New Table Games for Casinos

New Table Games for Casinos

Slots are the most popular gambling category in online casinos; however, it is impossible to influence the results, while the house edge can reach 10% or more. Therefore, experienced players prefer table games. In the best online casinos, you will find games that are not available in most land-based gambling venues. In this article, we will talk about the popular types of new casino table games in the USA and how to evaluate them. You will also find out a list of the best online casinos that offer many versions of roulette, poker, baccarat, and other games.

In many table games, the winnings depend not only on luck, but also on your skill. You have to effectively assess the casino chances and apply gaming strategies depending on the bet option. In order to thoroughly learn the rules and details, you need to constantly practice. Check out the best and new table games that are most popular at online casinos.

American Roulette & Other Game Types

In this variation, unlike the classic one, 38 sectors are available instead of 37. The table is numbered from 0 to 36, and there is also a 00 sector. Because of this, the house edge in American roulette increases to 5.26%.

American roulette playing field
0 and 00 sectors on the table with betting options

The outside bets on equal chances (even/odd, red/black, and over/under) are most likely to win; their payout ratio is 1:1. There are also bets on dozens and columns with a payout of 2:1. If you want to hit the jackpot, you can try a direct bet on one number or select several sectors. The ratios can reach 35:1, but the winning probability is extremely small.

European and French roulettes are preferable. There is only one zero sector, so the house edge is only 2.7%.

There is also the La Partage rule; if a zero falls out when betting on equal chances, the casino takes only half of the bet amount. In this case, the house edge is reduced to 1.35%.

Roulette is easy to learn, there are no complicated rules. One of the newest versions is Triple Zero or Sands Roulette. The 39th sector is added, marked as 000 or in the form of a casino logo. Its availability increases the house edge to 7.69%. To draw more attention to this game, casinos are lowering the minimum bet limits.


This is one of the most popular table games; your goal is to beat the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21 points; If you bust, you lose.

Blackjack playing field
You can bet on 3 boxes at once

You receive a 1:1 payout if you win; if you immediately receive a blackjack, the odds are 3:2. Cards are counted as follows.

CardPoints Amount
Ace1 or 11
From 2 to 10In accordance with the denomination
Pictures (Jack, Queen, King)10

Blackjack is good because your actions can affect the outcome. There is a basic strategy to help you play more effectively. Also, the conditions for the dealer‘s selection of cards vary depending on the version.

In the classic version, they draw cards until they score 17 points or more. The dealer also draws if the hand is soft 17 when there is an ace worth 11.


You place bets on the result of a throw of two dice. Craps is not inferior to roulette in terms of the choice of bets; the most popular is the “Pass Line” bet.

Craps playing field
Location of the “Pass Line” bet

This bet wins when a roll of 7 or 11 occurs and loses if the “shooter” rolls a 2, 3, or 12. If any other number comes up, it becomes a point and the second round starts. To win the “Pass Line”, you need to get the same “point” before the 7 rolls. When you get more experience, you can switch to other betting options and increase the bankroll.

Baccarat & Mini-Baccarat

This card game also has simple rules. You play against the dealer, but you can bet not only on the Player, but also on the Banker or a Tie.

Baccarat Betting Options
Payout odds for a Player, a Banker, and a Tie

The croupier deals two cards to themselves and to you. The goal is to get as close to 9 points as possible. If you get 10 or more, 10 is subtracted from the total.

If you score from 0 to 5 points, the third card is bought. The dealer has several conditions for buying, for example, when they have 3 points and do not have 8.

A combination of two cards with a total of 9 or 8 is called natural and automatically wins. The cards are counted as follows.

CardPoints Amount
2 to 9At face value
10, Jack, Queen, King0

There are 3 types of bets available in the classic version. You receive the following payouts:

  • Banker — 1:1, minus 5% of the winnings in favor of the casino.
  • Player — 1:1.
  • Tie — 9:1 or 8:1, depending on the rules of the table.

Mini-baccarat is one of the newest casino table games; it has simplified rules, the cards are always dealt by the dealer. It features small limits and reduced table sizes. The game uses 6 or 8 decks of 52 cards. The purpose of the game and the bet types are identical.

Top Poker Games

There is no casino game as diverse as this. In some countries, poker has been recognized as a sport. In many ways, the victory in this game is influenced by your skill, the ability to bluff and calculate the moves of other players. The main poker versions are:

  • Three-card. An ante bet is made in the beginning; after this, you receive three cards and make a bet if everything suits you. To win, you have to beat the dealer’s hand. Dealers should have a queen or higher to play; If they do not, you get the amount of the Ante bet. If the dealer plays and you have a stronger card, the Ante and Bet wins are paid out according to the coefficient for a particular combination.
  • The Draw. It’s a five-card American classic. Players receive 5 pocket cards each, and there are no common cards. Each participant makes an ante bet, after which the first round of betting begins. After the first round, you can replace any number of pocket cards with new ones from the deck. This is followed by the second round of trading and the showdown.
  • Texas Hold’em. The most popular type of poker, which is available in almost all rooms. Gamblers play against each other and receive 2 hole cards. Also, 5 community cards are laid out on the table in stages. In total, there are four rounds of betting: preflop, flop after the delivery of 3 cards, turn after the 4th card, and river after the 5th card. You can collect the combination from your 2 and 5 community cards.
  • Omaha. In terms of popularity, it is slightly inferior to Hold’em and has some differences. First, you receive 4 cards in your hand. Secondly, it is necessary to use 2 cards in hand and 3 from the table to make a combination.
  • Pai Gow. Players are dealt seven cards each, which have to be divided into strong (5 cards) and weak (2 cards) combinations. To win, you have to beat both dealer’s hands.

Regardless of the version, the main goal in poker is to collect the highest hand. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly study them in order to calculate possible options for a successful game.

Comparison of combinations in Pai Gow Poker
Separating High and Low hands

Sic Bo

This game is similar to craps, but there you need to bet on the result of a roll of three dice. The rarer the combination is, the higher the payout ratio. The most common are small (from 4 to 10 points) and large (from 11 to 17 points) bets.

In Sic Bo, the throw is made not by a person, but by a special machine, if we are talking about live and land-based casinos.

The most risky and highest paid bet in the classic version is the Concrete Triple. In order to receive a win with x150 odds, you have to match specific 3 of the same numbers. However, the likelihood of this outcome is extremely small.

Sic Bo playing field
Sic Bo betting options

How to Rate New Table Games

Gambling sites offer hundreds of games of chance, new table games in a casino are released constantly. If you are a newbie, it will be difficult to figure out the choice of the right game. When searching, pay attention to key factors.

Safety & Security

Check which online casino you play in. There are hundreds of reliable sites, but there are also phishing sites created by scammers. They use scripted software, where the casino has set a zero return, so there is no chance of winning.

To avoid this, look for licensed brands. The availability of a license has to be confirmed by a clickable validator, which is usually located in the footer of the gambling site. Also pay attention to the URL — it has to start with https://. This means that the gambling site has a protocol in place to ensure a secure internet connection. SSL encryption is also used on licensed sites. Thanks to it, the confidentiality of personal data is preserved, and financial transactions take place through secure channels.

Software Providers

When you go to the lobby, pay attention to the providers that supply gambling software. These have to be official providers whose games are audited by independent laboratories like iTech Labs; they receive a license if their RNG and RTP match the specified indicators. Only after this, they make a release and online casinos that have concluded an agreement with the developer can post them on their websites. Below, there is a table with the best providers of table games.

ProviderFoundation YearTable Games Types
Microgaming1994Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, Sic Bo
Yggdrasil2013Blackjack, roulette
NetEnt1996Poker, craps, Sic Bo, roulette, baccarat, blackjack
Novomatic1980Sic Bo, blackjack, baccarat, roulette
IGT1975Blackjack, roulette

You can find out the list of available providers by using the filter in the game catalog. If it is not there, launch the game: the provider’s name is available during the loading of the game. Also, you can ask the support about providers whose developments are in the lobby.

House Edge

The rules of table games are thought out in a way that any of them includes a house edge. This indicator varies depending on the game and what exactly you are betting on.

GameHouse Edge

The lower this indicator is, the more often you can win. For example, in the case of roulette, it is better to play the French or European version and choose bets on equal chances, where it is enough to win if the ball lands on one of the 18 sectors. In baccarat, the casino has the lowest house edge when you bet on the Banker. At the same time, the probability of a Tie is extremely small and this bet is unprofitable, even despite the 9:1 odds.

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How to Select Online Casino Sites With New Table Games

If you know what game you want to play, it is important to decide where exactly to place your bets. There are general recommendations that everyone should follow while choosing a casino with new table games for US users; however, you can have your own preferences.

Bonus Offers

Before launching table games, you can choose a casino with a welcome bonus for the first deposit or just for registration without depositing. This will give you an opportunity to test blackjack, baccarat, and other games at no cost, but still being able to win real money.

Pay attention to the wagering requirements; it is desirable that the wagering coefficient does not exceed x20-30, otherwise it will be difficult to withdraw bonus money. Also note that in many online casinos, only 5-10% of the bet amount is considered when wagering in table games.

A percentage of the deposit amount, a fixed amount of funds, or free spins can act as a bonus. However, we are not interested in free spins, since they are not used in table and card games. Therefore, look for promotions that provide cash rewards. Also, pay attention to the list of available games in the bonus conditions.

Mobile Compatibility

A modern online casino should make it possible to launch your favorite games in any place where you have a phone and Internet access at hand. When you enter the site from a mobile device, you’ll notice the interface is simplified and optimized for small screen sizes. At the same time, the website keeps all the functionality and the list of games and bonuses; they are identical to the desktop site.

You can also play from your portable device by downloading the app for Android and iOS. Although they are not suitable for all smartphones, as they have system requirements, they have several advantages over responsive browser versions: faster performance, one-click access, push notifications, etc.

Banking Options

Logos of available payment systems are usually available in the footer of the website. Also, you can find a complete list by going to the “Banking” section, although not all gambling sites have it. Look for casinos with popular payment methods that process transactions in your preferred currency. These are, for example, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Skrill, ecoPayz, paysafecard, NETELLER, Neosurf, and Discover.

Customer Support

The support managers should quickly help in case of problems with payments, suggest the conditions for using bonuses and other nuances related to the functionality. You can evaluate the professionalism and competence of the support staff even before registration by asking a non-standard question in live chat or in another way. 24/7 operation is also encouraged, because there are many users who play at night and who also have problems.

How to Play New Games for Free & Real Money Gambling

If you want to play RNG-powered table games, you can choose either a demo mode or a game with real money bets. You don’t even need to create an account to launch a demo game with bets on virtual chips on many gambling sites. However, you have to register and make a deposit to play for real money.

Account Creation

This procedure is almost identical on all gambling sites. Only adult users (from 18 or 21 years old, depending on the state) are allowed to use it. To create an account, you have to:

  1. Go to the official website and press the Register button in the upper right corner.
  2. In the registration form, indicate your personal data (first and last name, gender, residential address, email, and mobile phone number), and a strong password for logging in.
  3. When finished, press the Create an account button.

After that, you will be automatically redirected to your personal account. You may also need to activate your account via email or SMS code.

Passing Verification

This is a mandatory procedure in almost all online casinos. To pass it, you need to provide documents confirming your identity, address of residence and ownership of the payment card linked to your account.

It is not necessary to pass verification immediately. You can do this before the first withdrawal of money.

If the data on the site does not match the data in the documents, the account will be blocked. That is why you need to provide reliable information during registration.

Making a Deposit

After authorization, go to the profile settings by selecting the Cashier section. Usually, a Deposit button is available in the upper right corner of the screen so that you can make a deposit quickly. On the page, select the appropriate payment system from the list and specify the amount, considering the minimum and maximum limits.

Claiming Bonuses

Most casinos with newest table games offer you a welcome package for one or more first deposits. Often, this is a percentage of the deposit amount, but no deposit bonus can also be offered in the form of a fixed amount. Sometimes, you receive bonuses automatically after registration or a deposit right away. However, there are promotions that you need to activate manually on the Bonus page.

Table Games With Live Dealers

You can enjoy blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, Sic Bo, and other table games with professional croupiers. Online casinos create a Live section and offer players to plunge into the atmosphere of a land-based gambling venue; games are streamed live from specially equipped studios.

Video broadcasts are available in HD quality, and optical recognition technology helps the dealer to guide the game process. The distribution of cards takes place at a real table, and all images are scanned and displayed on your screen. You can communicate with the dealer via live chat.

Demo mode is not available in the Live section. Different limits are set for each table, and the number of seats is limited.

Tips to Win While Playing New Games

Gambling titles are a form of entertainment, a way to relax and have fun. However, real winnings fuel interest; it is especially likely to win in blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette, craps, and other table games. If you want to benefit from gambling, follow these tips:

  • Play on a gambling site with a license. They use original software developed by official providers. Choose the right casino based on payment options, game selection, customer service, bonus offers, availability of national currency, and optimal limits.
  • Take advantage of bonuses. They will give you additional funds for a longer game with less investment. There is a lot of competition in the gambling market, which makes top sites attract you with loyal wagering requirements.
  • Test unfamiliar games in demo mode. If you don’t know all the rules of the game, it’s better not to risk your money, but start with bets with virtual chips in demo mode.
  • Find out the casino odds. Each game and its separate version, as well as each betting option, have a different house edge. The lowest edge is in blackjack when you use the basic strategy and baccarat when you bet on the Banker.
  • Bankroll management. Calculate your bankroll and bet no more than 5% per hand to sit at the table longer. Set limits in order to leave the table in time. Never try to win back or borrow money.

Play responsibly and remember that gambling is supposed to be fun. Do not think about making money, but enjoy the process.


Because it has a single and a double zero sector. Accordingly, the chances are no longer 1:37, but 2:38.

Choose games where this indicator is from 0.5% to 1.5%. Blackjack is best suited: you can master it by learning the basic strategy.

You can use financial strategies to manage your bankroll and compensate for previous losses (for example, Martingale). But you also need to be more careful with them, considering the casino limits. Gaming strategies are ineffective in roulette because of the absolute randomness of the results.

Yes, but only if you have chosen an online casino with a license. Our website features trusted gambling sites.

You can influence the result if you correctly calculate the moves and possible combinations.

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