Winning Slot Machine Combinations

Winning Slot Machine Combinations

Thanks to simple principles of operation, slot machines have become one of the most popular game categories at modern online casinos. Even absolute newbies with no experience or special knowledge can play them because slot machine combinations for US players are the only thing you need to get acquainted with before starting the game, so let’s talk about it in detail.

Are There Winning Formulas in Slot Machines

One of the leading slot features is that all outcomes depend entirely on luck. A random number generator determines the number of symbols, their type, and their location after rotation, and you cannot influence it in any way. Therefore, no strategies guarantee winnings and cannot increase your chances of grabbing prizes.

A software provider sets all slot characteristics, including RTP, and neither you nor casinos can change or affect them.

All recommendations for playing slots come down to minimizing risk; first, we are talking about bankroll management. You should not risk all the money you have on your balance for a few spins, so divide your bankroll into several parts. The more bets you can make during one gaming session, the better, but the minimum recommended number is 50-70 spins.

What Are Slot Paylines

A payline is a combination of identical symbols that come up on the reels in a specific order. It is not necessarily straight; there are even lines in which symbols fall onto the opposite ends of the reels.

Slot paylines have several standard features that are usually typical for most slot machines:

  • Usually, they start from the first reel, but there are slots in which you can form combinations starting from the last reel.
  • You do not have to form a complete line to get a payout; usually, two or three symbols are enough, but remember that the shorter the line, the lower the payout.
  • Wilds can replace missing symbols to bring you a prize for a specific line.
  • You get rewards for all lines played, not just for the highest-paying one.

You lose your bet if you have not managed to form any payline after the spin.

Top Winning Slot Machine Combinations

Winning slot machine combinations mechanics is available in most modern slot games, but there are different ways of implementing them. Depending on the number of paylines, we can distinguish several categories.

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No Payline

In this case, there are no paylines at all, and the payout conditions are different; usually, you get prizes when a certain number of identical symbols comes up on the playing field. Often this mechanic is combined with cascading spins when the prize symbols disappear, and new ones take their place on the reels.

Slots with no paylines
In the Sweet Bonanza slot, you get payouts for collecting 8 or more of the same symbols, regardless of their location

Slots of this category usually have a larger playing field than usual ones: usually up to 10 reels and 10 rows. Also, in some slots without paylines, you have to collect several symbols next to each other to receive a prize; an obvious example is the Fruit Party slot machine.

1 Payline

These slot games are rare enough; they only have one row of symbols, when the number of reels can vary from 3 to 5 or more. To get prizes, you need to collect the same symbols on all reels; most classic slot machines use this layout.

3 Paylines

This is another popular version of classic slots, but instead of one row, there are two or three. A more extensive playing field allows you to get payments more often, but their size is usually smaller than in games with one line.

Multi Paylines

This is the most extensive game category; in them, the number of slot machine combinations can vary greatly: from 10 to several hundred thousand. Remember that the more paylines a particular slot has, the more volatile it is, and usually, the standard payout for forming a combination decreases as the number of paylines increases.

Slots with Megaways mechanics
Slots with Megaways mechanics have the most number of paylines

While playing slots with high volatility we recommend dividing your bankroll into as many parts as possible; at least 100 bets will be all right.

Slot Mathematics & Odds

At the heart of any licensed slot machine is the principle of randomness, which makes your game gambling and provides excitement. No one, not even a slot provider, can predict how it will behave during the next spin and what the result will be. The only thing we can claim confidently is a percentage of returns to players: RTP. For example, if it is 97%, and all customers have invested $100, they will receive $97 in the form of payouts in the long run. It does not mean all of them will grab a prize of a specific amount, as the results are random, but the higher RTP brings bigger winnings anyway.

Random Number Generators

A random number generator determines the results of all spins and other actions made in slot games, and there is no way to influence its operation. RNG performs all calculations in a split second after you press the Start button.

Independent auditing labs such as iTech Labs and eCOGRA check RNG operations and issue special certificates.

A random number generator works according to the slot characteristics, particularly the RTP; gamblers receive only a certain percentage of the total amount of all investments, and the rest is the casino’s and the provider’s income. Remember that no one can predict results or rotations, as it is simply impossible, so do not trust dubious strategies or use any software that allegedly can hack RNG. This will not lead to the desired effect; moreover, a casino may block all your money or even ban your account.

Other Combinations & Tips for Winning at Slot Machines

Since you cannot influence slot operation, all things remain is believing in luck; however, you can choose a game that provides better chances to stay in the black. Below there are some guidelines on this subject.

Choose Slots with Fixed Payouts

In most slots, RTP is always a fixed value; a provider sets it during the slot creation, but in some games, a provider allows to change this characteristic according to a specific range. It is better to avoid these slot machines because the lower RTP limit in them is usually much lower than in analogs with fixed payouts.

Play Slots With High Odds

The more volatile the game is, the less prize money it pays for the lines of the cheapest symbols; often, this amount does not even compensate for your initial bet. Of course, in slots with high volatility, the maximum payout is larger, but the chance of getting it is tiny; therefore, it is better to choose games in which the minimum prize is at least 1 to 1 concerning the initial bet.

High odds slots
Open the Help section to view payout ratios

If you are not afraid to take risks, you can give preference to one of the high-volatile slots, but make sure that your bankroll allows making at least 100 spins.

Choose Loose Slots

Those who used to play in land-based gambling halls might have noticed that if a slot does not give winnings for a long time, it can soon reward a lucky player with a large payout. However, this rule does not work in modern land-based slot machines, as well as in online games. A random number generator determines slot machine combinations, and it is impossible to predict how it will behave in the next game.

Spins results do not affect each other, and a series of unsuccessful spins does not increase your winning chances.

However, if the theory of probability is to be believed, then with each failure, the risk that the next spin will also be unsuccessful decreases. You can try to play the slot some more time, even if it does not provide winnings, but if you continue to lose, it is better to change the game.

Play Slots Using Bonuses

Bonuses do not guarantee winnings, but they can give you additional benefits and prize opportunities. Casinos offer them for registration, verification, first and regular deposits, and reaching new levels in terms of loyalty programs. Bonus contents may vary significantly, but there are three most common options.

Bonus TypeDescription
MoneyAny amount of money you get on your main or bonus balance after activating a particular promotion. Sometimes you can spend funds immediately, and in other cases, they remain blocked until you meet wagering requirements.
Free spinsFree spins for slots that have a fixed value; a casino pays for them. Remember that you usually have to wager winnings obtained after using free spins; moreover, you can use bonus spins only in specific slot machines.
CashbackYou get back part of the funds lost within an unsuccessful day, week, or month. Keep in mind that you can count on this bonus only if you lose more than you win during a particular period.

However, remember that you cannot immediately withdraw the money obtained after using a bonus. First, you need to meet the wagering requirements, so learn them carefully before participating in any promotion.

Use Standard Deviation

In slots with high volatility, long losing streaks can occur, and the spread in frequency and payout size is vast. With low volatility, you get rewards more often, but their average size is usually low. The optimal choice is slot machines with a standard index of riskiness, as they provide the best balance between prize frequency for collecting slot machine combinations and their size.


No. Winning slot machine combinations for US users are the same as for players from other countries; RTP and volatility do not differ either.

Several gambling sites provide demo versions of slot machines where you make bets using virtual chips, which have no monetary value. There is no risk of losing money, but it is also impossible to win real money.

It depends entirely on your preferences. If you want a calm and long game, choose games with a small number of potential winning lines, and if you are interested in maximum excitement and are not afraid of taking risks, you can pay attention to more volatile slots, such as ones with Megaways mechanics.

Most games have an RTP of 93-95%, so if it is higher, it is already regarded as high.

Yes. This option is available in some slots, such as games from the series “Book of…”, as well as in classic slot machines.

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