Top Online Gambling Countries

Top Online Gambling Countries

Gambling has existed for more than one hundred years, and people’s propensity for betting has contributed to the industry development and the emergence of land-based venues. They are still popular to this day; however, the technological process has opened up new possibilities. These days, millions of players prefer online casinos because of their availability, bonuses, and larger game catalogs. While some countries restrict or block access to online gambling, others are actively legalizing this industry. In this article, we write about the best country for online gambling in the USA with the best conditions.

Best Countries for Online Gambling

The online gambling industry is one of the fastest growing. According to the Technavio research, the market share will increase by $142.38 billion from 2021 to 2026.

World gambling statistics says that about 26% of the population play online casinos, which is approximately 1.6 billion people worldwide. This popularity is associated with the availability of gambling sites, increased interactivity of apps, active advertising, and changes in the legislation of different countries aimed at popularizing the industry.


This is the first country that comes to mind when talking about land-based gambling venues. It’s all thanks to Las Vegas which is considered the gambling capital of the world. However, with the emergence of online casinos games of chance became available to you even if you cannot afford to go to an expensive hotel and spend tens of thousands of dollars on bets. If you ask what country has the most online gambling sites, the USA is one of the first answers that comes to mind.

Initially, gambling laws in many states were strict; however, today different regions simplify them and legalize casinos. Let’s list some of them.

StateLegalization Year
New Jersey2013
West Virginia2019

Other states are also actively working to legalize online casinos. About 70% of American citizens play online, and the annual turnover reaches $35.5 billion.

The USA online gambling revenue
Statistics by state in the Statista service


This is one of the most prosperous countries in terms of online gambling. Statistics say that about 75% of citizens visit the casino website at least once a year. According to national surveys, an average Canadian spends about C$570 per year betting on slots, card, and table games.

The popular Kahnawake Gaming Commission regulator is based in Canada; many well-known online casinos receive the license of this gambling commission. It puts forward strict requirements for gambling sites, so the availability of permission from it speaks of the casino’s high quality and reliability.

The gambling industry in Canada brings in about $17.1 billion a year; the most popular games are slot machines, poker, blackjack, and roulette.


It is illegal to gamble on the island itself; however, the companies can obtain a license and register legal addresses. The National Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission issues the licenses. Casino owners have to pass all checks and pay taxes for a license for 1 or 2 years. They should also have an account in a Cypriot bank.

United Kingdom

This is another country with high profits from online casinos. On average, the industry brings in $17.8 billion per year. The UK residents are solvent and like to spend a lot of money on entertainment, including gambling.

This is one of the top online gambling countries for USA players, as the UK market has strict control and high requirements for betting security. The UKGC Commission is responsible for regulating the activities of gambling sites and issuing licenses. It controls adherence to the principles of responsible gambling, creating a secure connection on the site, protecting personal data, and encrypting transactions. The Gambling Commission sets high requirements for online casinos seeking permission from it.

New Zealand

Online gambling is legal and tax free; however, the New Zealand legislation prohibits the activities of casinos in the country — if you are a resident, you can play on gambling sites that are registered, licensed, and managed abroad. Usually, Gibraltar, the UK or Malta regulate these casinos.


Asian countries are mostly strict in terms of gambling and prohibit it at the legislative level. However, Japan is an exception to the rule; the government controls online gambling by setting high quality and safety standards. Residents of Japan spend approximately $19 billion a year on games of chance.

Isle of Man

Despite the fact that this is part of British territory, it has its own online gambling legislation. There are three types of license available on the Isle of Man:

  • Full.
  • Sublicense.
  • Permission to provide services on the Internet.

You will find many quality brands registered in this jurisdiction. Many companies choose to register there due to the lack of corporate tax. A fixed percentage is charged there in the amount of 1-1.5% of the casino income; however, these conditions are much more favorable than in other jurisdictions.


Gambling in this country was legalized in 2021 at the legislative level, so the industry is just starting to develop. The Interstate Treaty on Gambling/ITG lists rules for violation of which casinos will be fined. Recommendations on protecting the rights of customers and taking measures to combat gambling addiction are especially strict there.

The Regional Council of Darmstadt carries out the regulation. Due to the high solvency of citizens, Germany has a huge potential for the gambling industry development. Soon it may be on a par with the top online gambling countries.

Online slots and poker are available in all 16 federal states of Germany; according to analytical platforms, Germans spend about $6 billion annually on gambling.


The gambling business has been legal since 2010 in accordance with the state gambling law. About 17 million French people spend about $13 billion annually on casino sites.

However, there are several nuances. French gambling sites can only buy a poker license — the government has banned the issuance of licenses for slot machines, roulette, and lotteries. Because of this, local residents have to play on offshore sites outside of France this is not entirely legal, but authorities do not provide strict bans.


This is another European country where online gambling has been legal for more than a decade — since 2011. On average, Spaniards spend about $9 billion on bets in slot machines. The Spanish Gambling Law spells out the rules for each category of games, which gives players a clear understanding of the betting conditions in different slots. There are 3 types of licenses in total:

  • Main — valid for 10 years.
  • Single — valid for 1-5 years.
  • Short-term — valid for 12 months.

The market in Spain is regulated; the state commission DGOJ (Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego) issues permits.


Gambling has been legal since 2001, when the authorities passed the Law on Interactive Gambling. About 80% of citizens play slot machines (pokies, as they call them) at least once a year. Australia is in the list of countries with largest online gambling market and is the leader in money spent on bets — A$1,288 per person on average.

The popularity of slot machines in the Australian states
Statista data for 2022 “Pokies” queries

About 12% of the state budget income is from the gambling industry; this is one of the largest indicators among other countries. The industry is not regulated by the central government; each state has its own legislation and operating conditions.

The Australian Government does not tax players on winnings.

Also, different territories have their own official regulators who control the work of online casino; here are some examples:

  • Australian Capital Territory — ACT Gambling and Racing Commission.
  • Queensland — Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.
  • Northern Territory — Licensing Commission.
  • New South Wales — New South Wales Office of Liquor.


This country has a long gambling history, so there is no doubt that online casinos are in high demand among its residents. In Italy, the state controls gambling activities, and official developers provide software. If a site violates the rules, it is declared illegal, and the owner is fined in accordance with the Administrative and Criminal Codes provisions.

The Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli issues licenses. The modern AWP (Amusement with Prizes) slot machines with bonuses are legal in Italy. All slots should be certified by Gaming Laboratories International.


This is the only territory in China where online casinos are legal; today, it is one of the largest gambling markets in the world. In terms of income per capita, Macau occupies a leading position. 50% of the region’s profitability comes from gambling; it is about $21 billion.


Poles love to play online casinos, although the gambling industry in the country itself is poorly developed. The Poland’s Ministry of Finance is issued licenses, and the casinos’ activities are regulated by law. There are few brands operating online legally, but the laws do not prohibit Poles from registering and placing bets on foreign gambling sites.


The country’s laws strictly regulate online gambling. A separate license is provided for each direction. Thanks to this, regulators prescribe conditions, taxes, and other requirements separately for each gambling category. Swedish casinos place a huge emphasis on responsible gaming; Before making a deposit, you have to set the daily, weekly and monthly time and spending limits.

You may wonder what country has the best technology for online gambling. It is Sweden that has become famous in the international online gambling market for the fact that the strongest software development teams for online casinos are concentrated there. Several popular providers have their headquarters in Sweden, including NetEnt, Play’n GO, ELK Studios, and Yggdrasil.


This is one of the most profitable countries for online casino owners due to low taxes and flexible rules. The Malta Gaming Authority is among the best and most reputable regulators; it puts forward clear requirements:

  • Protecting the rights of players.
  • Following the principles of responsible gambling.
  • Using official software to ensure fair game conditions.

The iGaming industry plays a big role in Malta. It brings about 13% of the country’s total income.

Legality of Online Gambling Games

It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer about the legitimacy of online casinos — laws vary in different countries. In some jurisdictions, gambling is allowed; in others, it is completely illegal, and there are partial restrictions. For example, there is no uniform regulation in the United States; each state has its own laws.

To check the legitimacy of a gambling site with slot machines, you can scroll down the page and check for a validator. It usually is the logo of the gambling commission that issued the license.

Regulator’s validator on online casino site
The gaming commission logo is usually available in the website footer and should be clickable

If you press the validator and go to the regulator official page, then the information is reliable. Be sure to check the date of issue and license expiration date.

If there is no validator on the gambling site, then the casino most likely does not have a license.

Impact of Player Location on Casino Choice

This information is useful if you are going to another country. We recommend that you first study the list of online gambling sites by country in order to understand where you can play. For example, if you live in the USA but you will be flying to the UK, you may need to provide some documents to register at the casinos available there. It is not necessary to be a resident, but you need to prove your address of residence in the United Kingdom. Not all gambling sites have these requirements, but keep this in mind.

If you are unable to register due to the lack of documents confirming your current address of residence, write to the support and explain the situation. Usually, the casino allows you to bypass this requirement and gives you the opportunity to play slots while you are in the country. There are several reasons why casino sites may not be available in all countries:

  • Licensing. Permission from the international commission does not work and the gambling company has to obtain a license from the local regulator to work in the country. Its cost may not justify entering your particular market.
  • Legal problems. Some countries have restrictions on specific gambling types; for example, you can play slots legally, but poker is banned. Because of this, some sites simply do not work in the jurisdiction, even if they have the appropriate license.
  • Gradual development. Expanding the casino geography is not easy. To launch a site in a new country, additional specialists are needed to expand the marketing department, support services, and so on; competent brands open gradually.

You can quickly find out if an online casino is available in your country or not in the official website Terms and Conditions section. Sometimes there is simply no access to the gambling site, or a corresponding message is available on the page when you enter it. Our ranking allows you to quickly find the best brands available in your country.

Top Online Gambling Casino Sites by Country

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Regardless of the country where you want to place bets in slots, you have to register and make a deposit. When creating an account, you need to provide personal data and specify the payment details when making a deposit.

Yes, but only if you have registered on the site of a licensed brand which uses original software.

It all depends on your preferences; pay attention to the amount of slot machines in the lobby, bonus conditions, selection of payment methods, deposit limits, and design.

Check the conditions of a specific casino; the list of banned countries is usually available in the Terms and Conditions section of its website.

When you transfer funds, automatic conversion happens; however, there is a fee for this.

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