How Do Casinos Make Money in the USA

How Do Casinos Make Money in the USA

Almost every modern online casino offers a variety of games to have a good time, enjoy exciting gameplay, and even earn some money. Casino operations require significant investments, so each gambling site has to make a profit; otherwise, it won’t be able to exist. To understand how do casinos make money in the USA, it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of online gambling venues and games they offer.

What Is the Handle

These days, online casinos provide access to various games:

  • Slot machines
  • Roulette and baccarat
  • Poker and blackjack

Regardless of popularity, every game should provide a specific income: there are no unprofitable games in casino catalogs. The term Handle refers to the amount of money wagered at a particular table; for example, in craps, all bets make up the winning amount. All players contribute the same regardless of whether they win or lose by placing bets like a passing line or 30-1. Keep in mind that it is essential not to confuse bet total and drop, as the latter refers to the amount of money you exchange for casino chips.

What Affects Casino Handle

A casino can earn more by finding a way to legally raise the house edge or by increasing the average playing time. Also, gambling venues seek to raise the average bet size to increase profit.

For this reason, casinos offer various promotions, tournaments, and bonuses, which help extend the time players spend gambling and gain loyal customers.

Most casino games are well-thought-out, so you have fun exploring them, playing them, and spending more money on bets. No matter how many games are in a specific casino catalog, they are only profitable if the gambling venue has enough customers.

The average bet size is stable in most games, as is the minimum bet amount; the large minimum bet size allows the casino to earn more, even if it has not so many customers. For example, at a blackjack table, the dealer can deal you up to 375 hands; with a minimum bet of $2, the casino gets $750, not including possible doubling or splits.

If the minimum bet size is $20, then the casino income can increase by 10 times under similar conditions. Low limits attract customers but also reduce the interest of high rollers, so every modern casino has to find the middle ground when setting betting limits.

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House Edge

Each casino game involves a mathematical advantage, which provides casino income; thanks to this, gamblers lose much more often than casinos. There is also a specific percentage that belongs to the gambling venue anyway; for example, in slot machines, this is RTP — return-to-player percentage.

What Is Hold Percentage

It is easy to explain how casinos make money in the USA by describing a hold percentage in roulette and its different versions. The main difference between roulette versions is the availability of a Zero sector and a Double Zero sector; American Roulette with Double Zero has a higher hold percentage, which reaches 5.26%. It turns out that your winning chances at American Roulette tables are initially reduced because the casino has a 5% advantage already before the roulette wheel starts spinning.

How Do Casinos Make Money on Top Games in the USA

Casinos are very profitable, so a lot of them emerged in the mid-1950s and are still popular and attract many gamblers from all over the world. These days, gambling is actively developing on the Internet, as it can be even more profitable than land-based venues. Casinos continue to evolve and can offer new games and services to customers; however, each game has a different house edge and brings money to casino owners in various ways.

Slot Machines

If you prefer playing slot machines, you should always consider the RTP criterion, which affects the probability of obtaining payouts; on average, this is 95%. The return-to-player percentage displays how much money spent in this slot by all gamblers will return to them in the long run. For example, in the slot with a 95% RTP, $5 is a fixed casino income, and $95 is to be paid to all gamblers who have played this title for a specific period. It does not mean you are guaranteed to receive $95, as it can be split between many gamblers or only one can get it, but we recommend choosing slots with the highest RTP anyway. The most popular slot machines with an RTP of 97% and more are listed below.

Slot MachineRTP
1429 Uncharted Seas98.6%
Blood Suckers98%
Kings of Chicago97.8%
Devil’s Delight97.6%

RTP cannot exceed 100% because in this case, the slot machine will give an advantage to players, not casinos. Also, when searching for a slot machine, you should consider volatility: this criterion displays slot riskiness. High-volatile titles bring large but pretty rare payouts and vice versa.


One of the clearest examples of how gambling venues earn money remains roulette. The European and French game versions have a single Zero, so the house edge is only 2.7%, but in the American version, a Double Zero appears, increasing the house edge to 5.26%.

American Roulette
The Double Zero sector increases the house edge significantly

There are also other differences between roulette types, which also affect the gameplay and your winning chances. For example, in French Roulette, the La Partage and En Prison rules may be used: the first returns half of a bet on Even/Odd if the Zero comes up, while the second saves your bet until the next round under the same conditions.


In poker games, casinos use the other way of making money: they charge a percentage of total winnings before winners can receive them. Gambling venues do not need to do anything else, as this game is extremely popular; new customers play various poker types more and more often, increasing the casino income.


This casino game has unusual rules, which makes it greatly popular among high rollers; you can bet on the banker or the player, and there is also a draw bet possible. When betting on the banker, the casino gets a 5% commission, so do not forget to consider this feature before choosing a baccarat table.

How Do Casinos Earn on Bonuses in the USA

Many casino customers are puzzled about how gambling venues make a profit if they provide an enormous amount of various bonuses. The question seems to be absolutely logical: gambling venues offer welcome bonuses, no deposit rewards, free spins, cashback, and so on.

Casino bonuses
The variety of promo offers at the online casino

The peculiarity of almost any bonus is the fact that it is credited to your bonus account, and to withdraw the bonus funds you need to meet wagering requirements first. The wagering ratio shows how much money you need to spend on casino games before you get an opportunity to withdraw winnings.

Choose casino promo offers with low wagering requirements: about x20-x30.

High wagering requirements make promo offers more profitable for casinos, as you have to spend a lot of your own money to meet requirements and withdraw bonus funds.

Sportsbooks and Casinos’ Likeness in Making Money

Sportsbooks and casinos have much in common, as betting venues also have a kind of house edge called margin; a sportsbook gets it from each bet, regardless of whether you win or lose. You can check the margin size in the sportsbook rules or manually check bets on various sportsbook sites: they all offer different odds in multiple categories.


About 99%. Finding these titles is difficult, but it is possible.

Pay attention not to the bonus amount but to wagering requirements and the maximum withdrawal amount. It is more profitable to get $10 without a wager than $10,000 with a high wagering requirement.

These are European Roulette and Blackjack.

Licensed casino games use a random number generator, so no one can affect them or change their criteria.

The gambling site should have an impeccable reputation, operate under a license, and offer a variety of games from well-known providers and promotions with low wagering requirements.

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