The Newly Released Casino Game Brings a Unique Experience

The Newly Released Casino Game Brings a Unique Experience

A Dealers Club Roulette has been developed by Real Dealer Studios. It’s the first RNG game in which croupiers switch regularly. This imitates a land-based casino and helps to keep the game interesting.

Roulette hosts change one another regularly. A certain amount of rounds should pass.

This unique feature can be switched off. Gamblers can select their favorite croupier from the special menu.

A Cinematic RNG is used. Professional actors play croupiers, film directors create gameplay videos, and post-production crew makes footage.

Then this footage is inserted into a game. This gives players an authentic online casino experience.

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Marcus Steel
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Marcus was born in the USA. He graduated from The University & Jepson Herbaria, University of California, Berkeley in 2016. Then Steel unsuccessfully tried to work in his father's company. In 2020, he decided to open his own gambling project but couldn’t find investors.
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