes.


The main game’s goal is to guess the combination of points that comes up after rolling the dice. Craps is popular due to plenty of betting options, but some become available only on certain game stages.


This game of chance is absolutely random, so you can rely only on luck; to participate, you buy cards with random combinations of numbers. Then a bingo reel with numbered balls is started; they come up randomly.

To win, you need to collect one of the possible combinations horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and so on: plenty of options are available. This game is in high demand because of total randomness; no one can affect its results.


This game looks like a lottery held online daily; it involves 80 numbered balls and cards on which you need to complete combinations of numbers from 1 to 20. The more winning numbers you have, the greater payout you get.

Games With Live Dealers

These are special platforms where you can take part in various games with live professional croupiers located in special studios; they organize live broadcasts, so you can watch the gameplay in real time.

When choosing types of online gambling games with live dealers to play, remember they do not have demo versions, so you need to make a deposit before running them.

While playing, you can follow the dealer’s actions and communicate with them, as well as chat with other participants in the chat room. Live dealer games are a perfect way to dive into an authentic land-based casino atmosphere and feel like you are in Las Vegas or Atlantic City without leaving your couch.

Online Casino Game Developers

Every reliable gambling venue collaborates with many gambling studios that provide games; online casinos that care about their reputation work only with licensed providers. International independent organizations regularly test software from such studios; among them are eCOGRA, QALab, Applus, iTech Labs, and so on. Independent laboratories check game random number generators and issue special certificates if there are no violations.

Reliable gambling sites offer different types of online casino games from reputable studios such as Amatic, Betsoft, Yggdrasil, Red Tiger, Microgaming, and others. You can find titles from 100 or even more gambling studios at some venues that may seem confusing.

Legitimacy of Online Gambling in Different Countries

Regardless of the authorities, any casino must obtain a special gambling license before organizing gambling activities; special gambling commissions issue them. Depending on the goals and countries they will work with, casino owners determine a regulator they need to collaborate with. Some gambling venues obtain only one license, while others have two or more to work in several authorities; by the way, to operate legally in the USA, casinos must obtain licenses from state commissions.

The availability of an official document confirms that a particular venue is legitimate and customers use only certified software. In this case, if you face any dispute or problem, you can contact a regulator to cope with difficulties.

All online services provide special bonus offers, and by activating them, you can increase your bankroll or start playing without the necessity to make a deposit. Below, you can find the most popular promotions and their detailed descriptions.


This bonus is for newbies; it usually includes a 100-300% deposit increase for making your first deposit. To participate in this promotion, all you need to do is top up your balance with the minimum possible amount; usually, this is about $20-$25. Some casinos also provide free spins as a welcome gift.

No Deposit

Some online casinos provide real money for registering an account. The amount is usually small (about $10-$50), but you can use it for free and do not risk your own funds, which is perfect for newbies. This is the reason why these offers are extremely popular among new casino customers.

Free Spins

Often, you get free spins as a separate reward, but sometimes casinos provide them together with cash gifts or other prizes. You usually get free spins for particular slots; moreover, their bet size and spin value are fixed, and you cannot change them.

Referral Bonuses

Sometimes casinos offer their customers not only to win money but also to earn it, and referral bonuses are the perfect example. You need to invite your friend, and their task is to create an account and make the first deposit of a particular amount. Participating in such promotions gives you a lucrative reward for every invited friend.


Refunds are available to players who make real money bets; usually, you get cashback at the end of a specific period (usually a week or a month). The exact bonus size depends on the lost amount and your loyalty program level.


Some promotions offer free casino chips instead of usual free spins or extra money; in fact, this is another no deposit bonus type, which is usually only available to newbies. Keep in mind that to get free chips, you need to verify your account first.

Another thing you need to remember is that all casino bonuses require mandatory wagering; you can usually find all wagering requirements in the promotion description.

Although many gamblers still prefer visiting land-based gambling halls, online casinos are increasingly gaining popularity. Thanks to many innovative technologies, you can choose any gambling venue you want, start an account, and play any online casino game type safely and securely. Most reliable casinos do their best to protect you and your data and make their platforms safe.


Fiat currencies remain the most preferred in online casinos, but cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular due to its security, privacy, and many other reasons. Therefore, many casino sites offer to make deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and other popular cryptocurrencies.

Responsible Gambling

To protect players from gambling addiction, gambling websites provide special tools; among them, there are:

  • Time limits. You can limit the duration of your gaming session; When time is over, the game stops automatically.
  • Self-exclusion or timeout. This feature allows you to deactivate your account temporarily.
  • Deposit limits. If you turn this option on, you will not be able to deposit more than the set limit.

Also, minors cannot visit gambling sites and use their services; to adhere to this crucial rule, gambling venues use account verification and check documents confirming customers’ identity.


Yes. All ratings are compiled by independent in-house experts who do not collaborate with casinos.

Any casino that has an official license to organize gambling activities places a clickable validator in the homepage footer; do not forget to check it beforehand.

This is a competition in a particular game where players compete against each other.

In sections with live croupiers, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, game shows, lotteries, and other games are usually available.

Responsible gambling means treating gambling as entertainment but not as a source of income. There are also several other principles: divide your bankroll, do not borrow money to play, take breaks, and so on.

Under US law, you must be at least 18 years old to create an account, but some US states allow gambling only to people over the age of 21, so be sure to check this information.

One account per gambling venue; multi-accounting is prohibited at any casino.

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