Banks That Allow Online Gambling

Banks That Allow Online Gambling

Gamblers in the US enjoy different payment options in online casinos, from credit and debit cards to bank wire transfers and digital payment systems. In this guide, we have prepared a list of US banks that allow online gambling. With these banks, you can make deposits and withdrawals on your online casino wallets without issues.

What US Banks Accept Online Gambling

Though most states in the US have already legalized online betting, not all banks in the country support online casino payments. As such, gamblers who prefer bank transfers or online banking may need help finding banks that let them make deposits and withdrawals from their casino accounts. To save you the stress of looking for what US banks accept online gambling, we have made a list below: Bank of America, Capital One, PNC, Chase, HSBC, Citi, Goldman Sachs, TD Bank, Santander.

What Are Gambling Friendly Banks

While many banks will question you when you want to make gambling transactions, online gambling friendly banks lets you make deposits and withdrawals from your casino account without any hassles.

Gambling Bank Account Requirements

There are many requirements to open a bank account for casinos. Though these usually depend on the bank, some standard requirements include having a registered company with appropriate licensing.

To open a bank account for gaming, some banks may require you to provide evidence of the casino’s last audit.

Bank Accounts of High Risk

Most banks classify online gambling as a high-risk activity. Setting up an account for casino payment purposes can take a lot of work.

Before opening a bank account, check the specific procedures and requirements to be sure you can meet them.

Also, it is often advisable to open an online gambling friendly bank account that handles multiple currencies and supports international payments.

Documents Required to Create an Account

Most banks will require you to provide certain documents as part of the requirements for creating an online gambling bank account for casinos. These include:

  • Proof of Address of the company.
  • Proof of Identity of founders or directors.
  • Certificate of incorporation.

Note that the list above is not exhaustive, and most banks will often require additional documents.

Online Gambling Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Deposit and withdrawal are integral parts of online gambling. After signing up on online casinos, the next step is to make a deposit. Also, when you play and win games, you want to withdraw your winnings quickly and without stress. Online casinos offer various payment options to make this process easy for gamblers. Let’s look at some of the most popular online gambling deposit and withdrawal options available across betting sites in the US.

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Out of all e-wallet payment options available in online casinos, PayPal remains one of the fastest and the most famous. This payment method is mainly favored for its fast and secure deposit features. With PayPal, you can make instant deposits to your casino accounts. You can also get your payouts directly from the casino into your bank account using PayPal. PayPal does not charge fees for deposit or withdrawal transactions in online casinos.

American Express

Also commonly referred to as Amex, you can use the American Express card to make payments in online casinos across the US. The company issues its cards directly to individuals without needing them to own an account with banks that accept online gambling. For this reason, Amex is one of the most favored card payment options among gamblers in the US.

Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have fast become one of the top banking options in online casinos. Beyond making deposits in Bitcoin and other cryptos, gamblers can also bet in Bitcoin casinos using their cryptocurrencies.

Unlimited deposit With Bitcoin
Most gambling sites do not limit the amount you can deposit with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

One advantage of using Bitcoins for payments in casinos is that most gambling sites do not limit the amount you can deposit. Cryptocurrencies also offer some of the fastest withdrawal options for online gamblers.

Visa or Mastercard

Like American Express, Visa or Mastercard are two other popular banking options in online casinos worldwide. Visa and Mastercard deposits for online gambling attract no charges and are usually very fast and easy to carry out. Unlike Visa, one downside of using Mastercard for online gambling is that it does not support withdrawals. As such, this may not work for you if you’re playing at casinos where you have to deposit and withdraw using the same payment option. In this case, you may withdraw your winnings using any US bank allowing online gambling.


NETELLER is an e-wallet system that works just like Skrill and PayPal. Many online casinos and sportsbooks will accept deposits through NETELLER, although a limit is usually attached. While making deposits with this payment option is fast and secure, you may be charged transaction fees for every use. Though NETELLER is very popular in casinos across the world, it is not readily accepted in US online casinos.


This payment option uses a voucher system rather than the standard plastic card option. To deposit in online casinos using this method, you must open an account with paysafecard and buy a voucher from a retailer. The company then sends you a pin which you use to retrieve the cash and pay at online casinos. The main advantage of paysafecard as a payment option for online gamblers is the ease of use and high level of security.

Instant eCheck

Short for electronic checks, eChecks are very popular payment options in online casinos. However, they require you to have a bank account. You can describe them as digital versions of paper checks.

To deposit in an online casino using an eCheсk, you need your bank routing number, account number, and digital fingerprint.

You can also withdraw your casino winnings using this method. One of the advantages of instant eCheсks is that they are very secure, and the transaction is carried out directly between your bank and the casino.

Online Bank Transfers

Online gambling using bank transfers makes it easy for players to control how much they spend in casinos. Compared to most other payment options, they allow high limits, which means you can make larger deposits using this method. However, you may also need to pay transfer fees every time you make a deposit making it a relatively expensive payment option for gamblers. If you’re not using any of the best banks in the US, you will often get questioned when paying into an offshore casino using online bank transfers.

Play+ Prepaid Cards

One of the best advantages of Play+ prepaid cards for online gamblers is that you can sign up for the Play+ card right at the cashier section of your casino of choice. Each online gambling platform usually has a branded Play+ card. As such, you may need different cards for different casinos. Ro deposit into the casino using the Play+ card, you need to first transfer funds from your bank to the card. You may also do this using your credit or debit card.

Credit or Debit Cards

We have already discussed which bank allows online gambling and some debit and credit cards you can use to pay at casinos. Credit cards issued by gambling friendly banks, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are some of the most popular, but there are others, too, like Discover. The important thing about gambling with credit and debit cards is to ensure that you always fund your cards before using them for deposits at casinos. Also, you should note that most credit and debit cards support deposits, not withdrawals.

Cash at the Casino Cage

When you have just cash or decide to visit a land-based casino, paying cash at the casino cage becomes one of the first deposit options you consider. You can pay cash at the casino cage of your favorite casino without having an online gambling bank account. The money would reflect in your player account on the online casino brand. You can also withdraw at the cage but note that most casinos will only pay your winnings in cash if you use this method. Another disadvantage of using this method for online gambling is that you may miss out on specific promotions and bonuses.


Like paying cash at the casino age, you must leave your house to use the PayNearMe banking option for online gambling. To deposit at casinos using this method, you will receive a barcode from the casino and then visit a local store to make the payment.

Some local stores where you can pay are CVS, 7-Eleven and Family Dollar.

Besides ensuring secure payment where you don’t need to link your credit cards or disclose banking details, PayNearMe allows you to control how much you spend at the casino. It is important to note that withdrawing your casino winnings with PayNearMe is impossible, so you may have to use other options.

Bank Wires

Like online bank transfers, bank wires let you make deposits and withdrawals in online casinos through your gambling-friendly bank account. You can deposit money through bank wires to your casino account online using mobile apps on your device or do so physically at the bank. This may take a few days to reflect in your casino player account.

No fees for bank wire payouts
Most casinos do not charge any fees for withdrawing using bank wires

You can also withdraw your winnings using bank wires. Note that most casinos do not charge any fees for withdrawing using bank wires

Paper Checks

There are only a handful of online casinos that accept paper checks as a means of payment. Besides the fact that they are pretty old-fashioned, it may take up to two weeks for your money to reflect at the casino if you use a paper check. First, you must mail the check to the casino and then wait for it to be processed.

To withdraw using this option, the casino will send you a check which you can present at the bank to retrieve your cash.


Though not as popular as PayPal and some other e-wallet options, Skrill is an option that players can use to fund their online casino accounts. It is often chosen when players want to keep their banking details private. Be sure that you have ample funds in your Skrill wallet before depositing at casinos. You may link a Mastercard to your Skrill to help you make withdrawals at casinos.


Another e-wallet deposit method for online gambling, ecoPayz lets you fund your casino account in different currencies. This means you can use it at different gambling sites across the world. You can also accept payouts from your casino using the ecoPayz option. However, you must remember that most casinos attach limits to deposits and withdrawals done using this method.

Western Union

This method is excellent for gamblers looking to deposit at online casinos using cash. To make a deposit using Western Union, visit the casino’s cashier section and request a name and location where you can transfer the money. Then proceed to a western union location and make the payment. You do not need to look for the best bank account for online gambling to use this method.

Best Casino Sites With Top Banking Methods

Here is the list of top casinos that support different payment methods.

CasinoBanking Options
BovadaVisa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, American Express, Skrill, Bitcoin Cash, Check by Courier
Super SlotsVisa, Mastercard, Discover, Bitcoin, Ethereum, American Express, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, Checks, Money Transfers, Bank Transfer
Wild CasinoVisa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, NETELLER, Skrill, eCheck, Bitcoin Cash, Wire Transfer, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cashiers Check, Money orders
Las AtlantisVisa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Neosurf, Bank Transfer, American Express, Flexepin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Discover, Tether
BetUSVisa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, American Express, Ethereum, Litecoin

How to Find Out if Your Bank Allows Online Gambling

There are several means to tell if your bank will allow casino payments. You can visit the bank website and make inquiries by sending a message to the customer support agent. You may also check the website’s FAQs section to see if a similar question has been answered. Another option is to determine what USA banks accept online gambling is to visit your casino customer support and ask if they accept payments or send payouts to such bank.


Some US banks that process online casino payments include the Bank of America, Capital One, PNC, Chase, and HSBC.

Depending on the country you're playing from, you may be able to use PayPal for online gambling.

Yes. You can block your card from a casino site if you feel that you may be spending too much or for any other reason.

Yes. You can deposit in your online casino accounts using credit cards as long as it is part of the casino's acceptable payment options. This may also depend on the bank that issued the card. Credit cards from banks that do not support online gaming cannot be used to deposit at casinos.

Most online gambling friendly banks have a minimum deposit requirement for new customers. You may have to visit the bank or check their website for more information, as this amount usually varies from bank to bank.

PayPal is often regarded as the fastest making withdrawals from casinos. You can get instant payment immediately after the casino approves your withdrawal.

Yes, but this depends on the online casino and the US bank you wish to use. Some banks do not support online gambling. Likewise, some casinos may not offer online banking as one of their payment options.

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