The Most Common Online Casino Problems

The Most Common Online Casino Problems

Owners of an online casinos spend a lot of time and money developing a detailed business plan and a competent marketing strategy, purchasing gambling titles and other software, and hiring workers. However, these efforts can go down the drain because of several simple but critical flaws and mistakes. In this article, we’ll talk about these mistakes and tell you how to avoid them.

Most Common Mistakes

Building a reputation that would allow the casino to attract customers requires large financial investments and a lot of time. However, you can ruin it much faster. Although it’s unlikely to avoid errors completely, it’s quite possible to minimize their quantity. This way, employees won’t waste valuable time and effort that they could spend on more important business processes. The most popular problems can be divided into 3 main categories: content, interaction, and offer. The table below lists the most common shortcomings associated with them.

Content Of The Gambling SiteInteraction With CustomersVariety Of Offer
No section with terms & conditionsNo mobile versionSmall range of games
Poor localizationBad website designSmall range of payment options
Lack of information about licenses and certificatesInconvenient features
No personalization
Bad technical support

Some technical difficulties are directly related to the work of the gambling site. They are inevitable; sooner or later, they will require an immediate response from the casino team. Many serious problems can be avoided due to proper planning already at the project launch stage. This will maximize the efficiency of the gambling site and, accordingly, the user experience.

Website Content

This is what catches the eye first of all. When using the site, the customer quickly notices errors related to its content.

Lack of a Сlear Description of the Casino Rules

When a gambler finds a site and wants to play slots or other gambling titles (regardless of whether they are an experienced player or a newbie), they would like to get more detailed information about the online casino.

We are talking about the general rules of the gambling site that are most often available in the User Agreement, as well as information about bonuses, payouts, deposits, jackpots, free spins, promotions, a VIP loyalty program, and other features of the casino that may distinguish it from others.

Casinos had better provide visitors with detailed information on how to register and set up a personal account, choose an interface language, account currency, or payment method. All this increases the usability of the website and its credibility, creates the most comfortable conditions for its customers and, as a result, greatly contributes to the formation of a pool of regular customers.

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Mistakes in Localization

Most players prefer online casinos, the interface of which is available in their native language. In this case, it is much easier to navigate the gambling site; customers feel much more comfortable and have no problems understanding the casino rules.

In order to attract customers from different countries, casinos often translate their websites into the most popular languages. However, incorrect translation can become a problem, not a solution; players won’t trust a gambling site with gross grammatical and stylistic errors in the content. Perhaps, they simply will not be able to understand the points that are important to them.

PlayOYO Casino website localization
A range of localized website versions for users from different countries

If the budget is limited and it’s not possible to pay for the translation of your website into several languages ​​at once, you should start small and gradually increase the number of localized versions. The main thing is that all of them should be of high quality from the very beginning and contribute to the formation of a core of regular customers, not scare them away with their bad translation.

Lack of Information about the Casino and its License

Players come to the casino not only for entertainment, but also to win if possible. There are a lot of online casinos on the Internet, so customers are very selective and will opt for those sites that they have reason to trust. They should be sure that the online casino is honest and doesn’t deceive its customers.

Therefore, the best thing the online casino can do is to provide convenient access to complete information about licenses from regulators and certificates from independent audit organizations.

This will help it gain the trust of casino customers and let them know that both their personal data and money are completely safe.

User Experience (UX)

After their first acquaintance with the gambling site, players begin to study it in detail. The mistakes tied to user experience don’t appear immediately, but each of them becomes evident soon.

No Mobile Version

The mobile gambling market reaches tens of billions of dollars and is only growing steadily every year. People are playing with increasingly advanced and functional handheld devices. Offering your customers a gambling range that is available not only on PC, but also on a smartphone or tablet means wisely investing in your own gambling site. Without this, it simply will not have a future.

Poor Quality Design

Some online casinos neglect the fact users evaluate the appearance of the gambling site before starting to play. Therefore, saving on the design of the website (regardless of the quality of the selection of its gambling titles) can have the most unfortunate effect on the number of players who eventually stay to play. Whether the owners of gambling sites want it or not, the design of an online casino plays a major role in how customers react to it. An ill-conceived and sloppy design with acid colors and poorly readable text will easily arouse doubts in it. At the same time, a convenient, visually pleasing, and intuitive interface may be the last argument in favor of registering on the gambling site.

Inconvenient Features

Users come to online casinos mainly for entertainment, and not for solving puzzles. Therefore, websites that are too difficult to use or simply inconvenient are doomed to failure. You should meet your customers halfway so that they can get everything they want to find almost immediately and without unnecessary gestures. Otherwise, users will simply find another site that can provide it to them. It is necessary to provide customers with convenient access to information about payouts, clear and quick navigation through the catalog of the gambling site, and simple registration.

Missing Custom Settings

Each player is an individual with their own personal preferences. If an online casino gives visitors the opportunity to customize the color scheme, background sounds, rotation speed, or automatic game limits, it will attract new users and retain the existing ones. Otherwise, they are more likely to choose the site of a competitor who has it all. Increasing competition for customers requires online casinos to demonstrate their honesty and reliability and to be extraordinary. To stand out from the crowd, you need your own “zest”, which makes the game and user experience in general pleasant and convenient. Personalization and any other unique features fulfill this role perfectly.

Bad Player Support

Perhaps one of the most common reasons why players leave a site with the firm intention of never coming back is poor customer support.

Untimely responses to user requests, even if it is a trivial request or question, will be a sign of a bad attitude of the casino towards its customers.

The casino has to show that customers and any of their requests are very important to it, and do anything to earn their favor. Otherwise, they will simply go to another gambling site where they will receive a quick and timely solution to any of their problems.

Variety of Offers

Last but not least is the variety of gambling options, that is, the catalog of online casinos. Here are the following errors.

Limited Catalog of Games

As we’ve noted earlier, the huge competition among online gambling websites requires careful attention even to small details like the color of the website. This is especially true of the range of gambling. The poorer it is, the fewer players you will attract. Popular online casinos resemble huge shopping malls; they do everything they can in order to attract customers and not let them even think about visiting the websites of their competitors.

Betonline Casino catalog of gambling titles
Popular casinos offer a wide range of gambling titles

Inconvenient Payment or a Small Range of Financial Tools

Making a deposit and withdrawing winnings are very important for customers and the casinos themselves. If these functions aren’t very convenient or a range of popular financial instruments is very small, this is a big drawback from the user’s point of view. Make the payment process as simple, convenient, and secure as possible, and the number of users of your gambling site will only grow.

Problems That Players Most Often Face in Online Casinos

There are no perfect online casinos; all of them are in constant need of support and maintenance by operators who monitor all processes. Here are some of the problems that users may encounter:

  • The deposit didn’t appear on the bankroll.
  • Complete or partial loss of funds.
  • Delay in a payout sent to a card or e-wallet.
  • Difficulties with the activation of the selected bonus.
  • Interruption of the game due to a sudden loss of internet connection.

Any errors that occur on the site, especially if they relate directly to the players, affect the reputation of the casino and, accordingly, its profitability. Therefore, we’ll consider each of these situations in order to understand how they should be corrected.

Funds Did Not Appear on the Bankroll

This situation is unpleasant for the player, but, unfortunately, very common; it is often associated with the specifics of bank transfers. In this case, the casino has a standard, but responsible task: find out whether a payment has taken place and resolve the problem if the customer provides reliable evidence of its completion (a check or confirmation from the bank). Financial issues are the most sensitive, so it is best if the online casino has an experienced support team that can solve these situations in the shortest possible time.

Money Missing From Player’s Account

Another unpleasant problem that can damage the casino’s reputation is the loss of money from a player’s personal account. The algorithm of actions in this case is also standard: the first step includes an immediate response to the victim’s complaint. This will calm them down, letting them know that the casino is already working on a solution to the problem. To do this, the first step is to carefully study the statistics and history of the account: most often, this is enough to find out where the player’s funds were spent. Otherwise, you need to double-check the transactions, including those that were carried out by the online casino staff.

Funds Were Not Credited to the Player’s Account After the Withdrawal

It is difficult to find a more popular reason for the loss of trust in online casinos. Victims can seriously damage the reputation of the casino guilty of losing their money. In order to avoid reputational losses, announce the timing of the withdrawal of funds, especially if it’s a matter of several days. If all deadlines are missed, find out the reason and be sure to keep the customer informed of your actions. This will reassure them and let them know that the support staff is actively investigating the problem.

The Player Did Not Receive the Promised Bonus

If a player complains about problems during bonus activation, the administration has to give feedback after analyzing whether the user has fulfilled all the requirements for receiving it. This will serve as the beginning of a long and trusting relationship with each of the casino customers. Without these relationships, the success of any casino is simply impossible.

Lost Connection to the Casino While Playing

Online casino software should be of high quality.

A player who at least once encountered a disconnection during the game may be lost to you forever.

No one will put up with the fact that their game can be interrupted at any moment, and the invested money is simply lost, because the winning chances earned with their help are nullified. The solution to this problem is the Seamless Wallet technology. It restores the player’s progress to exactly the same level at which they were at the time the Internet connection was interrupted.

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