Nevada Gambling Revenue Remains High in February 2024

Nevada Gambling Revenue Remains High in February 2024

Gambling industry in Nevada continues to perform strongly as the revenue in February was 4.7% higher than in January, although the latter showed the record first-month figures in the state’s history — $1.28bn. February’s $1.34bn was also 8.5% higher than the revenue recorded a year ago.

The record figures for February 2024 were influenced by several factors. First of all, the Super Bowl took place in Nevada that month, and this year is also a leap one, so there are more days in February. In addition, Nevada was marked by major concerts featuring famous artists, including performances by Bruno Mars, Adele, Christina Aguilera and U2.

Slots held the lead with $827.6m of revenue, 0.6% higher than in 2023, but only multi-denomination slot games reported growth in February. Baccarat showed the best performance with the revenue up 75.5% to $180.1m, and blackjack brought in $132.5m, a 15.6%-higher result. Growth was also recorded in other gambling areas with craps revenue rising 22.0% to $44.7m, Ultimate Texas Hold’em bringing $18.0m (up 4.4%) and pai gow poker showing a 4.7% growth to $10.4m.

The Las Vegas Strip recorded a 12.4% increase year-on-year with the revenue amounted to $800.7m. The main drivers of growth were card, table and counter games with 30.3% more revenue generated — $419.7m. Baccarat saw an 81.9% rise to $180.5m, while blackjack revenue added 20.8%, having generated $107.8m. Slots revenue was down 2.4% in February, resulting in $381m.

As for sports betting, Nevada reported $47.9m of revenue with a rise of 16%. Basketball was the most popular sport for bettors with $24.7m earned by operators, while football only accounted for $12.0m. Mobile wagering remains popular as $23.8m of all sports pool revenue came from that segment. The Las Vegas Strip’s result showed a 9.9% growth in February with sports betting revenue hitting $24.7m.

In other news, a decision on downstate NY licenses will be made in late 2025.

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