Online Casino Jackpot Trackers

Online Casino Jackpot Trackers

For most gamblers, the goal is to hit the jackpot, and the reason behind this is not so far-fetched. Winning the jackpot can be a thrilling experience. If the sum is huge, it can even be life-changing. So, finding the best sites that offer the right jackpot to win big is at the top of many gamblers’ to-do lists. In this article, you will discover all you need to know to get a hang of how a typical online casino jackpot tracker in the USA work.

Online Casino Jackpot Tracker Explained

Online casino trackers serve as monitoring agents. They are websites that allow you to see the latest information about various ongoing jackpots in the gambling world. Jackpot trackers are designed to update at intervals, so as changes occur, they reflect on the website.

An online jackpot tracker will help you find the casino with the highest jackpot pool, the number of players currently trying to get the jackpot, and other helpful information you will need to determine your next step in the race to win the grand prize.

To maximize your chances of hitting jackpots, it’s essential to keep an eye out for different casinos that offer them. As such, you may use the online jackpot tracker, which scans various casinos and gives up-to-date information all on one site.

Casino Jackpot Tracker Features

Any casino jackpot tracker contains many features to make searching for the information you want easy and stress-free. You will find sections showing available jackpots and how much they are worth, the average win from the jackpot, the biggest win of all time, and the time the last win occurred. While the list is endless, jackpot trackers available vary in their features, so you can’t expect to find them all on one site. Some will have elements that allow you to check through many jackpots, while others won’t afford you that chance. Some trackers display data visually as a graph or chart, making it easy for users to check at a glance.

Slot Data

An online slot tracker typically holds information about slot machines. It provides gamblers with slot statistics, such as the return to player (RTP), volatility, statistical return percentage (SRP), spin number, and other data. Players can keep abreast of slot statistics with the tracker even as they spin the reels. Below are some of the slot indicators you are likely to come across on a monitor.

Slot machine game
Jackpot trackers hold information about casino games

Volatility, RTP & SRP

The volatility of a slot machine defines how often it pays out. High volatility slots may have a higher payout, but hits occur less frequently. On the other hand, the lower the volatility, the higher the hit rate and the lower the payout. There are also some slots with medium volatility.

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The Statistical Return Percentage, or “SRP”, is the monetary value that goes in and out of a slot machine. With the slot data tracker, you can easily track the volatility, RTP, and SRP. At a glance, you can tell which slots have high or low volatility and RTP. The table below shows some of the slots and their volatility.

Goblin’s CaveMedium
Fortune of SpartaHigh
Jack HammerLow
Aurora WildsMedium
Release the KrakenHigh
Arabian SpinsLow
Rumble RhinoHigh

Spin Number

The slot machine data tracker helps you know the total number of spins you have made. With this, you can easily see if you are going too far or exceeding your spin limit.

Win & Bonus Stats

An online casino slot tracker will summarise your slot statistics, including your wins and bonuses. The slot tracker dashboard will display the total bonuses you have won in the game and the frequencies at which you won them. There is also a feature that allows you to match these stats with those of other online gamblers.

Other Data

There are other information you can find on a slot tracker. For instance, if you are curious about the best wins or the rate at which players hit the grand prize, you can find it on the slot tracker.


Online casino jackpot trackers for USA players are not only valuable for providing gambling data but can also serve as a layer of security for gamblers. Casino sites that publish their data for customers to see are often more trustworthy to gamblers than those that do not.

How to Find Jackpot Tracker for Progressive Slots

Finding a jackpot tracker for a progressive slot is quite simple. These days, everything is on the Internet. You can find a jackpot tracker for a progressive jackpot or a regular slot machine online by typing “jackpot tracker for progressive or regular slot” in your search box. In no time, many options will be available to use as you wish.

It may take some time to find the perfect jackpot tracker for slots with progressive jackpots, as you will have to disregard many sites for lack of detailed information or specific features you want.

However, once you find one, you will enjoy all that comes with it in terms of easy access to data on progressive slots.

Guide on How to Use Casino Jackpot Tracker

Jackpot trackers are unique. While some will provide you with information down to the smallest detail, others will display some insignificant data and call it a day. Often, sites containing more information are desirable, as you will have various jackpot options to choose from. Below is a brief rundown of the steps to find a progressive slot with a small payout:

  1. First, look for the “value” icon and click on it. It will display a list to sort jackpots from the highest to the lowest or vice versa.
  2. Click on the slot with the best jackpot payout suitable for you.

Searching for a progressive slot using a jackpot tracker does not have to be a big deal either, as you can always reverse the process above.

Getting Maximum

The best online casino trackers offer a wide range of data. This helps users know what is trending across various online casinos and allows them to choose the jackpot that offers them the best chance to win. You need to look out for certain features to get the maximum benefit from any online casino tracker.

First, you want to be sure that the tracker you are using offers information as regards the average jackpot payout amount. This feature will give you an idea of the average jackpot you can expect to win. Knowing this will help you determine if it is worth spending your time on or if you should look for another of higher value. In addition, a casino tracker with a live jackpot winning section that updates in real-time is much preferable. This way, you get to see the action as it unfolds.


A slot tracker monitors jackpots across a wide range of casinos and compiles the information, making it easy for a user to see.

Yes. A jackpot tracker provides information about the pool price. For a progressive jackpot, the tracker updates the site as soon as the pool increases.

You can gain many benefits by using an online casino tracker. For starters, you do not need to visit multiple websites to learn about slot machine games and the jackpots available.

Among other features, you will find casino reviews, jackpot growth rates, and the popular slots gamblers are playing at that moment.

What is time-consuming is moving from one site to another and checking for slots and jackpot information. Once you have gotten the right jackpot tracker, getting the information you need is very easy.

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